Monday, March 31, 2008

Something Which Some Of Us Are Waiting For

Yeap, the update. I can say that things are not going really well in my life right now, with me screwing up alot of things because a lack of experience and all that stuff. I'm working on an essay about the SJI Rugby Team for Zaobao School Sports, and it's really killing me. I know it's not supposed to. I've never ever done this before, and it's difficult. I was wondering sometimes that why couldn't I just throw away everything and give it all up?

Because I can't afford to. I have to take the pain and pressure, and find the pleasure in it.

And remember my post about the "Sacrifice" thing? I discussed it with my Pastor and honestly I'm not really sure whether I can accept what she told me. Thesis on "Sacrifice" coming up.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lord I Lift Your Name On High

I had difficulty waking up this morning as I went for the Good Friday Church Service. My church was packed like a can of sardine. I had difficulty finding a seat. The service wasn't very long, but it surely made an impact on me. I used to think that Christians always mention "We have to believe God and trust Him, because he sent his only son Jesus to die for us" over and over again. I used to feel that their sermons was always revovling around this message. "Because Jesus died for us" was said every week. People used lame examples to show God's love for them.

" I wanted a watch, but I had no money to buy it. Thanks to God I got one coincidentially for my birthday". These examples always contained the element "luck" in it. So does this mean God equals to "Luck"? In this case, I guess that the next example would be "Thanks to His grace, I struck 4-D/Toto grand prize". Has Christianity, a religion which withstood the test of time and the martyrdom of many saints, been reduced to something of pure luck? I had doubts about that religion and this made me lose some of the faith I had in God. Furthermore, the busy and hectic schedule I had in my school resulted in my absence during church services. When I stepped into the building, I no longer had the feeling I had when I was first introduced to Christianity. That familiar, refreshing, feeling of being reborn and forgived. Faces once familiar to me were like strangers now.

I want to mention in particular the drama presented by the Drama Team today which showed the cruxification of Jesus. The skit was very good but what really shook me was the fact that the re-enactment of the scene was so near me. I finally understood the message.

Sacrifice, is a highest form of Love that someone can offer to you. Jesus was humiliated by the people, spat on by the soldiers and died in the most painful way. However, in he made no retaliation. No form of fighting back. Because in his heart he was filled with Love. Love for his people, even though they do not understand what he was trying to do and why he is willing to die for them. "CRUCIFY HIM!" filled the air. Soldiers whipped him brutally. The cross weighed a ton on his back. Blood blurred his vision. Still he was forced to walk to the execution grounds. As he lay down on the cross, nails were driven through his flesh. He screamed in pain. No one knew that the Son of God is on the cross. All they see in front of them is a fraud and a phony. As His heart beats slower every minute and his breathing becomes more laboured, he lifted his head up to the sky and heard a voice from the heavens. He smiled and stopped breathing.

Sacrifice, is what Jesus had shown us through his death. Love made him able to withstand the countless whippings he received from the soldiers. I think the reason why he sacrificed is not because that he is delivering us from all sins, but rather showing to us that we must learn to love each other and respect each other despite our differences. Then we can achieve salvation. A song by NickelBack goes like this:

"If Everyone Cared, and nobody cried,
If Everyone loved, and nobody lied,
If Everyone shared, and swallowed their pride,
We'd see the day where nobody died"

If we learn to respect each other amidst our differences, if we could swallow our pride and learn to care for others. Then there would be a day where "World Peace" , something that we have all been praying for, something that the kids in war-torn countries have been writing in their wishlist every single day, something that the mothers of soldiers who were sent to Iraq have been hoping for, can finally be achieved. Tears can be stopped. Unecessary bloodshed can be reduced. Jesus taught us how to love, and also showed us the power of love. Love is a powerful weapon, something even more powerful than the Nuclear Warheads which caused the tension between nations. If people learned to love, and starts to embrace love, then the world would then be, a better place for everyone. Isn't this the message in the speeches of politicians every day?

Also , today is the day where I had my first Holy Communion . The taste of the bread and wine still lingered in my lips. Love gave us redemption and a chance to pay for our mistakes. Jesus was a great man because he was the first to die for his people for a cause so simple as Love. He is great, not because of the fact that he is the Son Of God or the Messiah, but the one who taught us the importance and the Power Of Love. And so today, as many of us commemorate the death of Jesus, keep in mind that he died for a simple reason, in fact he died for a cause which consists of only a single word. Love, makes the World go round as indeed, when people forgive and forget, or when someone says "I Love You", your world is instantly illuminated and brightened by Love. Happiness, Hope, springs from Love and it is through these powerful forces that people can be inspired to break limits and the hurdles in their lives.

Love, brings us hope. Love, brings us joy. Love, brings us peace and finally, it is Love, which will bring us salvation.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So Much Things, So Little Time

I was approached by Mr AG yesterday. Apparently I have been missing too much training sessions, all of it with valid reasons, it's just that I did not give him any letters or stuff for admin purposes. I knew that I sacrificed/skipped training sessions because I needed to catch up my schoolwork and stuff. And yet I feel so guilty about not going to training and all the things I missed out. Rugby is a team sport, so it really stinks when you feel like you're not part of the team at all. However, I still have to cope with schoolwork. Perhaps I really stink at juggling between my school and CCA. I do not want to give up on either one, but studies are always a higher priority over everything else.

There's this pressure that I always feel whenever I miss training. I really do not want everyone else to think that I am a slacker, because I do not want to be branded with that word in my remaining 1 year plus in SJI. Only I'm to blame for this, but in that sort of situation, how is it possible that I work something out? I tried thinking about it but no solution comes to my mind yet. Hence my only choice is to sacrifice the time for rugby on studies. Difficult choice to make.

Even though I'm not in the first team, I still want to support them in their matches despite being me completely invisible to the coach. Yep, that's the kind of crap I have to face every training. Of course the main focus is the first team. The rest are just punching bags and people who are "just there". Coach never bothers to talk to the so-called "reserves". Despite us lacking in skills and mentality compared to the first team, we still deserve to be respected at not being treated like "extras". We're not people who "just happened to be there". We still desperately want to play for the school. maybe next year. I mean, if you sometimes don't point out what is our mistake, or even talk to the so called "reserves" or at least say something which can help us improve, how in the world can we improve and play better?

Sometimes it can be demoralising. The same thing happened in Sec 1. You just have to be thick-skinned and perservere. The problem is, with all my schoolwork and other responsiblities and deadlines, the word "perseverance" is strained to its limits. Sometimes I just want to give up.

But sometimes I think that giving up will be so not worth it. What am I to do?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

School's Back!

Yep... A ridiculously short post. School's starting in less than a hour's time, and here I am doing my physics homework for the holidays...

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm back and supercharged from Bintan! This had certainly been a meaningful trip for me as I did loads of reflection there amidst all the fun and activities. I must say that the hotel service is superb and the staff there are courteous and polite. Some even remember me from the past! Haha. I did loads of stuff there, like Jetsking. Actually, the fact is that you have to be at least 16 years old to ride a jetski alone. I think I look 16. So I had the privilege to ride an amazing Yamaha Waverunner. It was a fantasting experience as you get to ride the waves at high speed, and the view was breathtaking.

After the Jetski experience, my parents believed that I was not afraid of the water and therefore, I'm not a sissy -_-". Wow, thanks mom and dad. I feel... so... happy knowing that I'm not a sissy anymore. Haha. I came back to Singapore with a nasty sunburn on both my arms and upper back. This means that I can't make any actions like punching or even raising my hand. My upper body looks like a cooked lobster. The feeling is horrible. However, thanks to my rugby cca, I wasn't one of the worst in my family. My dad looks like a real cooked "Well-done" lobster. His whole upper body is RED. That is gotta hurt...

I'm not going to give you guys a day-to-day account of my Bintan trip, as I had already done so before. Furthermore, I'm typing this in pain right now. My skin is burning literally. To sum it up, this trip has been unique and exciting for me, as I conquered my fears of Jetsking and also became supercharged and ready to face the new school term. Oh, I got my Jetski-phobia from an incident where I must take my jetski through stormy weather. The waves were huge and it was really difficult to control that vehicle. Although I made it out in one piece, I developed my Jetski-phobia. Haha.

Will post more later. In the meantime, I have to pack up for school. Ciao!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hello people! Currently blogging in Bintan now, amidst all the sandflies and mosquitoes that may be inside the hotel lobby, I must say that I'm having lots of fun there. Angsana Spa and Resorts is really relaxing. Even though they do not have a whole range of recreational facilities, the soothing ambience there is really relaxing. Oh, and did I mention that there is a one-hour time difference? This means that I'm currently one-hour behind Singapore time, which allows me to do even more things in one day. I bet you're all feeling jealous.

Despite that, I always get this feeling that Angsana Resorts are for COUPLES only. I mean, there isn't many people inside, compared to Nirwana Resorts, and most of them usually come in pairs. One King and One Queen. Sometimes I feel "left out". Let me try to illustrate my point.

Look, young adolescents like me, or even you, would have had thoughts of starting a BGF sometime in your life. However, the many tasks you have to complete everyday gives you absolutely no time to take any action for you "plan". As time goes by, you slowly forget that thought. However, when you are alone in a resort with a romantic ambience, (seriously, read on to find out) your mind will start to think and wander around, and eventually you will come into contact with this particular topic. For example, I want to say that in Singapore, you hardly see any stars as most of them would be blocked by the buildings.

However, in Bintan, you can even spot constellations tonight. I spotted Ursa Major despite the fact that I have ZERO knowledge on Constellations. It's just joining the dots and coming to a shape which resembles a bear. There are so many stars in the sky that it doesn't appear real to you. It looks like a gigantic ceiling. I'm not really good at describing things with words but hey, I've done the best I can and I hope you would get this picture.

It was at that particular point that I started thinking about the whole BGF thing. I know it's ridiculous, but I just couldn't help it. For some couples, tonight looks like the perfect proposal environment. For me, I'm just too young to really bother about these issues, so all I could do is admire the beautiful scenery God has to offer to me.

I won't be back in Singapore till Sunday. And Michael, if you are reading this, help me tell Chindi that I can't go for training as I'm overseas and I don't have roaming services in my phone anymore. Appreciate the effort. So I end this post, ending my first day in Bintan with sandfly bites all over me just for sitting in the lobby for fifteen minutes. Ciao!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm leaving for Bintan tomorrow. Actually I did not want to go on this trip as I wanted to stay and complete my holiday homework. Man I hate SJI teachers, especially those who think that they are damn good teachers but basically what they do is that they copy stuff from the textbook and tells us that it is "summarised" and we must "read the textbook ourselves". If that really is the case, why the hell do we need teachers for? When all they do every lesson is to teach us HOW to read textbooks? Even though my self-studying skills are pathethic, but I don't think I learn alot from you this term. Rest assured, I'll still ace the exam next term.

I'm willing to spend twice as much time, make sacrifices, but I will never, never depend on you to get good results. Some of you may say that I'm stubborn, but what I think is that if you do not gain anything from your teacher, no matter how focused you are in class, you're better off doing your own self studies. No doubt the teacher is smart, or at least that's what he thinks he is, being smart yourself and teaching others are two completely different issues. You may be a genius, but who gives a crap when you can't even teach your students well? I would like to know HOW MANY students in your other classes got A1 for that subject? Less than 1/3 perhaps. Yet you can still stand in front of us and give us a hell lot of homework with the reason being "You are one of my worst class. That's why I'm giving you all these homework". That is partially correct.

However, before you actually say this, please at least REFLECT why we do not score well this term. Is it because of our attitude? Or is it because of yours? Please at least think of the latter. Teachers who have taught us gave positive comments. If our learning attitude is the same throughout, then there is something seriously wrong with your methods of how to make students understand and grasp the correct method of studying.

I believe that part of our school fees goes into YOUR pocket every month. If what you tell us to do EVERY SINGLE LESSON is just SELF STUDY, why the heck does the school still employ you for? You did not even go through the most basic thing of at least explaining to us the key point. "This one ar, very important, you can read yourself. This one also, you can read yourself". You finish one freaking chapter in 10 minutes and half the time we have to "read ourselves". This is not a "Reading For Dummies" class. How do you expect us to improve this way? Is it not by 100% of our own effort and ZERO per cent of yours?

Is it that difficult to be a teacher?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Not sure I spelled that correctly, but yet I'm posting at wee hours in the morning despite having to complete all my holiday homework by 3pm as tomorrow I am leaving for Bintan. Sighz....

Brain Dead

I'm running out of ideas for entries. Nothing comes to my head when I try to write something interesting on my blog. I must admit that lately, I have been brain-dead. I'm not sure what happened, and the scary part is, I don't know what to do to pump life into my brain again. I realised that when I was taking the MRT to Tiong Bahru to settle some issues with my tuition centre. Throughout the 3 minutes train ride and the journey to the 5th floor of Tiong Bahru Plaza, my head is completely empty instead of the usual times where thoughts are always running through my head.

My brain felt hollow (NO FUNNY JOKES NICK) and the whole thing feels like, sleepwalking with your eyes open. Nothing runs through your head but still, you are travelling towards your destination. The results of walking with your Ipod on your ears and spending the whole morning trying to find a more effective method of studying. When you're brain-dead, everything around me feels and looks as if I'm in a dream. Typical case of a living zombie.

Speaking of dreams, I am very curious to why people have them. For example, I had a dream where I could fly. I felt the adrenaline rush of flying and freefalling through my own Metropolis. Everything looked so realistic. Just when I felt so happy about the fact that I defied gravity, I woke up.

There was this feeling that my soul left my body during sleep and came back. Sometimes I wonder if that is really the case. I'm sure all of you had dreams before, dreams where you were so sure that everything is so real, and then comes the anti-climax part where you actually wake up and realised that you're still you, stuck in a world where you have to cope with the never-ending work and stress.

Why do dreams or every good thing end just as the most exciting thing is going to happen?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Back from Camp! (Part 2)

The games were followed by the preparation for our performance at night. Thanks alot to Hanjie for writing such a wonderful script. We were thinking about loads of funny stuff to add in for our play. It was super lame and I was laughing really hard during rehearsals. Can get six-pack abs if I laugh like this everyday man... Haha. I took on the role of Aquaman, literally. Some superhero who is super gay and has the ability to control water. I realised that acting like a sissy is really difficult with all the exaggerated actions and everything. After two rounds of rehearsal, I was exhausted and fell asleep by the roadside.

The performance was funny, but I think that all of us did a fantastic job. At least I tried my best to make the audience laugh by playing my part as a sissy. The Wan Hui was super high man... The songs are still ringing in my head even after camp. This was definately one of the highlights of the camp. Went to bathe after the whole thing ended. The water was super shiok but super cold. Entered Lalaland after reading the profile of Yang Zi, who is a Singapore table-tennis athelethe who won the Men's Double Gold Medal two years ago. Listening to my IPod when sleeping enables me to wake up at intervals, and it also blocks the snoring sounds from 主任. He snored like a dinosaur. I woke up at 6am, wanting to prepare for the mock-interview of Yang Zi, but realised that everyone else was sleeping like a log and the lights were off. I went back to sleep and woke up at 6:45 am. Breakfast, then the interview started.

Before this I used to regret joining Titong because I want to interview mainstream stars like Jolin Tsai through 爆米花. However, I learnt alot of things through the interview with Yang Zi and the things which he said were really inspirational. Although he may look a little shy, Yang Zi is actually a sportsman with a really positive attitude towards things, and this is something that I should pick up and learn. Wanted to get his autograph but his hand was injured. Got the autograph of Nicole and Tabitha Tay instead, the twins who won medals for Singapore last year in gymnastics. The two of them were really cute la.. And they are super flexible. Take a look at this:

We have to write an essay immediately after my interview and it was killing my brain cells. Arghhh... I tried my best but I think I need to work on the structure and organization of my essay. It is still very messy. I need to study the winning entries which will be published this thursday. Must support us! Buy one copy of Zaobao on thursday! Lolz.

Next was games again. SURVIVOR! Really creative and original. However, I got knocked out in the Tangrams round. I am a bad bad tengrams man. Haha....

The final part of the camp was the singing of "Wo Men De Ge". Emotions ran high during that time. The 10th Exco members cried. This shows that they are really bonded and have been through thick and thin together. This camp really forges new bonds of friendship and strengthens old ones. I hope that I can become part of the 11th Exco. No, not because I want to cry, but I want to build friendship bonds which will last a lifetime, not only with my group members, but also with the rest of the Titong members if it's possible. But hey, how is one person able to 一步登天?

I had a great time in this camp and I hope that Xulong group will become better and better and regardless of guys or girls, we all be good friends and become more bonded as time goes by. GO TITONG! YOU'RE CHAMPIONS FOR LIFE!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Back From Camp (Part 1)

Hello all!

I'm back from Titong Camp! I give my sincere thanks to the Camp Comm and the 10th Exco Committee for organising such a wonderful camp. I must say that through this we know each other better and became more bonded as a team. I hope that Xulong group will become the overall champion! It's not going to be easy but still we must fight for it! JIAYOU! Lemme do a little trademark cheer for you guys!



I'm not sure whether I did it correctly or not, but I think it's like that. I hope that one day I can lead this cheer for Xulong. Unfortunately my voice isn't loud enough. Haha. This camp was really wild, with everyone getting soaked by buckets of water. Haha. If you have the patience, you can read my day-by-day account of the camp.

Day 1:
We met up at Pasir Ris MRT station. There were lots of people, but group Xulong looked as if half the population wasn't here. Thank goodness more arrived later. Boarded bus to the campsite. I thought that since it is at Costa Sands, I thought it would be like some chalet. Well, I was wrong, but heck, the place is great. Unpacked at the camp, there was some pre-camp briefing on the rules by the Camp Comm and
主任. After that there was ice-breaker and cheering. I was feeling a little uncomfortable as I hardly know everyone well enough. That's what the camp is about. I try to talk to as many of my group members as I can, hoping to learn their names and know more about them.

After that there was a talk about how to ask questions during interviews and also interviewing tips and techniques by Miss Wu Xiu Jin, who is a sports correspondent working for ZB. She is a good speaker and cracks us up by telling jokes and also playing games with us. Somehow, during that final round, I knew 主任's idol was Maria Sharapova, from the moment they guessed that the person is a tennis player. There was fun and laughter, but there was also learning and work done. Before this I've never imagined that interviewing someone would be complicated, I used to think it was easy. Now I know that there are many things behind just "Asking A Question and Jotting down the Answer". Yes I am ignorant, but I'm willing to learn.

Lunchtime, followed by games! The games were damn fun man... The rules were like this:

We have to complete a maximum of 8 stations in order to "rescue" our team leader. After completing each station we have a chance at the "Idioms Board", which requires us to use a ball and knock the words out of their positions. If we make one single idiom, we win the game! Unfortunately, I sincerely don't know what is wrong with our Chengyu board. Hit so many times also never fall off. Lawlz.. We got last.

We caught up at water games. Xulong is OWNAGE! I was cheering for them like some madman. Haha. I got really wet because Yuyue poured half a bucket of water on me. Somemore in the second round of water games, the holes in the container got much bigger, so it is harder to fill up 3 500ml bottles. The games were fun and really bonded Xulong as a team. We learnt how to work together.

Afterwards I went to change. There is something I want to say about
主任. I think he started sleeping at 1pm and by the time we ended our water games, it was about 4pm. Despite us making a din, he was still snoring like a pig. Hahaha. Hope he doesn't find out about this. If not he'll kill me.

Friday, March 7, 2008


I'm writing this at about 1am in the morning. Nightime in my room is always quiet and peaceful, and I can think about things better this way. Usually, the only time I get some peace and quiet is in my room at night. Late at night. That is usually the time I do my reflections and have time to think about stuff which is completely irrelevant to my studies. Call me anti-social, but I still prefer to spend some quiet time alone by myself and with myself.

Events for tomorrow:

Titong Camp (ZB Student Sports Correspondent or ZBSCHSPORTS). I'm really looking forward to it. I wish I can express my joy, excitement and anticipation for this event but apparently, I stink at using emoticons or weird stuff you can use with your keyboard. I'm looking forward to the people I'll meet there and the stuff that we are about to learn. I'm hoping to come out of the camp all geared up with the skills needed to make some cash. Muahahaha..... It's gonna be GREAT!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


The room has two tables and chairs. Sitting on on side of the table is "The Teacher". The other side, me and my parents. The sky is greying and the sound of thunder can be heard from afar. The room is empty except for that few pieces of furniture in the middle of the room. We greet the teacher and she passed my parents my report book. As they flipped open the page titled "TA1 2008", their faces begin to darken. I was too embarassed to look at them. It was at this time the teacher began to speak. "Yu Jie is a polite and responsible person. HOWEVER...." That particular word felt like someone had shot me from point-blank range. I could not listen to what she said anymore. I make a break for it.....

Of course that wasn't true. I dread going to parent-teacher meets because every year from the year I joined SJI, the teacher would write the same things like "Yu Jie is a polite pupil, however, he needs to put his studies above everything else in order to get good results". Even if I did that, the teacher would say "He definately has room for improvement". Even when I thought I tried my best, the teacher would give me this comment. It's really frustrating when you try your best to change yourself to become better and the teacher always give you the same comment. That's why I feared that this year in 2008, the teacher would say the same thing. I was kind of reluctant to meet the teacher, especially Ms Tracy Goh, as I felt that she didn't understand me. However, today's PTM Session proved me wrong.

There are lots of differences between Sec 2 and Sec 3, one of which is the teachers. SJI has many good teacher, unfortunately most of them do not teach the lower secondary students. I was shocked by the comments made by her. She said that I'm a "Natural Leader" but I tend to be very "Strong Minded". This means that I tend to do things my way instead of listening to the others. I don't know about that part but I think that she has been observing other students very closely without them knowing it. She does understand me, perhaps clearer and better than all my sec 2 teachers. I was really surprised.

Through this PTM I have learnt that I should change the method I study, from quantity to quality. She suggested that I start thinking about the facts the teacher thought me. Do not assume that the teacher is always right. Challenge the facts. Convince yourself that this is right. It's about thinking, not memorising. Now all I need to do is carry those instructions out. Easier said than done, but I would like to give it a shot. What she said today didn't just help me academically, but it also helps me in my character development and future.

I need to spend some time reflecting on this term and note down what I should do to improve and be better next term. Look forward to another long post (If you like reading them). Ciao!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hello Dudes and Dudettes who are reading this blog (which I think won't be many anyway,I'm not some star blogger). Tomorrow will be the last day of school. Just as I thought sec 3 life is slow... First thing I know I was strangers with almost everyone in the class but now, 3 months has passed and loads of stuff happened. I can't say that my class is really bonded, because there are individuals who only cares about themselves and really do not give a crap about others. Anyway, let's move on to something else.

As you read this, my exams are long over. Results? One word. Wasted. I made loads of careless mistakes. I can't even show that to my parents. They will kill me. I definately have room for improvement. I just wanted to say that this exam was a wake-up call for me. It doesn't mean you get top 10 in sec 2 means you will get top 10 in sec 3, Well, my class is all full of people who can study way way better than I do. I really must catch up with them for the sake of my future "O" levels and also for the free biscuits you get from Mrs Tan (I know I'm a glutton). Lolz. I will catch up with the top 10 next term. It won't be easy, but I'll fight for it.

Today we had PT for Rugby training. What can I say? Shagged. Got lactic attack after the second round of our usual 10x400m sprint. It's mentally tiring and stressful. However, it was satisfying as I really pushed myself to the limits. Especially the last round. It was a great challenge for me both physically and mentally. It was probably the only time I pushed myself so hard before. Despite the fatigue and the lactic acid in my muscles, I felt refreshed after this PT session. I realised that I'm really unfit after a whole month without any real form of exercise. I need to train hard in order to keep myself physically fit. My goal for this year is:

1. Get Gold for my NAPHA (All A's)
2. Do at least 3 pull-ups.

Even with my 2.4km timing, I can only get like Silver. Because of my shuttle run. I admit that I am a lousy sprinter. I can only run faster in middle-distance races. A little faster. I plan to train myself 3 times a week even after my season. I really hope that I can achieve my goals. Then I can move on to set my target on getting my 6-pack abs. Haha.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Wth man...
I told you before that I wanted to learn the Fridrick F2L method. Apparently this is more difficult than I thought it will be. There are like... 132454684454 possible permutations/combination/algorithms or whatever you call it in that stupid method. All the stuff about "H" permutations, "Adjacent Corner Permutation" is sending my head spinning. For the sake of my timing, I will not give up so easily. I must memorize all that dumb permutations. I was wondering "HOW THE HECK CAN A SMALL 3 BY 3 RUBIKS CUBE HAVE SO MANY FREAKING COMBINATIONS MAN???" I think cracking open a safe is much easier. Haha.