Sunday, October 14, 2007

ACE Camp Kluang... Mixed Feelings

ACE Camp is tomorrow.... Part of me feels excited but there's another part of me which says "Screw ACE Camp. It sucks. Why waste time in Johore when you can be playing computer games in Singapore?" I think what I'm going through now is that I cannot let go of modern technology. Sometimes I think: What am I going to do without my handphone? Modern tech is a double edged sword. It gives me advantages and yet it is a burden to me. This always happens.

I hope I can break free of whatever attraction technology has of me and enjoy the ACE Camp. My bag is like freaking big la. I don't know how Michael can stuff whatever crap he needs for 4 days into something a few centimetres longer than my Deuter Havard schoolbag. Wahlau eh.... Now I wish for a haversack. Because my bag is like very old, but it's the only bag big enough to carry all my stuff. I hope my bag won't be some kind of joke.

Now here's something which is completely irrelevant to ACE Camp. I watched Paul Pott's performance on Youtube today. It sent shivers down my spine. That guy definately has potential to be a great opera singer. Watch it sometimes if you haven't

And finally, I have one thing to say to myself. Jerry, enjoy the camp. Forget about the handphones and stuff. Break free of this burden. Have fun at ACE Camp! I will be blogging about it after I come back. Goodbye and God Bless!

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