Sunday, October 7, 2007

D-Day Countdown

2 more days to D-Day..... Results day.
I know I'm being way too paranoid about stuff but I just can't play well because I am worrying about my stupid final year exam results. Why do the teachers mark so freaking fast??? If my results are good, then I can play hard. This is an even more stressful period for me. Exam got stress, now also got stress. Arghh.... I'm really hoping that my results does not suck. I don't want any failures (Espacially worried about my Chem, Math and History).

Today was the Sec 4 farewell ceremony. It is one of the most boring, boring farewell ceremony that I have ever attended. Imagine having to go through one more year before SJI chase you out of the school politely with songs and bells (School bell is rung to "chase" the sec 4s out), haha. Today was also a sad day as it marks the departure of two of my best humanities teacher, Mrs Fong and Miss Mara (the full name is abit hard to spell). Mrs Fong will always be known to me as the only teacher who is super enthusiastic about teaching, and her teaching rocks even though we have to stay back after school most of the time. I'm quite sad for her retirement.

However, I'm quite happy for the farewell of Mr Augustine Goh, a.k.a Auggie Goh, teacher-who-looks-real-ugly-when-he-smiles, the most sadistic teacher in SJI, half-baldy and the-most-boring-teacher-in-history (He teaches history). I had a bad impression of him in sec one, espacially that sarcastic and sadistic attitude of his. Here's an example.

Some guy in my class called Daniel: Sir, I didn't do my work
Goh: Why?
Daniel: Forgot
Goh: Like that ar, ok.... You see chapter one of your textbook. Copy the whole of that and give it to me tomorrow. Never mind, just 20+ pages only, no need pictures....
Daniel: -_-"

You see what I mean? But still, I wish him all the best in his further studies.

Next thing I wanna talk about would be ACE Camp. I will be gone for 4 days from 15th-19th October. If you really want to find me, I will be in a remote campsite in Kluang, Malaysia, about one hour from civillization. I am really looking forward to this camp as I have never, ever camped overseas before, furthermore in a remote campsite away from civillization. My group members are okay, Wei Jia (abit blur), Santosh, Me, Glen and Qi Quan will be sharing one tent. Although I got 2 members who are quite slow, I cannot complain lar, at least its better than me being in a group with Cedric. Well, I've got my packing list and sometime this week I will have to go shopping for my mass tins, solid fuel, etc. That's all I can say about ACE Camp. Will be blogging about it after I return (Expect a long entry).

Well, that's all for the updates. The results are still on my mind as I am typing this entry out. Let's hope that my results will not spoil my mood for the camp and for whatever I'm going to do. Please God calm me down so that I can be prepared to face whatever results that is put in front of me.

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