Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bye Guys, those were good times....

Today we held our class party at Nick's house. It was really fun. Do you know that you can actually get lost inside his house? It's so freaking big. It has a pool inside. A POOL. How cool is that? We went bowling first after we arrived at his house. We sat in a van... The ride was real fun as we headed into some weird country club. The bowling alley was so chic man. It's like experiencing the high life. The bowling alley has 2 pool tables, 10+ bowling alleys, a restaurant and an arcade. We played 3 games. I lost to Nick by 2 points in the first game and drew with him on the second and third game (I think). We headed back to his house at about 3:30pm. Me, Yustynn, Ezra, Brandon and Samuel. Then the dunking began. Samuel, Terry and Mahdi were the first to be dunked into the pool. I knew I was going to get dunked sooner or later, so I put all my valuables in my guitar bag.

I got thrown into the water in my jeans. It was really heavy swimming around in jeans la, but it was fun. Real fun. We dragged almost everyone into the water. It's kinda like a ritual so that everyone can leave 208. Only Brandon and Yihan didn't get wet. We had to tow Michael into the water, and Ryan, being such a party-spoiler, went into the water on his own. Where's the fun in that? I think I pushed 20+ people into the water and also got pushed more than 30 times. I was exhausted when the whole thing was over. I wrestled with Wei Jia, Yustynn, Feroz, Xin Zhan, Mahdi before I pushed them in. I also helped with the swinging and throwing of people with dry clothes into the pool. It was sad that Glen and Wei Hao got their phone wet, but hey, since they were all wet, let's all join the fun la!

Food there was great, with BBQ chicken wings, satay and even roasted marshmallows (THAT TASTED GREAT!). We did the human chain near the water, followed by a whole lot of dunking. After that we got changed and sat in a circle for reflection. We were told by Mahdi to share our most memorable event in 208 and also what you will miss about the class. I said some crap, but what I miss about the class, is the class itself. Our class is unique in many different ways. It was all joy and laughter as we did everything together, like ACE Camp. You guys are really a unique bunch of people and it has been great being in the same class with you. I would like to thank:

Adithya (You finally matured! Haha)
Akira (Geisha)
B.Karthikeyan (Too many nicknames)
Bryan Kang (Absent for party, aka Enthu kid)
Brandon Chang (No nickname)
Eugene Cheong (Hongkie, Lao-Er, Chee Cheong Fan)
Christopher Ong (Nickname too vulgar. Shall not say it)
Theodore Chua (Machine Gun Mouth, 7-Eleven)
Daniel Lim (No offense, but you are also known as Dumb-Boy)
Feroz Khan (Terrorist!)
Wei Jia (Super Blur-Block)
Santosh( Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Monkey, King Kong, Jane Goodall's best friend)
Me (Sun, Cheena, Great Wall, etc.)
Glen (Emo Kid)
Qi Quan (Skinny Club member, beanstalk)
Cedric (Saggydick, Saggy)
Wei Hao (JJ Lim)
Nicholas (Willy Wonka)
Michael (No offense, but you are also known as Dickhead, flagpost, lightsabre, etc.)
Mahdi (NO PORK AH!)
Norman (Skinny Club member, matchstick)
Joey (No nickname)
Russell (Too many nicknames, eg. Itchy boy, Eczema ****, Calamine Lotion)
Ryan (Faggot, Homo)
Samuel (I'll see you in Live the Dream)
Sooreth( Faggot, Gay, Maliali)
Yihan (Lao-Da, Donkey, Judoki)
Terry (Prayer Rep, bully)
Xin Zhan (Duck, Quack)
Vincent (Fat Boy, Fat shit, Chubby)
Ezra (Shortie, Wang)
Shoyn (His name is a nickname already)
Yustynn( French, Dog)

That's about all the nicknames I could ever think of. I was feeling quite sad when I left. "You only start to treasure the things you have when you are about to lose it". I think the saying is very true. I was unaware about the fact that today may be our last day together as a class before we get streamed into different classes. Thanks guys, those were good times. I'll treasure them forever. WHO'S YOUR DADDY? 208!!!!!!!!!

208 Forever Man!!!!!! Strike Ah!

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