Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bad Day....

Yeah, as the title goes, today sucked. Why? Because I spent five freaking hours on my info skills project. I was so excited to present today as I knew that we would get a high mark. When Mr Mok saw the first slide, he said that it was too wordy and asked us to go home and edit. What the hell man. You've never even seen the whole bloody presentation before passing on your judgement. This is SHIT. Mok Hsu Pan you watch out. I'm going to make my presentation so bloody good that you have no choice but to give me full marks.


Now it's 10:41PM and I'm doing my Marketing Proposal for Info Skills. Not much time to blog. Just a quick update. Bye!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Official results are out. I won't be revealing them because it's too lousy. Through this Term assessment it clearly shows that your results are determined by how much effort you put in. This term can be summarised into 3 words: Total screw up. My results are way low and considering the fact that I have been studying for only a few days, I can say that I deserved it. Take Terry for an example, study for 8 weeks, results became an average of A1. This ends NOW. I need to study harder than anyone else in the class in order to score for my Final Year exams, which is in a month's time. So for these few weeks, no going out except for church, no more watching of "Bleach" except for saturday nights and sunday evenings. I assure you that I will get an average of an A2 for final year exams. I promise all of you that I will get way higher marks than what I'm getting now.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Hello and welcome to my new blog. The old blog has been too much of a burden for me. Hence this new one. I end my "Splendid Isolation" policy because I have lots of things to say and many of them are too confidential for me to share my thoughts with my parents. That's why I need a blog because if I don't start posting/ranting/sharing etc, I cannot release pent-up feelings inside me and like the movie "Anger Management", I will be the cashier who keeps everything inside and one day shoot everyone in the departmental store. I hope that whoever reads this blog will understand my thoughts and all are welcomed to tag or leave your comments.