Sunday, October 21, 2007

Guitar Stuff


I went to Swee Lee's today to get a hard guitar case for my exchange programs. You know what? Swee Lee's service sucks. Expensive stuff and bad service. Here's what happened.

Me: I'm looking for a hard guitar case for my classical guitar
Sales Assistant: What case are you looking for? Classical guitar has alot of sizes.
(Turns and walks away, without even helping me)

This sucks. All I want is a guitar case and this is the service I get? Come on, I'm the customer. Out of rage, I went to another store called "Ranking". The name sounds so cheena right? They still have good guitars and good service. I got my guitar case there. $40 cheaper than Swee Lee's and I'm happy. I know I sound really demanding here but bad service could seriously ruin your day.

It was at the same store I checked out their acoustic guitars. Woah.. I got addicted to it. The sound is so pure and so nice. I want an ACOUSTIC!!! But my dad says Grade 5 classical. So... about 3 more years to go. Work hard Jerry. You can get it someday. I will get the acoustic guitar. Then I can gold-plate my darling Maestro E-1. Haha.

Oh.. 1 last thing.
MY IPOD HANGED! ARGHH. MY DARLING IPOD HANGED! HANGED! SHIT. I'm damn spastic now la. My Ipod cannot spoil because it was a gift from my Aunt in US to me. It is ENGRAVED. Please IPOD recover.....

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