Tuesday, December 25, 2007


The performance was great! I mean... Though I made a few mistakes, it was still great! Hahaz. It sounded much better than the time I first rehearsed. Alot better. The whole Youth item was cool.. I'd better let the pictures do the talking now... They speak better than I do...

Before The Song Started....

I was too focused playing the song...

Another one of the pics taken while performing...

Blogger sucks at uploading pictures... It takes a damn long time to get these three up. Boo... Anyway...

And Thanks To All Who Gave Me Christmas Cards! So sorry that I didn't prepare any gifts to you.... =(


Sunday, December 23, 2007


Full dress rehearsal number two today.... It went pretty smoothly, but I'm still going to practise for the actual day itself. A strange thing happened today... While I was strumming the chorus for the song, the "E" string of the church guitar snapped. Halfway through the song too! I was shocked... I didn't anticipate that. Although I felt really guilty about it, I think it's really cool..... This means that we practise hard. Lolz. I hope the christmas performance goes really well.... Things are looking good for us. So.. I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking (It's just one picture, taken from Junwei's blog)

Presenting the musicians for christmas performance
(Me, Nicholas, Junwei and Frederick)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Attempt At Writing Something Deep...

I got this inspiration from today's church service. Pastor Geoffrey asked us what does christmas mean to us. I'm surprised that my answer was "Presents, Holiday and computer time" . Is there more to christmas than just "Christmas Presents" and "Shopping"? This sets me thinking. Surely there are much more meaningful things which defines Christmas. The answer appeared to me after I came back from church today.

There was a prophecy made by the Prophet Isaiah in the Bible which says, "
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. " That child was later known as Jesus Christ.

From that moment on I realised that the true meaning of christmas is not presents you receive or the food you eat, it is the celebration of one of the most holy and important dates in history, the birthday of Christ. A picture of Christ's birth was forming in my head. I could imagine the scene in the manger where Christ lay, innocent and pure, with no knowledge that he will be the one which will bring salvation to mankind. There he lay, with Joseph and Mary around him, staring in awe at the baby boy who was manifested with the holy spirit, so diviine and innocent....

Meanwhile, three men arrived in the manger, men who were strangers to Joseph and Mary, men who may be strangers to this whole new place. But they are here, witnessing the birth of christ by a brilliant star which appeared directly above the place where Christ was born. They believed that something phenomenal will happen at the place where the star is shining upon. They too, saw the birth of Jesus. And as they see him lying in the manger, they too, watched in awe upon seeing the son of god, not as a greater form of being but just as a baby boy.... They feel blessed by God, like Mary and Joseph, to have witnessed this scene right here....

Shepherds who were guiding their sheep back home in order to rest for the day were surprised when they saw an Angel Of God who appeared to them, inviting them to witness the birth of christ, the sight of Baby Jesus lying in the manger... They too, arrived in the manger moments after the Three Wise Men. The shepherds, even though they were placed in the bottom level of the social hiearchy, they were invited warmly to witness the birth of Christ.

The people in the manger were joined by the Angels of God, who also came down to witness the birth of Jesus. A warm feeling spread throughout the manger, the people in the manger feels blessed, privileaged and most importantly, Loved by someone no other than God himself. They sang this song up to the Lord in rejoice! Words of praise filled the air.

The song that the people sang in unison touched the heavens, and the angels of God sang along with them, all dedicated to this little baby boy who was lying in Mary's arms. The people cried tears of joy, joy of knowing that their messiah has come, one that will save them, one that will teach them the word of God and most importantly, one who will love them and teach them how to love. The Prophecy has been fufilled, "Rejoice! For this moment is to be remembered and celebrated always throughout history and for eternity!" The people of Bethlehem raise their hands up to the Lord, and each felt the Holy Spirit bless them. "The Lord is with us", not in a form of a divine creature or being, but in a form of a baby. The stars shine exceptionally bright that night, music never seemed to stop in the manger. The Baby Jesus had never looked so peaceful....

That was what I was thinking when I watched the skit. This sudden, so-called "vision" actually touched my heart. All this while I was unaware of the true meaning of christmas, which involves doing something as simple as just lifting your hands onto the Lord, and offer your day to him, thanking him for that little baby boy who eventually died for us in order to bring us salvation. It's something more meaningful than just presents and Santa Claus, for on this day some two thousand years ago, the saviour of mankind was born, and the whole world, regardless of those who may be rich or poor, sang songs of praise to the Lord in unison, and touched the heavens with their joy.

So.... Take some time this christmas to speak to the Lord, let the Lord bless you and welcome you to his family. Christmas is a good time to accept the Lord into your life, and feel the joy which many people felt thousands of years ago. Who knows? Somewhere way up there.... Someone will be watching. And that someone will make the stars exceptionally bright that night, as if it resembles a candles on top of the birthday cake. People regardless rich or poor can be touched by the Lord and celebrate christmas, for it is a day truly worth rejoicing and also to give thanks. Love and be loved!

Well, that's what I wanted to say for christmas... It may not be really good again, but please please please tag or leave comments!

Friday, December 21, 2007

You'll know the Title When You Read The Post

You all may be wondering why I said that... because I'm going to talk about a very very very sensitive topic (Maybe not to you, but to me it is one). I'm going to talk about something called Love. I may not be the right person or in the right position to teach you or tell you how to love someone or something correctly, but I just wanted to share my views on Love. You'll disagree or agree with me, but it'll be good if people who read this can give me some comments.

I'm sure that many thoughts came into your mind (or at least my mind) when you first see the word "Love". Let me share with you about something I read in Paulo Coelho's book, "The Pilgrimage". It's a very good book. I'm recommending everyone to read. There is a particular chapter which gives a pretty interesting explanation on love.

In the book, they talk about the three forms of love, namely "Eros", "Philos" and "Agape". Stranger to these words? These are the three greek words which represents Love. What I'm about to say is mostly lifted from the book, I am not so smart to write that myself.

They say that Eros is the love which exists between two people. The feeling of love which exists in couples and maybe teenage crushes. The face of Eros is never the same between two persons, and Eros can go both ways. The people in love can either feel that they have something special between them, and they feel that together they can build something special and meaningful. They believe that their love will grow and even though they have arguments or troubles, they will never be unhappy.

On the other hand, the love between a couple can go a completely different way. The guy will miss having relationships with other woman and the girl may also feel the same. They may also feel that they have given up their successful career and future to be together with a guy. They begin to feel robbed of their ability to express love. In this case, Eros, the spirit which joins them together, is the same spirit which will tear them apart and transform into hatred and unhappiness.

Another point that the book says is that when a couple do not let themselves to be affected by hypocrisy and external factors, they begin to look like working people. hunger and need have required them to work together and they find the power of love in the work they do. It is then that Eros shows its most beautiful face, as it is united with the face of Philos, love in a form of friendship, the love between friends. Philos is what brings people together when the Eros between couples stop burning. Friendship+Love.... Hmm...Something that I'll be reflecting and thinking about.

The thrid and final form of Love, Agape, which is described in the bible as "Self-Sacrificing, active and thoughtful love". The book says that Agape is the highest form of love, the love which consumes. The Love which consumes makes everything else lose their importance. People who experience Agape lived just to be consumed by their Love. When people love and believe from the bottom of their hearts, they feel that they seemed to be stronger than anyone in the world, and they feel a serenity that is based on the certainity that nothing else can shake their faith. This is what we experience everyday. Whether the love of doing something or achieving something, to the feeling of Loving someone else, we all feel that we can do everything, anything so that they can feel our love. We feel that we are ready to sacrifice anything to succeed, even our money and time, which can be a precious thing to many people nowadays. We are consumed by love and nothing else is important to us except the love which burns inside us and also the love which the guy/girl has for you.

Well, that is the end of the quotes from the book. If you take note and observe carefully, the three forms of Love revolves around you everyday. Like the sacrifices you have made for your friends, your work, or everything you do. As they alway say, " Love is all around". Maybe we just fail to notice it when we become too involved in our busy schedules. Take some time off to reflect on the things which happened to you. Sometimes you can actually see that the bond you share between your friends is actually the most beautiful form of love which exists between people. Maybe that makes you treasure your friendship even more.

Love is a beautiful thing, and it definately involves something more than just "liking" someone. So... spend some time everyday to think and give thanks for the Love that you have between your friends, families and teachers. You may just see things from a different and a more positive point of view after some time. Remember, Love is all around you, take some time to notice and feel it. The world could just be a better and happier place for you. Thanks a lot for reading this!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Life Is Amazing With You On The Ride

I'm back from church camp. Honestly the Youth Retreat was great! I learnt so much about my church friends and also learnt loads about God. I realised that ever since I came to church, I met lots of good friends who really encourages me and helps me whenever I'm in need. I'm not saying that I don't have friends like that in school, but basically in SJI our class is very political and there are loads of people who backstab you either for fun or for some other reasons.

Whether you guys know it or not, you have made a change in my life. Ever since I knew you guys, I have became a more confident person, with a higher level of self-esteem. I know the following statement that I'm about to make sounds really erm... mushy, but Thanks A Lot for helping me out when I'm in church. I hope that we can, and we will become lifelong friends!

Ok, that's all for church camp. Now I'm busy preparing for our christmas item. So... off to practise!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


We had a full-dress rehearsal for our christmas service today. I was playing the guitar on our youth item. Honestly I think that I didn't play very well. I mean, everyone else worked so hard and wanted to give their best performance... But whoops I had some troubles with the chorus. Playing in a band was so much more challenging than I thought. Must follow the drums and the bass....

I really want to play well and I really don't wanna disappoint all of you... Just give me some time to get used to it. It's my first time playing in a band. Looks like I have to practise like hell next week.

Another thing is my Rubik's Cube. It is like a freaking vampire la... Sucking my energy and brainpower. Everytime i solve it I feel so darn exhausted. Looks like I have to stop for a few days.

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Not Over: Secondhand Serenade

It's Not Over

by Secondhand Serenade

album: Awake (2006)

My tears run down like razorblades
And no, I'm not the one to blame
It's you or is it me?
And all the words we never say
Come out and now we're all ashamed
And there's no sense in playing games
When you've done all you can do

But now it's over, it's over, why is it over?
We had the chance to make it
Now it's over, it's over, it can't be over
I wish that I could take it back
But it's over

I lose myself in all these fights
I lose my sense of wrong and right
I cry, I cry
It's shaking from the pain that's in my head
I just wanna crawl into my bed
And throw away the life I led
But I won't let it die, but I won't let it die

But now it's over, it's over, why is it over?
We had the chance to make it
Now it's over, it's over, it can't be over
I wish that I could take it back

I'm falling apart, I'm falling apart
Don't say this won't last forever
You're breaking my heart, you're breaking my heart
Don't tell me that we will never be together
We could be, over and over
We could be, forever

I'm falling apart, I'm falling apart
Don't say this won't last forever
You're breaking my heart, you're breaking my heart
Don't tell me that we will never be together
We could be, over and over
We could be, forever

It's not over, it's not over, it's never over
Unless you let it take you
It's not over, it's not over, it's not over
Unless you let it break you
It's not over

Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Skin

I've got a new blogger template.

"Unique is the new trend".

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Alright people! Listen up! Today is a very special occasion for me... Why?

Because after 4 months of repeated unsuccessful attempts, I, have finally solved one of the most fustrating puzzles in history.

I have finally solved.... *drumroll*


A big big thanks to Pogobat from Youtube. I love your video so much! WOOHOO! *Pops champagne*

Now I can finally convince my Dad to buy the Rubik's Revenge (4x4 cube) for me!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Couple of Nice Songs....

Patience by Take That. Beautiful song+Great Vocals.

"Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx. Really old song but I still love it!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Pick yourself up Jerry

I can't believe school is starting again soon....
And I'm still very HK sick!
As the title goes... Pick Yourself Up Jerry!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Farewell Hong Kong

I will never never go to two exchange programs again. It's difficult to forget every exchange program you go because you leave regrets with you every single time. It took me days to get over my Beijing exchange program. It's difficult. Now I have to go through the same pain again to get over my Hong Kong exchange program. It's sad to part with all your friends in Hong Kong. These few days have passed by so quickly and very soon I will have to bid farewell to you guys again. So a big thank-you to:

Kebrina (Big Big thanks to you)
Johnny (Thanks for cracking me up. I'll really miss you dude, You Kao Lui)
Jasmine ( Chen Yong Xue)
Max (Thanks for buying lunch for me!)
Samuel (It's been cool knowing you)
Keith (Tse Lik-Hang tag on my tagboard)
Lloyd (I'll miss you dude)
Ernest (You should give me your IPOD touch)
Simon (Chiu yam-dong!)
Alice (Australian Exchange Student)
Patrick Cambridge (Australian Exchange Student)
Victoria (Australian exchange student)
Henna (Australian Exchange Student)
Karen (Speaks chinese with a taiwanese accent! I won't forget you la)
Lau Meng (Owe me a song on your violin, you diploma-grade)
Tai Zi
The girls and the other guys who were on the same group with me in Nansha, sorry if I had forgotten your name, but thank you anyway. We got first in Orienteering thanks to the Group Members of Group 7.

Thank you Nansha for leaving such a deep impression on me. I have learnt much about you through the study trip and I will miss looking at the stars at night and also to appreciate your beauty.

A BIG thanks to the hosting family. Thank you so much for your hospitality for me and thanks alot for taking care of me these 12 days. Thanks to Tse Tin-Hang, who brightens my day with his smile and also his "killing chicken". I wish you all the best in the future and I see great potential in your violin.

Leaving this place will be painful for me, but I will be able to get over it. I hope some of you will visit Singapore one day. If not, I may come to Hong Kong next year too. Bye SPCC, it's been cool visiting you. I hope we can meet again sometimes.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Leaving Again....

I'm leaving tomorrow for my Hong Kong exchange program. Will be back on the 30th. Take care guys!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Back!

I came back from Beijing yesterday, had no time and energy to blog, so hence this post today. Streaming results.... Got into 335. Quite a good class in my opinion. The exchange program had been really fun and I learnt lots of stuff. A big thank-you to Mr Heng, Mr Alan Johnson, 于水老师,all the teachers who accompanied us to the tourist hotspots, Jerald, Thomas, Aloysious, Max, Rubin, TY, Caleb, Wen Jian, Roy, Si Jun, our beijing hosts. Special thanks to 初二。五班 , espacially 小雪,谢谢你的礼物。我相信它们一定会为我带来好运的。我会好好珍惜的。 Thanks to 吴逸达 for his 葫芦。I will miss Beijing No 8 Middle School and something tells me that I will be going back and visit them next time.

You may ask "Why do I thank a girl named 小雪 so much?" It's a secret... So I will only say this to the people I trust alot. Bye!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update and Aftermath of Class Party

Aftermath of class party: I kena FLU!!!! Walau eh... Shouldn't have stayed in the pool for so long. I'm going overseas on saturday leh... Die.... I feel like crap now. I have no energy left in my body, my throat hurts like hell, tried Panadol Cold Relief and Panadol Cold Remedy (The hot drink la) but it still doesn't work. Shoot. I hope I can recover soon. My Beijing exchange program is coming soon. It's damn cold at Beijing la, with temperatures ranging between 3-20 degrees celsius. Not good for my flu. If I don't recover tomorrow, I'm going to see a doctor.

Speaking of exchange program, I will be gone this saturday for a vacation, then I will be going to my exchange program no.1 in Beijing from the 4th november to the 15th november. Will be back on the 15th november. 16th november I will be collecting posting results... Praying that I can go triple science class. 17th november I get a break, so anyone who wants to ask me out, I'm free then. Then on the 18th, I will be going for my exchange program no. 2 to Hong Kong from 18th-30th november. This is one busy month. The good thing is that I can get more opportunities to go overseas. The bad thing is I miss almost the whole B'divs training. Arghhh... Low chance of going B'Divs next year. I want to get tracksuit! I just have to work harder lor.....

Anyway, check out this new song by Kelly Poon. It's addictive and I think she changed alot. Became more chio *whistles*. Haha. Anyway, enjoy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bye Guys, those were good times....

Today we held our class party at Nick's house. It was really fun. Do you know that you can actually get lost inside his house? It's so freaking big. It has a pool inside. A POOL. How cool is that? We went bowling first after we arrived at his house. We sat in a van... The ride was real fun as we headed into some weird country club. The bowling alley was so chic man. It's like experiencing the high life. The bowling alley has 2 pool tables, 10+ bowling alleys, a restaurant and an arcade. We played 3 games. I lost to Nick by 2 points in the first game and drew with him on the second and third game (I think). We headed back to his house at about 3:30pm. Me, Yustynn, Ezra, Brandon and Samuel. Then the dunking began. Samuel, Terry and Mahdi were the first to be dunked into the pool. I knew I was going to get dunked sooner or later, so I put all my valuables in my guitar bag.

I got thrown into the water in my jeans. It was really heavy swimming around in jeans la, but it was fun. Real fun. We dragged almost everyone into the water. It's kinda like a ritual so that everyone can leave 208. Only Brandon and Yihan didn't get wet. We had to tow Michael into the water, and Ryan, being such a party-spoiler, went into the water on his own. Where's the fun in that? I think I pushed 20+ people into the water and also got pushed more than 30 times. I was exhausted when the whole thing was over. I wrestled with Wei Jia, Yustynn, Feroz, Xin Zhan, Mahdi before I pushed them in. I also helped with the swinging and throwing of people with dry clothes into the pool. It was sad that Glen and Wei Hao got their phone wet, but hey, since they were all wet, let's all join the fun la!

Food there was great, with BBQ chicken wings, satay and even roasted marshmallows (THAT TASTED GREAT!). We did the human chain near the water, followed by a whole lot of dunking. After that we got changed and sat in a circle for reflection. We were told by Mahdi to share our most memorable event in 208 and also what you will miss about the class. I said some crap, but what I miss about the class, is the class itself. Our class is unique in many different ways. It was all joy and laughter as we did everything together, like ACE Camp. You guys are really a unique bunch of people and it has been great being in the same class with you. I would like to thank:

Adithya (You finally matured! Haha)
Akira (Geisha)
B.Karthikeyan (Too many nicknames)
Bryan Kang (Absent for party, aka Enthu kid)
Brandon Chang (No nickname)
Eugene Cheong (Hongkie, Lao-Er, Chee Cheong Fan)
Christopher Ong (Nickname too vulgar. Shall not say it)
Theodore Chua (Machine Gun Mouth, 7-Eleven)
Daniel Lim (No offense, but you are also known as Dumb-Boy)
Feroz Khan (Terrorist!)
Wei Jia (Super Blur-Block)
Santosh( Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Monkey, King Kong, Jane Goodall's best friend)
Me (Sun, Cheena, Great Wall, etc.)
Glen (Emo Kid)
Qi Quan (Skinny Club member, beanstalk)
Cedric (Saggydick, Saggy)
Wei Hao (JJ Lim)
Nicholas (Willy Wonka)
Michael (No offense, but you are also known as Dickhead, flagpost, lightsabre, etc.)
Mahdi (NO PORK AH!)
Norman (Skinny Club member, matchstick)
Joey (No nickname)
Russell (Too many nicknames, eg. Itchy boy, Eczema ****, Calamine Lotion)
Ryan (Faggot, Homo)
Samuel (I'll see you in Live the Dream)
Sooreth( Faggot, Gay, Maliali)
Yihan (Lao-Da, Donkey, Judoki)
Terry (Prayer Rep, bully)
Xin Zhan (Duck, Quack)
Vincent (Fat Boy, Fat shit, Chubby)
Ezra (Shortie, Wang)
Shoyn (His name is a nickname already)
Yustynn( French, Dog)

That's about all the nicknames I could ever think of. I was feeling quite sad when I left. "You only start to treasure the things you have when you are about to lose it". I think the saying is very true. I was unaware about the fact that today may be our last day together as a class before we get streamed into different classes. Thanks guys, those were good times. I'll treasure them forever. WHO'S YOUR DADDY? 208!!!!!!!!!

208 Forever Man!!!!!! Strike Ah!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sad Day....

Why is this a sad day for me? Because my IPOD is spoilt. Beyond repair. Now I have to convince my parents to get a replacement IPOD Nano for $248. Why am I feeling so sad? Because that IPOD was a gift from my Aunt and Uncle in US. As I have said in the earlier post, it is engraved with "Jerry We Love You" at the back. I know it sounds kinda cheesy but hey, it is rare when you get something like this. I wasn't thinking of replacing it until 3 years later but shoot, 2 years then it broke down. Arghh....
i close both locks below the window
i close both blinds and turn away
sometimes solutions aren't so simple
sometimes goodbye's the only way

and the sun will set for you
the sun will set for you
and the shadow of the day
will embrace the world in grey
and the sun will set for you

in cards and flowers on your window
your friends all plead for you to stay
sometimes beginnings aren't so simple
sometimes goodbye's the only way

and the sun will set for you
the sun will set for you
and the shadow of the day
will embrace the world in grey
and the sun will set for you

and the shadow of day
will embrace the world in grey
and the sun will set for you

and the shadow of day
will embrace the world in grey
and the sun will set for you

Maybe as the lyrics go... "sometimes goodbye's the only way". Tomorrow is the last day that class 208 will ever be
together again, well, maybe for some of us. My honest opinion is.. I hate this class except for some individuals. But still,
we shared some happy and unhappy moments together. I will still miss this class....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Guitar Stuff


I went to Swee Lee's today to get a hard guitar case for my exchange programs. You know what? Swee Lee's service sucks. Expensive stuff and bad service. Here's what happened.

Me: I'm looking for a hard guitar case for my classical guitar
Sales Assistant: What case are you looking for? Classical guitar has alot of sizes.
(Turns and walks away, without even helping me)

This sucks. All I want is a guitar case and this is the service I get? Come on, I'm the customer. Out of rage, I went to another store called "Ranking". The name sounds so cheena right? They still have good guitars and good service. I got my guitar case there. $40 cheaper than Swee Lee's and I'm happy. I know I sound really demanding here but bad service could seriously ruin your day.

It was at the same store I checked out their acoustic guitars. Woah.. I got addicted to it. The sound is so pure and so nice. I want an ACOUSTIC!!! But my dad says Grade 5 classical. So... about 3 more years to go. Work hard Jerry. You can get it someday. I will get the acoustic guitar. Then I can gold-plate my darling Maestro E-1. Haha.

Oh.. 1 last thing.
MY IPOD HANGED! ARGHH. MY DARLING IPOD HANGED! HANGED! SHIT. I'm damn spastic now la. My Ipod cannot spoil because it was a gift from my Aunt in US to me. It is ENGRAVED. Please IPOD recover.....

Friday, October 19, 2007

ACE Camp-Part 4

Today is the last day of ACE Camp! I was one of the earliest to wake up. I woke up at 6:30. 1 hour later than my usual time. Same thing, breakfast, assembly, and the last activity for the day was orienteering.

Orienteering was a really light activity which requires you to find your checkpoints using a compass and a map. The first team to arrive gets to water-bomb the rest. The checkpoints are quite a challenge, considering the fact that the stamps for each checkpoint is hidden very nicely. You need to be very observant in order to find your the stamps. What really fustrated me was the road block by the ACE leaders. The road block is a situation like this.

Road block: I was playing with my toy robots that day, and when my mother called for me, I left in a hurry and forgot where I placed them. I can only remember the bearing and the distance of the toy robots from the house. The toy robots are placed in a position of 248 degrees and 23-25m away from the house. Can you locate the position of the toy robots?

That challenge took us more than 30mins. It was really difficult to find the correct spot. But we did it in the end. However, we were ranked no.4 and got bombarded by the 1st overall team. It was lucky that I'm wearing a dri-fit shirt and also the fact that I only got hit on my sleeve. Hence concludes the last activity.

We went back to our tents to pack, secured our tents and placed our bags at the top of the hill while we waited for the bus. Lunch was "Ramly's burgers". Who would have thought that a burger from a local night-market would have tasted so good? Force ORA was the second force to board the bus. We waved to the canteen operators and our instructors, singing the songs we sung at the campfire. I will definately miss ACE Kluang as it changed me from a boy to a man. Something tells me that I will be going back next year as ACE Leader.

We reached SJI at about 4pm. It feels kinda weird sitting in the canteen peacefully without chasing flies away from the table. ACE Camp has been memorable. Thank you Kluang.


ACE Camp-Part 3

Day 3:
Woke up to another day. Brushed my teeth for the first time. I felt really great. The activities for the day was Canoeing, Jungle Survival and Campfire. I prayed really hard for good weather as I did not want to miss campfire. Breakfast was sausage, rice, jam and bread. The jam and sausage tasted really good. The rice had too much chilli on it. Here's what happened.

Me: I want abit of chilli please
Canteen Caterer: Ok
(She scoops a whole big spoonful of chilli onto my plate)
Me: Thanks. -_-"

I didn't finish my rice because there were too much chilli on it. Got changed for canoeing.

The teacher in charge of the kayaking was the "Famous" Mr Alfred Nathan. He is one of my rugby coach. The activity kicks off with the famous "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!" It was kinda like my Sec 1 canoeing contact time. What was so special is the capsize drill. Mr Nathan told us to raft up ("park our canoes") to prepare ourselves for the capsize drill. Here's how it goes.

Step 1: Mr Nathan selects a kayak and tells them to row to a designated spot.
Step 2: CAPSIZE!
Step 3: The other rescue boats forms a "H" shape with the capsized kayak. The capsized kayak is the horizontal line of the "H" and the rescue kayaks are the vertical lines of the "H".
Step 4: The man at the back of the two rescue kayaks (We were in a two-men kayak) nearest to the capsized kayak then lifts the boat and drains the water. They then see-saw the capsized kayak back and forth to drain the kayak completely.
Step 5: The two men carrying the kayak then flips it right side up.
Step 6: The capsized people climbs back up into the kayak. Back man first, followed by front man.

Our first rescue attempt was a complete disaster. The front man, Adithya wanted to climb up first, the back man, Wei Jia, did not know what to do. This is what you get when you have two blur-kings in one kayak. Mr Nathan screamed at us. Woah... We learnt a lesson through this rescue attempt today.

But it isn't over. After the failed rescue attempt we went on a expedition around the Lake Semberong. Thank goodness it was freshwater. I still remember how uncomfortable it was when we kayaked in seawater last year during Canoeing contact time. Mahdi and Cedric's kayak had a hole, and water was seeping in. The kayak is made in such a way that if it has too much water inside, it sinks. Their situation was made worse when the ACE Leaders, Tim and George, banged into their kayak. Mahdi and Cedric's kayak capsized.

Now this rescue attempt was unplanned. My kayak and Eugene's kayak were the closest to the capsized one. I rushed there and quickly formed the "H" shape. The next step was to lift the kayak. The kayak weighs twice as much as the normal one as it was made of fiberglass. It weighs about 40-50kg (Assumption). I had difficulty lifting it on the first try, but I finally did it with some difficulty. It was seriously very heavy. Me and Eugene lifted it, see-sawed it and the rescue attempt was very successful. I felt so happy since it was completely unexpected.

The second activity was field cooking in the jungle. We walked through mud and horse dung to this jungle. We needed to cook everything in what was known as our "Bundle Of Joy". Our "Bundle Of Joy" consists of rice, kangkong (veggies), canned sardines and baked beans. We decided to heat the sardines and baked beans, since they were canned anyway. We cooked the rice with our mess tins and cooked soup with Kangkong, eggs, with a little chilli powder. The meal tasted delicious. I skipped lunch because I was so full. Had a change of clothes as we didn't change for the jungle cooking. Next up was jungle survivial!

We went back to the same place for our jungle survival. We were required to make shelter, make fire and find a way to obtain clean drinking water. I volunteered for making the fire as I thought it was not that difficult since I watch "Man VS Wild" often. It turns out harder than I thought. We tried using batteries, sparks and the sunlight. The most we got is smoke. The instructor had to start the fire for us. I tried to keep the flame alive by blowing the fire. Smoke got into my eyes and throat. It stings really bad and my voice changed. Despite that, we succeeded in keeping the flame alive. WOOHOO!

Campfire was the next event on our list. It was the most interesting campfire I had. Mr Chan our HOL said the most inspiring speech and prayer ever. Thinking back, ACE Camp is the last time I will ever see class 2o8 of 2007 together in the last official event the school has for the sec 2 cohort. Even though my class can be a pain sometimes, I will miss all the good times we shared. The performance for my class is an re-enactment of a popular TV ad. It is a parody of this ad.

I know, I know. It is abit sick but hey, that is the time when you can act really gay and have fun. Haha. Our performance is below.

(Talks in a super gay way)
All: Hi! I'm promoting ACE Camp
(Points downwards) All: This is my camp!
(Points to campsite) All: That is my campsite!
(Points to teachers) All: These are my teachers!
(Points to instructors)All: Those are my instructors!

(The scene changes to the time where we first met our instructors. This is about their trademarks)

Instructor: Guys, if you think this is a leisure camp, you are at the wrong channel!!! You better switch channel now. Understand?
Instructor: Understand?
All: (Shouts even louder) YES SIR!
Instructor: UNDERSTAND?
All: (Shouts even louder than before): YES SIR!
All: (Doing it purposely) YES SIR!
Instructor: HORNET!!!!

Now, abit of explanation. Hornet drill is a drill where you have to drop face down onto the floor with your hands covering the back of your neck. This is done to protect yourself from the hornet attacks. Now, back to the skit.

Instructor: All of you so slow, like GU NIANG! Like those two Char-Bohs behind.
(Wei Hao and Sooreth are standing beside Mahdi, who is acting as the instructor. They did a very girly laugh).
Instructor: I have three rules in the camp. You listen to me standing up, sitting down, or in push-up position. UNDERSTAND!
All: YES!

(The scene changes again to the Mocca advertisement)
(All of us show our biceps): Wanna see our matching muscles?
All: Wanna see more?
All: Come to ORA
(Then all of us do our ORA cheer, led by Sooreth)
All: ORA!
All: ORA!

Thus ends our skit. The campfire ended with the performance by our ACE instructors and the ACE Cheer in 3 different languages. Malay, Tamil, and Hokkien. It was really fun but I dropped my torchlight while doing the hornet drill. Till now it's still missing. Something tells me that I will be missing ACE Camp. Alot. Thus ends Day 3....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

ACE Camp- Part 2

Day 2:

I had a good night's sleep, I skipped supper last night because some people took 2 shares and so they had to re-cook supper. That takes time. Lucky Glen brought supplies consisting of Potato chips, Ricola, Hi-Chew and Halls. We had to eat secretly beacause food was not allowed in the camp. We swore an oath before to make sure that we will not bring extra food. Well, I know I have broken my oath by eating Glen's stuff but hey, I was really hungry and sleepy, so I was desperate. Potato chips have never tasted so good. I had a good night sleep with a full stomach and woke up at 6:00 + am. Didn't brush my teeth because I was too lazy, borrowed Glen's mouthwash instead (He brought almost everything). Haha. Had a powder bath because firstly, there was no water to bath and secondly, the toilet was too dirty to bath. Powder bath is just as comfortable. My conclusion is a simple maths equation.

Powder+Deodorant=Hot shower+ Shampoo.

We had the good fortune to eat breakfast first because we were climbling Gunung Lembak (I don't know whether my spelling is correct). Breakfast was fried rice and it tasted delicious, espacially without all the flies. We were so excited to climb Gunung Lembak, because that's what every ACE Camper did. We packed our bottled "Class 1" bottles (There was a change of 3 different brands of mineral water in 4 days), applied our sunblock, packed our gloves and wore our caps, feeling really excited and hyped. As we boarded the bus and were making fun of Adithya's women track pants, the bus started its engine and made a funny sound. I know what that sound meant.


Our luck couldn't be worse. Due to the wet weather yesterday, the ground was muddy. The rear wheel, which was powering the front wheel (The bus wasn't a four-wheel drive). The bus driver tried again and again to get the bus out of the mud. We volunteered to push the bus. I was in the front row. I pushed like I've never pushed before. It was tiring. We did not succeed. They tried pulling the bus with 2 four-wheel drive cars. Those failed as well. In the end, we had to walk to the entrance of the Haiwan Institute to meet up with another bus. The walk was 4km with steep slopes under the scorching hot sun. Lucky I had my dri-fit shirt and cap on. The good thing about Dri-Fit shirts is that you do not need to wash it often and as the title goes, it is dri-fit and hence, in case of heavy rain, you just need about 10+ mins and some deodorant, the shirt will be good as new.

Anyway, back to the walk. Although the weather was hot, I felt good as all I see is plantations and blue skies. No more high-density buildings and fast paced lifestyle. I felt relaxed.

We met the bus at the end of our 4km walk. It was a 20-minute drive to Gunung Lembak. I slept on the way so that I had enough energy to conquer the mountain. Then comes the bad news. Mr. Arul told us at the foot of the cliff that due to the incident that morning, we did not have time to climb the top of the mountain, only to the halfway point. The journey from the foot of the mountain to the halfway point was easy and not much of a challenge. Mr Arul said that the challenging part is from the halfway point to the top. It was a pity that Force ORA did not make it to the top of the mountain. My mood was improved when I refilled my bottle with cool mountain spring water (It was free-of-charge). And we descended for the next activity. It was fun anyway.

Lunch was sardines, vegetables and rice. I did not finish my lunch because that day was the day where there was so many flies around that I just couldn't finish eating the food on my plate.

The second activity was Abseiling, Ascending and Team bonding. Our group started with Abseiling. It wasn't too difficult but it was very fun, despite only descending from a very short place. I was scared at first, but the fear inside me disappeared when I put all my faith in God. After Abseiling was Ascending. Abseiling is going down, Ascending is going back up using basic equipments such as the prusik (not sure about the spelling) and safety harness. My climb was also easy as I have sufficient arm strength to pull myself up. The feeling is just like pulling yourself up a rope. The last activity was team bonding organised by the one and only Mr Benard Teo.

The team activity was about trust. We were asked to close our eyes and lean back. The other person at the back is supposed to catch you. It went well until it started raining. We took shelter and Mr Teo showed us something very lame. He showed us how Indians used leaves to represent numbers from 0-10. I was one of the last people to get the trick. Haha. It was soooo lame. I felt so stupid. I can show you the Leaf performance next time for those who are interested.

The rain stopped moments later. The ground was wet again. I've learnt my lesson from yesterday. I've waterproofed all my stuff using trash bags and so all my stuff were dry. I shouted in celebration. It can be heard through Force ORA. YEAHHHH ALL MY STUFF ARE DRY!!!!

Unfortunately it rained at night, we missed group reflection and the rain did not stop till about 9 pm. I was going to the toilet and I saw Bryan sitting on the stairs. I talked to him for awhile and then more people from other classes, including Glen joined our group. We talked about one hour plus before going for supper. Since the placed we talked was so close to the dining area, we were one of the first to enjoy supper. Kway Teow with coffee. Pure heaven. I talked to the group for another 15 mins before I went to sleep. The stars accompanied me to sleep that night. Day 2 has come to a close.

ACE Camp- Part 1

Be prepared for a very long post. That's right, I'm back from ACE Camp. Here's what happened each day, each and every small detail of it.

Day 1: I reached school feeling excited about ACE Camp because the pictures of ACE Camp in the Josephian Annual looked so cool. I feel so excited to camp in the famous "Haiwan Institute". I was damn excited when we boarded the bus. I seriously couldn't sleep through the journey because I was feeling excited and also because of the fact that that stupid Xin Zhan keep on shouting lame stuff and pretending to be our tour guide. Here's an example.

(We are approaching the Second Link)
(I'm sleeping soundly)

That Xin Zhan talks as if he has just seen civillization for the first time. Abit retarded leh...

Anyway.... We turned into Haiwan Institute. F.Y.I, "Haiwan" means "Animal". That place is an outdoor animal enclosure. You see cows, horses, poops everywhere, and the place is a 45 min- 1 hour drive away from civillization. Woah....

After some debriefing, we pitched our tents in about 30 mins. It was freaking hot at that time. Then the infamous "ACE Instructors" assembled us. Will be talking about their trademark later. The suay thing is that we have to sit on the floor which contains a rotting leaf ecosystem. It took me about 5-10mins to get used to the insects and stuff. Then it started to rain. Heavily. We had to wait in the instructor's hostel with our shoes off for a few hours till lunch. Tension was rising in the Camp 1 cohort as 10 tents fell to the heavy rain and wind.

Lunchtime was another thing I want to talk about. There's one rule. "Eat fast. Before it gets eaten". Why? The number of flies in our dining place is equivalent to the population in Singapore (Exaggerated but it means: Loads of flies). If you leave your food lying around for even one second, flies would be swarming over it. Although the people who cooked and served the food were very nice people, the food was horrible. But since that was the only thing we have to eat, it still tasted delicious. What we had for lunch and dinner was plain rice, some veggies and some meat. No hamburgers, Yoshinoya or Macdonalds.

Since it rained in Day 1, we missed Rafting, which is one of the very fun but dirty activity. It's a shame the rain ruined everything. Our tent was wet, I did not waterproof my sleeping bag with a trash bag (My other bag containing my clothes is waterproof by itself), my sleeping bag was dripping water. The good thing is that our tent did not collapse, so our situation was quite good compared to one other tent, where one guy's batteries and stuff were floating in the water. For 30 mins we were packing and making sure that we waterproofed our stuff. Then there was a surprise check by the instructors for food, lighter, scissors, knives and prohibited items. Nothing interesting happened except that Nicholas's scissors were confiscated.

The good thing about Kluang Malaysia is that there are lots of stars at night. You can actually see the constellations in the sky. It was very beautiful at night. It makes you forget all your complaints you had in the day and you feel that it's worth it. Furthermore, the rain makes it so cooling for us to sleep. Hence it ends Day 1 with minor complaints.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Dropped My Chips In Your Nuts

You may be wondering... Why did I come up with this title? Check this out.

ACE Camp Kluang... Mixed Feelings

ACE Camp is tomorrow.... Part of me feels excited but there's another part of me which says "Screw ACE Camp. It sucks. Why waste time in Johore when you can be playing computer games in Singapore?" I think what I'm going through now is that I cannot let go of modern technology. Sometimes I think: What am I going to do without my handphone? Modern tech is a double edged sword. It gives me advantages and yet it is a burden to me. This always happens.

I hope I can break free of whatever attraction technology has of me and enjoy the ACE Camp. My bag is like freaking big la. I don't know how Michael can stuff whatever crap he needs for 4 days into something a few centimetres longer than my Deuter Havard schoolbag. Wahlau eh.... Now I wish for a haversack. Because my bag is like very old, but it's the only bag big enough to carry all my stuff. I hope my bag won't be some kind of joke.

Now here's something which is completely irrelevant to ACE Camp. I watched Paul Pott's performance on Youtube today. It sent shivers down my spine. That guy definately has potential to be a great opera singer. Watch it sometimes if you haven't

And finally, I have one thing to say to myself. Jerry, enjoy the camp. Forget about the handphones and stuff. Break free of this burden. Have fun at ACE Camp! I will be blogging about it after I come back. Goodbye and God Bless!

Friday, October 12, 2007


I got myself a new blogskin. Blogger template again. I didn't want to pick a fancy one from blogskins.com because I want my blog to be simple-looking.


I was thinking about getting a new blogskin..... Searching in progress...


Ok.... Urgent announcement. The picture you see on my stupid facebook profile is NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. IT'S A CAMERA ANGLE, I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. Don't believe ask Keith. Someone tell me how to delete pictures from your facebook account.... I confess I'm a facebook noob.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

D-Day... Victory? (Updated)

D-Day is finally here. The moment where all my results are released... Well almost all. So... here are my results.

Math: 72
Higher Chinese:68
History: 60

Turns out my history results are 5 marks below my target. It pulled my average down from 71% to 69.57%. This is not what I had in mind.... I lost to Theodore by 0.2% only.... That makes me 7th in the class. But nevermind.... Even though I did not meet my target this year, I learnt something very important from the exams and I promise that the same thing will not happen again for next year.

But look on the good side, I improved by 5% overall (bloody 2% because of history), my class position went from the 14th to the 7th, my science gets an average A1 for the first time and I didn't get a single "C" in my results. Next time I will change that all to "A"s.

I would like to thank God for my results like my sciences (Espacially chemistry, Michael you should know why), and for my literature. I'm keeping my promise and I swear I will not fail you.

D-Day Countdown

One more day to D-Day. My heart is beating like crazy right now. In my mind all I think about are results. I cannot fail.... The tension is killing me. I can only pray for my good results..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Videos... again

This entry is about creative and funny Singapore commercials... Enjoy!

M1 Indian Restaurant Delivery

"Whatever" Commercial

"Anything" Commercial

This is one of the more creative commercials for Mcdonalds. Was Mr Chan talking about this commercial last time?

Ok.... This commercial is abit sick, but sure as hell funny

This is the last commercial.... Introducing the Marriot All You Can Eat Buffet

The Divine Art Of Le Parkour

Check Out These Videos

Wish I could run like that

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

I guess you may be wondering why I am blogging about a GBA game. It all started when I was bored, and I downloaded Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones to my computer. Kinda like "Final Fantasy Tactics" but with crappier graphics. For those who have played the previous "Fire Emblem" series (like me), you will find that the Sacred Stones is no doubt the best GBA game ever

The game kicks off with one of the two main protagonists, Eirika escaping from a castle under siege. The first level is a tutorial level, which one will be guided through what the player has to do. Oh, one more thing. The protagonists CANNOT die. This means that Eirika and Ephraim cannot die or else its game over. Another thing is that once your party dies, they will not be revived again. So pay extra attention to their health. Once you are in the game, a typical battle screenshot looks like this:

Yeah, I know, it looks so.... lame, but hey, this is what you get when you play tactical games on GBA. Controls are very simple. Move the character around, lock on to a target, select what weapons you want to attack the enemy, and that's it. Combat in Fire Emblem works around a triangle called the "Weapon Triangle". Swords best axes, axes best lances, lances best swords. Once you select "Attack", a small cutscene or combat footage appears like this:

See the damn cool dragon? That's one of the nice things in the game. The combat looks damn cool, cool enough for a GBA game. Furthermore, the storyline of the game is good, starting with Eirika, and then somewhere in the middle of the game you get to choose whether you want to follow Eirika or Ephraim. I have played both storylines and I think it doesn't matter which character you choose, you will end up in the same story arc towards the end of the game where you have to fight the Demon King, something which look like this

Scary? Not really if you know how to defeat him. The story ends where the Demon King is finally defeated and peace is restored upon the land. Wait.... It's not over yet. After you complete the game, one can go on to "Creature Campaign", a feature which you can challenge the tower and the ruins, defeat the monsters and unlock characters not found in the game.

What I have to say about the game is that, if you enjoyed the original "Fire Emblem", you will love Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones as the enhanced difficulty, class upgrades and weapons challenges its players at every level. This is suitable for everyone who is bored and likes tactical games. I would recommend this game to all those who have VBA inside their computer.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

D-Day Countdown

2 more days to D-Day..... Results day.
I know I'm being way too paranoid about stuff but I just can't play well because I am worrying about my stupid final year exam results. Why do the teachers mark so freaking fast??? If my results are good, then I can play hard. This is an even more stressful period for me. Exam got stress, now also got stress. Arghh.... I'm really hoping that my results does not suck. I don't want any failures (Espacially worried about my Chem, Math and History).

Today was the Sec 4 farewell ceremony. It is one of the most boring, boring farewell ceremony that I have ever attended. Imagine having to go through one more year before SJI chase you out of the school politely with songs and bells (School bell is rung to "chase" the sec 4s out), haha. Today was also a sad day as it marks the departure of two of my best humanities teacher, Mrs Fong and Miss Mara (the full name is abit hard to spell). Mrs Fong will always be known to me as the only teacher who is super enthusiastic about teaching, and her teaching rocks even though we have to stay back after school most of the time. I'm quite sad for her retirement.

However, I'm quite happy for the farewell of Mr Augustine Goh, a.k.a Auggie Goh, teacher-who-looks-real-ugly-when-he-smiles, the most sadistic teacher in SJI, half-baldy and the-most-boring-teacher-in-history (He teaches history). I had a bad impression of him in sec one, espacially that sarcastic and sadistic attitude of his. Here's an example.

Some guy in my class called Daniel: Sir, I didn't do my work
Goh: Why?
Daniel: Forgot
Goh: Like that ar, ok.... You see chapter one of your textbook. Copy the whole of that and give it to me tomorrow. Never mind, just 20+ pages only, no need pictures....
Daniel: -_-"

You see what I mean? But still, I wish him all the best in his further studies.

Next thing I wanna talk about would be ACE Camp. I will be gone for 4 days from 15th-19th October. If you really want to find me, I will be in a remote campsite in Kluang, Malaysia, about one hour from civillization. I am really looking forward to this camp as I have never, ever camped overseas before, furthermore in a remote campsite away from civillization. My group members are okay, Wei Jia (abit blur), Santosh, Me, Glen and Qi Quan will be sharing one tent. Although I got 2 members who are quite slow, I cannot complain lar, at least its better than me being in a group with Cedric. Well, I've got my packing list and sometime this week I will have to go shopping for my mass tins, solid fuel, etc. That's all I can say about ACE Camp. Will be blogging about it after I return (Expect a long entry).

Well, that's all for the updates. The results are still on my mind as I am typing this entry out. Let's hope that my results will not spoil my mood for the camp and for whatever I'm going to do. Please God calm me down so that I can be prepared to face whatever results that is put in front of me.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Exams Are Over

Exams are over...
I don't have the mood to play. Why? Because I think I just screwed my Maths paper 2. Shoot.....
Paper one was easier. I guess this is the result you get for waking up at the last minute. I'm praying for good results now.

Please bless me so that I can get good results. I know the fact that me waking up at the last moment is too late to retrieve what I've lost, but please, I need the results, or else the consequences will be terrible. Please god, I need the results, and I swear that the same thing will not happen to me again.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


As the title says.... Bankai mode on studies. Blog may be on HIATUS

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I felt the aftershock of the earthquake which happened today in Jakarta. I was watching PCK and at apporoximately 7:15pm, my house started to shake. The sofa which I was sitting on started shaking, my ceiling lamp started shaking too. The first thought was "Earthquake". I'm sure of it. It's pretty scary if you have experienced it. Furthermore I was alone at home and lived on the 13th floor.

I heard the earthquake was pretty bad in Indonesia. God bless those who are in Jakarta now and also bless the victims of the earthquake. Only now I know how powerful Mother Nature is and if it was serious, how close I was to getting killed.

May God keep watch over Singapore and also all my friends who felt the aftershock of the earthquake. God keep our country safe and protect all my loved ones. Please bless the victims and those who were affected by the earthquake. In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Success! But There's still a Long Way.....

I got the grade! YEAH! Grade 2 now. Next year aiming for ABRSM grade 3. First time doing the test was damn nervous but I manage to achieve the grade. 2 more to an Acoustic Guitar. Just two more. Muahahaha..... Watch out Christofori, you're gonna witness the fastest learner in history (exaggerated).


Luciano Pavarotti is dead. Unbelievable. He was one of the greatest opera singer alive. I still hear his "La Donna E Mobile" sometimes. Sad. I won't be posting so much now since my final years are near. But today is just another quick "News Flash" update.

My guitar exam is in 2 hours time. I want my grade. I will get my grade. My target is grade 5 by sec 4. And I'm going to get it. I know I started learning this instrument late but I will excel and surpass every Cristofori guitar student in Toa Payoh. Wish me luck. Me and my Maestro E-1 will succeed. My darling Maestro E-1 is gonna charm the examiner.

Intensive revision has started. It's a strain but I've got to persevere.

Michael: Haha your dad is damn basket. Laugh until like that. In my case its opposite. My dad hit his head because he's too tall for some ledge or ceiling in my house. He was so damn fustrated that he slapped the wall and the wall cracked. I laughed for 15 minutes straight. Lol.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Finally I told my parents about my results. They were very disappointed. I know that from the looks in their face. This seriously sucks. 3 weeks more to final year exam. Now I know I have so little time remaining. If I want good grades I have to work twice as hard as everyone in class. Because if I don't, something terrible is going to happen to me. Something which would rob me of my freedom. I HAVE to work hard. I will score high marks this final year.

And I'm not joking.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bad Day....

Yeah, as the title goes, today sucked. Why? Because I spent five freaking hours on my info skills project. I was so excited to present today as I knew that we would get a high mark. When Mr Mok saw the first slide, he said that it was too wordy and asked us to go home and edit. What the hell man. You've never even seen the whole bloody presentation before passing on your judgement. This is SHIT. Mok Hsu Pan you watch out. I'm going to make my presentation so bloody good that you have no choice but to give me full marks.


Now it's 10:41PM and I'm doing my Marketing Proposal for Info Skills. Not much time to blog. Just a quick update. Bye!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Official results are out. I won't be revealing them because it's too lousy. Through this Term assessment it clearly shows that your results are determined by how much effort you put in. This term can be summarised into 3 words: Total screw up. My results are way low and considering the fact that I have been studying for only a few days, I can say that I deserved it. Take Terry for an example, study for 8 weeks, results became an average of A1. This ends NOW. I need to study harder than anyone else in the class in order to score for my Final Year exams, which is in a month's time. So for these few weeks, no going out except for church, no more watching of "Bleach" except for saturday nights and sunday evenings. I assure you that I will get an average of an A2 for final year exams. I promise all of you that I will get way higher marks than what I'm getting now.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hello and welcome to my new blog. The old blog has been too much of a burden for me. Hence this new one. I end my "Splendid Isolation" policy because I have lots of things to say and many of them are too confidential for me to share my thoughts with my parents. That's why I need a blog because if I don't start posting/ranting/sharing etc, I cannot release pent-up feelings inside me and like the movie "Anger Management", I will be the cashier who keeps everything inside and one day shoot everyone in the departmental store. I hope that whoever reads this blog will understand my thoughts and all are welcomed to tag or leave your comments.