Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've been tagged by Liyi to do this. This is the first time I'm doing quizzes like this.

A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by them.

B) Tag eight people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. What are your reasons for having a LJ?

I have a blog because I want to use this blog as a place where I am free to say whatever I want to say. It is also a place where I can see my growing up as a person when I read my archives. Besides all the basic textbook answers, I have a blog because I feel like it.

2. What do you do before bed time?

Shower, Read a book.

3. What would your dream wedding be like?

That's a difficult question. Actually I want my dream wedding to be held in a place near the sea during sunrise. It should be a good time to exchange vows under the beauty of nature with the heavens as your witness.

4. What is the city of your dreams and why?

Copenhagen. Definately Copenhagen. I love the lifestyle and the whole city architecture. It's a place where everything is not as fast-paced as Singapore, and the breathtaking views complimented by the small cottages and canals makes your body feels very relaxed. I still miss that place after my last visit in P6

5. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I'm more of an introvert I guess. There are somethings which I usually keep to myself despite me talking alot and trying to socialize with the people around me.

6. Which is more blessed; being loved or to love someone?

I have to say being loved feels blessed because you know that there is someone out there who can accept you for the way you are and also the fact that you can be her keeper and someone whom they trust to even tell them their secrets. Loving someone isn't really blessed as it sucks to know that the someone whom you love does not appreciate that.

7. Do you trust easily?

Definately. I trust people too easily.

8. What person, dead or alive, is your role model?

Role model? I don't really have one, surprisingly. My role model is values and principles and optimism.

9. Is there anything that has been making you unhappy recently?

Yes. Freaking TA3

10. When's the last time you had fun?

Kindred Spirits Concert. I got so bored by school life that this one little concert make me wake up at 3am in the morning due to adrenaline.

11. Is being tagged fun?

Yeah. It's nice to know that you're on someone's mind and they decide to tag you.

12. How do you see yourself?

Me? I see myself as someone who always have room for improvement.

13. Who are currently, the most important people to you?

My parents, relatives, friends.

14. What kind of person, do you think the person who tagged you is?

Someone who is a very good friend of mine. Somone who erm... stuck with me and didn't just fade away.

15. Would you rather be rich but single? or poor but married?

Poor but married. I would rather live in happiness than die of loneliness. Actually I would take option 3 though. I want to be rich AND married.

16. How many children would you want to have, if any?

Two. I want my kids to know the importance of sharing.

17. What's better? To give or to receive?

I would say to give. Although giving stinks, it makes you feel happy to know that you've brightened up someone else's life. In the process you receive something as well.

18. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?

Whoa, hard question. I would think about that for a very long time.... But usually I would fall in love with one person only.

19. What would you do if you (or your girlfriend) became pregnant unexpectedly?

What can I do but to marry her? Although in situations like these my thoughts would be another option. I hope that will not happen.

20. What are you waiting for right now?

Time to pass and waiting for sleeping time and mugging session tomorrow.

8 people? Allright.

1. Michael
2. Glen
3. Hillary
4. Saiful
5. Lizzi
6. Edmund
7. Joshua
8. Eugene

Sunday, July 27, 2008

ZB Sports Day

Well, I just came back from Zabao SSC Sports Day. It was a freaking exhausting day, albeit a fun one. We had to play a total of:

3 matches of handball
3 matches of basketball
3 matches of street soccer
3 mathces of frisbee

That's a total of 12 matches in 10 hours. Trust me, the matches are all dang exhausting as majority of the other team members go all out, even if its a game of frisbee. It was physically exhausting, but I still managed to endure the 10-hour exercise with only an hour or so's break. No cramps or muscle aches yet, but rest assured all these will come when I wake up tomorrow. I will be walking to school while limping on one leg, clutching my thighs as if someone hit my *ahem*. However, it was all worth it as I tried my best. The results were quite satisfactory though:

I scored a goal in street soccer. I would just like to make it a point that I have not been seriously playting that sport for three years now. The fact that I can still do so impresses me. Haha. I also scored more than 5 goals in handball. Handball is actually a very difficult sport to play as it is very difficult to score. Your objective is to throw the ball between the goalposts. Since the ball is really small, you can't really throw with that much force. I managed to score more than 5 I think.

Even though we got last this year, it was still fun nevertheless as we all stuck together as a team. Thanks to Xuchang, Muquan and Hanjie for scoring majority of the goals in street soccer, Iris, Felicia, Jieling (not sure of spelling) for playing like all stars during the basketball match, and Tongyao, Yingying, Liyun, Lixue, Aonan for giving their best during every one of the matches. Majority of my shots would never had made it without all of you, thanks alot for the encouragement. Xulong Rockz!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be!

I simply love Midsummer Night's Dream. Although it is written in an english so old that some words don't appear in dictionaries anymore, it is still one of my favourite book. Probably because of the fact that the whole book is based on the theme of love, relationships and the "Dream-Reality" concept. I'll just give the sypnosis of the story adapted from Wikipedia:

The play features three interlocking plots, connected by a celebration of the wedding of Duke Theseus of Athens and the Amazonian queen Hippolyta, and set simultaneously in the woodland, and in the realm of Fairyland, under the light of the moon.[2]

In the opening scene, Hermia refuses to comply with her father Egeus's wish for her to marry his chosen man, Demetrius. In response, Egeus quotes before Theseus an ancient Athenian law whereby a daughter must marry the suitor chosen by her father, or else face death. Theseus does not want this young girl to die, and offers her another choice, lifelong chastity worshipping Diana as a nun. (The word 'nun' in this sense is an anachronism.)

Hermia and her lover Lysander decide to elope by escaping through the forest at night. Hermia informs her best friend Helena, but Helena has recently been rejected by Demetrius and decides to win back his favour by revealing the plan to him. Demetrius, followed doggedly by Helena, chases Hermia. Hermia and Lysander, believing themselves safely out of reach, sleep in the woods.

Meanwhile, Oberon, king of the fairies, and his queen, Titania, arrive in the forest outside Athens. Titania tells Oberon that she plans to stay there until after she has attended Theseus and Hippolyta's wedding. Oberon and Titania are estranged because Titania refuses to give her Indian changeling to Oberon for use as his "knight" or "henchman," since the child's mother was one of Titania's worshippers. Oberon seeks to punish Titania's disobedience and recruits the mischievous Puck (also called Hobgoblin and Robin Goodfellow) to help him apply a magical juice from a flower called "love-in-idleness" (a.k.a. pansy), which makes the victim fall in love with the first living thing seen upon awakening. He instructs Puck to retrieve the flower so that he can make Titania fall in love with some vile creature of the forest. Oberon applies the juice to Titania in order to distract her and force her to give up the page-boy.

Having seen Demetrius act cruelly toward Helena, Oberon orders Puck to spread some of the elixir on the eyelids of the young Athenian man. Instead, Puck accidentally puts the juice on the eyes of Lysander, who then falls in love with Helena. Oberon sees Demetrius still following Hermia and is enraged. When Demetrius decides to go to sleep, Oberon sends Puck to get Helena while he charms Demetrius' eyes. Due to Puck's errors, both lovers now fight over Helena instead of Hermia. Helena, however, is convinced that her two suitors are mocking her, as neither loved her originally. The four pursue and quarrel with each other most of the night, until they become so enraged that they seek a place to duel each other to the death to settle the quarrel. Oberon orders Puck to keep the lovers from catching up with one another in the forest and to re-charm Lysander for Hermia, to prevent them all from killing each other.

Meanwhile, a band of lower-class labourers ("rude mechanicals", as they are famously described by Puck) have arranged to perform a crude play about Pyramus and Thisbe for Theseus' wedding, and venture into the forest, near Titania's bower, for their rehearsal. Nick Bottom, a stage-struck weaver, is spotted by Puck, who transforms his head into that of an ass (donkey). Titania is awakened by Bottom's singing and immediately falls in love with him. She treats him like a nobleman and lavishes him with attention. While in this state of devotion, she encounters Oberon and casually gives him the Indian boy. Having achieved his goals, Oberon releases Titania and orders Puck to remove the ass's head from Bottom. The magical enchantment is removed from Lysander but is allowed to remain on Demetrius, so that he may reciprocate Helena's love.

The fairies then disappear, and Theseus and Hippolyta arrive on the scene, during an early morning hunt. They wake the lovers and, since Demetrius doesn't love Hermia anymore, Theseus over-rules Egeus's demands and arranges a group wedding. The lovers decide that the night's events must have been a dream. After they all exit, Bottom awakes, and he too decides that he must have experienced a dream "past the wit of man." In Athens, Theseus, Hippolyta and the lovers watch the mechanicals perform "Pyramus and Thisbe." It is ridiculous and badly performed but gives everyone pleasure regardless, and afterward everyone retires to bed. Finally, as night falls, Oberon and Titania bless the house, its occupants, and the future children of the newlyweds, and Puck delivers a soliloquy to the audience.

Shakespeare explains a key concept of love which struck me. In the play, where Demetrius is still under the effects of the love potion while everything goes back to normal again. He said "Are you sure we are awake? It seems to me that yet we sleep, we dream". Think about it. Isn't love like a dream to you? When you are in love, nothing else matters except the one you love. I had similar feelings like that. Nothing, not even your best friend mattered to you. You're living in a world of your own, a world where you and whoever you love are the only residents there. It feels fantastic. It's a great feeling to love and be loved.

However, when that someone breaks up with you or you decide that you don't love that someone anymore, it brings you back to reality. And you come down crashing. Hard. Suddenly you're back in a world where everything seemed so crystal clear to you again. Don't believe me, think about what I've written when you're in a relationship and if it falls apart (Hopefully not), after the relationship. Then when you fall back in love again, the whole process repeats itself.

The amazing thing is, MSND is timeless. It does not just wear away with time. What Shakespeare wrote still happens in our lives. I don't know how Shakespeare does it, but what he wrote shocked me, despite it being simple quotes such as:

"Love is perjured everywhere"

"Love looks not with the eye but with the mind"

"Love is said to be a child, because in choices he is so oft beguiled"

"The course of true love never did run smooth"

A few hundred years down the road, all of these which I mentioned still revolves around our lives. People change throughout the ages, I think, but these priniciples and points of view still stands. All these questions and themes about Love intrigues me everytime I read it. Love is such a mysterious thing, and we humans often tend to fall deep into her traps. If only I can put all of these into my lit essays. It would do soooo much help.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Kindred Spirits!


Well, what can I say? Kindred Spirits will be one of the most memorable concerts I have ever been to. The performance was awesome, there were surprises, there were moments where you wish they would have an encore performance and there were moments that you wish that time would freeze at that particular moment. The emcees were brilliant and funny, with Emu, Mahdi and all. The dance crew that performed had so much energy, especially the breakers. I felt damn jealous as I'm also trying to learn but I'm still at the basics. It would take a really long time before I can do all those freezes and stuff.

Sat with Max during the first half of the show as I was late and I almost sat beside this old lady before Max called me. Saw TY, Brij, Karthik and Shant and other familiar faces. Oh yeah, the CHIJ dance was sexy. Really sexy. Those dancers are freaking flexible and I realized that my mouth was half open after their item. Haha. Met up with Samantha, Lizzi and Peter during the interval and sat with them on the 2nd level.

The performance during the 2nd half was not as good as the first half, but I had loads of surprises. Firstly, I didn't know that my RME teacher can sing pretty well and my HOL is a guitar god. Haha. Jerome's singing is fantastic but the other band's performance was a little bit boring. The concert ended on a high note and I was pretty much high from the concert and the people whom I met there.

It's been a really busy week with me studying for common tests and stuff, I was doing Geometric Properties of Circles until I went crazy and wanted to just throw my freaking math textbook out the window. I'm not really good at Geometry as it's this topic where you have to really stare at the diagram until you get sick of it. And DT said that video games make teenagers violent... Wait till I really go bonkers during her math class and start throwing calculators around. Studied Geography and Biology this week too. Sigh... I hate the new timetable. You have no breaks/ slack lessons from wednesday to friday. Why can't we have a 10 minute break after every 50 minutes of lessons just like St Paul's in HK?

Thank god there is the concert to help me relax. In fact, this concert got me so hyped that I couldn't sleep well at night. I woke up at three a.m with a million thoughts in my head. This shows that school is really taking its toll on me. And on one of the million thoughts that appeared in my mind was this girl, one whom I met during the concert. I shouldn't name who, but you know my heart was beating like crazy when I saw her. I'm not sure what to do, or what I can do. However, I know that something must be done because it stinks to feel this way. As much as I want to date a girl, there's always this voice inside of me that says "Study first" or "What is it that you have which will make someone fall in love with you? Better learn something that will impress the girls first". All these thoughts are rushing through my head and I don't know what to do. You try to ignore it but it just keeps coming back.

I'll end this post with something good that happened to me this week. I actually got level 10 for my HSK exam. I can even go to this top university in Shanghai for 10 days with the other top scorers. The expenses are all paid except for the tickets. Big bonus for me. The highest level that someone can get is level 11. Furthermore, this exam is taken back to Beijing for marking and the results are then emailed back to Singapore. With this certificate, I can become a primary school chinese teacher. Lolz. Anyway, I'm really satisfied with my results and this is a booster for me to study even harder.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Labour Amouris

Labour Amouris rocks! I must admit that the SJI guitar ensemble kicks ass after two years. The songs there were beautiful. I love every single bit of it. It was a shame that majority of the sec 3s didn't go. Only me, Paolo and Paolo's friend attended. Jason was the host with some chio bu on stage. Lucky dude... Haha. Anyway I screamed encore until my voice turned sore. The SJI Alumni duo was particularly excellent. This was the song they played. and they played almost exactly like the video, except with classical guitars.

This song is called "Start" by the Japanese Duo called Depapepe. Excellent song. Loved it every single bit. Oh yeah, I also loved the performance by the SJI Senior Ensemble, especially the "El Cumbanchero". And I saw my guitar teacher conducting the IJTP Guitar Ensemble band! Mr Shi the Playmaker! Hahaa!

This will be the last time I will be watching Labour Amouris as it is only held once every two years. However, this concert is one of the most memorable ones I've watched. SJI, CJC and IJTP Guitar Ensemble left a deep impression on me. You all rock!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Stuff That's Been Happening

I'm glad that this week is over. It marks the end of my Mother Tongue O'Levels exam and my ABRSM Grade 3 Guitar Exam too. It's been stressful this week with the physics MYAA and Math Project. Andreas couldn't finish the final part of the project so I had to complete the rest. And there were loads to do, because most of my group member's research were not too user-friendly. I had to tell them to re-submit and I had to summarise everything and complete the project in 90 minutes. I managed to do it, although I'm not too optimistic about the marks as I did it in a rush. Anyway, one major thing cleared off my list.

Second thing was the O'Levels Mother Tongue Oral Examinations. It's a strictly no-play, 100% serious attitude and focus as I only get one chance. One single chance. My heart was beating really fast before the exam, as I thought that I was really unprepared for it. I was the last guy to take the exam, but fortunately and by God's Grace, I did not have really long pauses like the practises I had with Mr Lee and I sounded quite confident. Although I will never know the results of my O'Level Oral Marks, I hope for the best. Another thing off my list.

Thirdly, there was my ABRSM Guitar Exam. London-based music exam which is really important to me as firstly, I paid alot for the exams and furthermore, I won't get a second chance again I think. However, I was freaking nervous and my fingers felt numb. That's why I made some mistakes in the playing part and the scales part. I made some mistakes on the Aural Part too. Oh shoot.... I seriously hope that I can pass my exam. Then I'm one step closer to a new guitar, and I can move on to higher grades. I seriously love my Maestro E-1 and guitar. All I can do is hope for the best for the results.

Well, that was quite a hectic week isn't it? It's not over yet. I still got loads to catch up on my studies. "Light and Heat" topic on Physics, "Ionic And Covalent Bonding" for chemistry, "Trigonometry and Revision of Angle Properties of Circles" for Math as I really stink in Geometry. I feel frustrated by just staring at the circles. Every week is busy for me. Even the next week's busy as well. No wonder Mr Chin said that this is a busy term. How right he was. And I have to host students from Suzhou, China for 4 days as part of my exchange program. They're coming this sunday. Thank goodness that it's 4 days only.

However, life do has its pleasant surprise for me. Firstly, we got a new English teacher whose name I shall not mention since I know that SJI teachers actually DO check blogs related to school and I don't want them to accidentally "bump" into this one. All I can say that I love english now. Insiders should know what I mean. Secondly, this really fierce teacher actually said something good about me in her form class. You know, her voice is really cold, and it sends shivers up my spine. You know, I'm ok with people yelling and shouting at us, but her voice reminds me of a cold-blooded creature. So that was quite encouraging.

In order to relax and enjoy myself, I'm going to replace PC games with exercise and music. Furthermore, I've found a even better source of exercise and entertainment. I'm trying to learn how to Breakdance. I realised that it's a very good form of exercise and you learn really cool stuff as well. I'm going to become a B-Boy in training soon. I learn all my stuff from the internet, but I have to do some personal training as well to execute some of their moves. Hopefully I can be able to do a Nike and Freezes in 2-3 months. Look out for that! Haha.

Monday, July 7, 2008


How many times in life, or how often, do you come face to face with a crossroad in life? A crossroad which forces you to make difficult choices, for you to disappoint some people whom trusted you the most again and again, in order to pull you through personal challenges? How many times are you asked to/ forced to give up on the team just to fufill your personal achievements? ABRSM Guitar Grade 3 is important, as there won't be a second time. O Level Mother Tongue Oral is important, as there won't be a second time. Match on Wednesday is also important, as I cannot imagine the level of trust between me and the team now since I missed almost every training. If I missed that too, I can't imagine what's going to happen.

At this point of time I guess we all have to choose. It's a very difficult choice to make for me, although some of you may see the answer straight away. Coincidence? Not really, since it happened more than once. Stressed? Completely. God I just want to make it through this week. Try to make me add colours to my own life and paint my canvas of gray with colours brighter than anyone else's. Give me strength for my O Level Mother Tongue Oral, and also for the match tomorrow. I must admit that I've lost loads of my rugby skills and confidence, but I'm going to get it back. Bit by bit. It's a tough road, but I just need Your help in this journey. Amen.

I'll make it through this week. I'm sure I will.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Angel In Disguise

Angel In Disguise

by Corrinne May

album: Safe in a Crazy World (2005)

I woke up this morning feeling kind of blue
and I stumbled out of bed and
dragged my feet across the room
Right outside my front door was a rose
and a note that said 'Somebody Loves You'
Oh~ But out on the street it starts to pour
and before I get soaking wet,
A total stranger runs to give me
the jacket off his back
I turn around to thank him
But he waves me with a smile
And I can hardly believe my eyes
He puts on a halo and starts to fly
Take a look at the ordinary
Don't need to look for Paradise
You could be next to
an angel in disguise
I met a good friend for lunch
and we had a delicious meal
But I forgot to bring my wallet
I felt like an imbecile
But she was sweet, she gave me a treat and
Bought me a chicken sandwich
To take home for tea
Oh~ But out on the street with nothing to eat
A man and his shopping cart go
Travelling to places
Collecting social graces
I give him my sandwich
and we chatter for a while
I see a rainbow wash over his eyes
He gives me his halo and
I start to fly
Take a look at the ordinary
Don't need to look for Paradise
You could be next to
an angel in disguise
Don't try to hide away from me
I know you're by my side
Take a look at the ordinary
Don't need to look at Paradise
You could be next to
an angel in disguise
Everyday can be legendary
Every minute, an endless surprise
You could be the next angel in disguise
I woke up this morning
Feeling kind of new

Perhaps.... That I've been trying my best to give halos to others and make them fly that I forget that sometimes, I too, need halos when I feel blue. Perhaps.. I should try to notice and be more observant, and spot all these Angels in Disguise around me, waiting for me to reach out to them and for them to reach out to me too.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I once promised myself:

"Never Hesitate To Reach Out To People in Need, just because you're afraid to be different".

So far I have done that, but there's a burning question inside me.

"When you're in need, who's gonna reach out to you?"

Although the place I go to is considered a third home for me, I just feel so left out inside. I may appear unfriendly and cold towards you, but did you ever think that I stay away because I'm afraid of the fact that I can't fit in? Have you ever thought that I appear anti-social just because I don't know the correct way to communicate, that's why I often say things which don't make sense or don't speak at all.

I may leave early everytime, but everytime I leave early something inside me hurts. I wanna stay, but even if I did, I'll be some spectator. I want to reach out to others, but who's gonna reach out to me when I felt that being me is so tiring?

It's hard that in school some people try to screw around with your life and yet you do not screw up theirs. It's even harder that you have to bear it all alone. Maybe I'm too enthusiatic about everything, but please, do not kill off my enthusiasm because killing that means you're draining away the love and energy inside a person.

Sometimes my intentions are good. It's just the way I present it stinks. I really hope that someone out there can understand that.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Current Affairs

Yes, loads of things has piled up on me since the 1st week of school and it hasn't seemed to stop. I have to study for two topical tests next week, practise Math so that I will not forget what the relieve teacher taught me, which is really alot, do weight training and exercise at least 3 times a week since now my dad has grounded me from training plus the loads of homework the many teachers left for us. Despite the busy, week, it had its own surprises and happiness for me.

Firstly, I'm really glad that the Farewell Party for Ms Goh went well. A big thanks to Ryan Cheng, who ordered and paid for the pizzas and everyone else for writing their personal message for her, although these hugry-ghost incarnates didn't leave a single slice of pie for me. Haha. I also want to thank the class committee members who was a great help in organising the party. It is sad for us to see Ms Goh leave, and I hope that she will get used to her new environment in SCGS, which is... NEXT DOOR! This means that I have a chance to meet many SCGS gals as we would all ask her to introduce some for us. Hahaaha. We know that's not gonna happen but it's all something which she will remember us by. Thank You Ms Goh for really helping us to overcome our problem with Literature and making us develop a passion for the subject. It's sad to see you go, but I'm sure that everyone's happy for you and wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts. Remember that the "gentlemen" of 3G2-2 will remember you always. Bon Voyage!

Second Thing which went well today was the presentation for the Chinese Dining Etiquette. Even though we had to speak to the Sec 1s, I still felt very nervous when I stepped in front. Thank God that Me and Max managed to attract the attention of the audience and they were not really restless as comapred to the Sec 4s. Hahaha. However, there are still some points which we can improve on and hopefully the presentation next year will be better. It's just a few minor mistakes, we did a pretty good job by making the sec 1s focus. Public speaking isn't that scary after all. It's beginning to be quite fun actually.

However, that's not the end of my task. I still have to work on my PSF project on the 18th july, hosting for the Suzhou Students on 27th July and mug really hard for my exams. Sigh, beginning of the term and I'm already so tired. I need "Redbull For The Soul".

LLTC Finale

That day was a really short day. It started with our run again, but this time it was held in school due to a lightning alert. We were supposed to run five rounds around the school and do 20 push-ups, situps and star jumps after each round. Sadly, most of my group members didn't have the motivation to do so after a night's work and the lack of sleep. I tried to motivate myself and them but in the end I only succeeded in one item. After that was a long series of lecture from Kenny and Brother Michael. I shall not elaborate more on that, except that all of us were yearning to go home and some of us were a little emo as we all don't wanna leave the camp.

I want to mention in particular the closing ceremony. The atmosphere was really solemn and reflective as we read our Personal Mission Statements and the final affirmation by Brother Michael as he pinned the LLTC badge for us in person. I felt really honoured to do that as Bro Mike is one of the best teachers I have ever met and I really respect him. It was then I became a graduate of LLTC. However, this, is just the starting of the journey, a journey which will probably last till the day I die. I want to make sure that when I cross the finish line, I will be proud to say that my journey is one that is filled with dreams and hopes. I hope that I can look back at my life again and compare it with my mission statement and say "I've left a legacy of my own in the world, and it's not about how much zeroes I have in my back account".

The camp ended with Banglarobics and the screams of SJI International people saying "MONDAY NO SCHOOL" and SJI People saying " MONDAY PON SCHOOL!" I had half a mind to pon school myself, as I needed time to catch up on my sleep. So thank you all for those who have survived the extra-long post about my LLTC and I really hope that you enjoyed it. Ciao! I'll end the post off with some songs which I heard during the camp.

Pete Murray: Opportunity

Jordin Sparks: This Is My Now

Jars Of Clay: Waiting For The World To Fall

Lighthouse Family: Free (Turn Up Your Speakers For This One)

Corrinne May: Angel In Disguise (The song is repeated once here)

And finally, some Banglarobics from the movie Kaal Ho Naa Ho. may I present....

MAHIVE! It means "O, My Love" in Tamil. I've been trying to learn this dance though and do some kind of choreography with my friends. I bet the energy of the dance will touch everyone's hearts. Ciao!