Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2008 has been an eventful year, filled with laughter, disappointment, betrayal, epiphanies, sadness and love. It's been such a rollercoster that I find it difficult to accept the fact that a new year is coming. A new beginning? Hope so. I won't welcome this year with open arms, but I'll still hope for the best, even if hurdles are put in my way. "God don't move the mountains, but give me strength to climb them". This is a truly inspirational statement from the movie "Pursuit of Happyness".

Let 2009 unleash its surprises and disasters, I will take them all in my stride. Let 2009 bring out a different side of me. As the New Year comes, I would still like to make dedications to certain groups of people who walked with me in the year 2008.


Meeting you guys is definately one of the best things in 2008. We laughed, worked and played together. As we move on to our final year, let's stick together and overcome the highest hurdle in our secondary school lives. Each and every one of you means a lot to me. Let's go guys, the final sprint is coming. Let's not be one of the last few to finish it.

HSK People:

Guess I emphasized on the point of how special this group of people to me in my previous posts already. Call me sentimental or anything you want, but I just wanna say: Time may wash away the memories, but I'll do my best to keep them anchored firmly inside my head. If it fails, there's still pictures to help me recollect the memories. It's insane to live in your memories but it's nice thinking about stuff like these once in awhile.

Rugby Dudes:

Hey I really do hope to play side by side with you in our last year. I really did try my best. Hope you still remember me when this whole thing is over. Josephians rule man.... Haha

Monday, December 29, 2008

HSK BBQ Gathering

I've been waiting for this day ever since I came back. I couldn't even sleep well the previous night due to anticipation. Haha. I guess part of me still wishes to live in the Shanghai days. Many people turned up that day, I got to see all those who didn't turn up for the steamboat gathering. It's a pity that Zai Wei, Charles and the others can't make it.

Reached Tampines MRT at 4:10pm. This is what you get when you think that Tampines is just a 30 minute MRT ride away. I was really glad to see them again. The whole group radiates happiness, a feeling which gradually started to turn its back on me since Sec 3. I can't describe how happy I was to see them again. Played basketball with Boon Tiong, Cai Miao and Wei Qi (Hope I spelt her name correctly) while Junjie and the others played with some guys at the CC. Playing with Boon Tiong is just plain funny and I played the whole game with some of Julia's cookies stuck in my throat. Her cookies were delicious! Just not suitable to eat them before playing.

After playing was slacking and stoning. I played cards with Cai Miao, Thomas, Cheng Teng. I got owned. I just put one card down and lost. I also remember laughing at Thomas for his sick mind. Thomas was extra gay that day. The first thing he saw in a newspaper was "Sex and Cheerleaders". I don't know what was that about, but the fact that the first thing Thomas noticed was that, proves alot of things. Lolz. Wen Xin came over later wearing heels. That's gotta hurt considering she came over from Malaysia.

After we reached Sabrina's house it was just hours and hours of retarded things. The girls were sitting on some sort of "merry-go-round" thing in the playground and we just help push the thing . My feet still hurt after all that pushing. The guys got a ride on that too, with Thomas pushing and it resulted in Si Jun falling off the ride. Boon Tiong was covering people's face with charcoal and Thomas was... shaking his butt in the playground. It's a pity I didn't take a video of that. The food was delicious, but I was stuffed full quickly. Spent the rest of the night talking to Jing Rong, Alvin, Cai Miao and Sabrina while we tried to cook the remaining Sotong balls and Chicken Wing. It was around 10 plus already. Was planning to go home myself but Chang Long was nice to offer me a ride in his parents car. Saved me alot of time, but I still reached home at 11:30pm. By then my dad was asleep already.

Strange thing is, after I came back from the BBQ, I got the same familiar feeling like my last day in Shanghai. No I wasn't the first to leave but I just want to stay with them for a little while more, even if it's just sitting there silently. It's too bad that my school reopens on friday while the others start school one week later or in February. It's kinda sad that we're all going to be terribly busy after school reopens. I hope that I still can keep the memories inside my head even as I'm preparing for my O'Levels. They're all special to me, every single one of them.

These songs, are more than just music and lyrics to me. They're pieces of wonderful memories given to me by very special people.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beserk Mode

These few days I've been doing my holiday homework and training. I have just completed the report on the "Famous Battles Of The Three Kingdoms". 11 pages with images and hell lots of text. It's strange that I actually enjoy that. Perhaps it takes my mind off certain things. Now I'm moving on to Differentiation worksheet and my Commonwealth Essay. Now I realise my holiday homework is really very little. Not too tough. Looks like I can celebrate Christmas at ease now.

Today is the last training of the year. The Old Boys prepared something special for us. It's one of the most extreme form of Physical Training that I have encountered
since I joined Rugby. It's something like this:

For all those who are SJI students know that between the Raffles Town Club bus stop and Tanglin CC bus stop are two overhead bridges. Our starting point is at Tanglin CC bus stop. We must sprint across the overhead bridge to the RTC bus stop, sprint across to the next bridge opposite Tanglin CC and finally back to the Tanglin CC bus stop. It sounds easy but going up and down the bridge again really stretches your thigh muscles to the limit. We have to complete 6 rounds of that. Tiring, but it feels good after the whole thing is done. At least I pushed myself and I managed to have a consistent timing.

After that was this long water break and this weird physical session which involves piggy-backing your team mates for 100m. It was damn funny and damn fun at the same time. After which there was a match. Sounds serious but it was one of the most fun matches I ever played. There were loads of laughter because of TY's trick and the crude humour of the SJI old boys. I'm really glad they trained with us. I managed to tackle Kiat! Haha. It was an awesome training. I had fun. That's the whole point of it all , I guess.

Random stuff:

I really hope I can go out for dinner with the HSK people. I really miss them loads after the trip. I'll persuade my parents and chiong my homework, whatever it takes to allow me to go.

My muscles hurt like crap after the physical training on monday. It's going to be worse when I wake up tomorrow.

I just had Mega-McSpicy for dinner just now. Hopefully nothing will happen to me when I "sign contract" tomorrow. Haha.

End of Random stuff. Ciao!

Sunday, December 14, 2008



Saturday, December 13, 2008







I watched Twilight today with Peter, Samantha, Hillary , Myles and Bryan. For all those who read the book, the movie may be a little disappointment for you. Oh yeah, I have just discovered that Sneak Preview means the movie without subtitles and stuff. This means that I can watch many movies before the official release date! I'm sure most of you already know what a "sneak preview" is. No poking fun at my late understanding. Haha.

I've started on the Chinese holiday assignment, which is a good thing because I want to finish my homework as quickly as possible. Still got Training and Camp Comm meetings. My holidays are gone....

Friday, December 12, 2008


Amidst my emo-ing and post-shanghai depression, I've been struck by a wave of inspirations. Mike always wanted to see me write poems. I'm not sure whether what I've written in my previous post was a poem or not, but it's still something that struck me one night. It happened tonight too, I was talking to my parents about doughnuts, and suddenly something I said brought about another wave of inspiration to write something. It still needs abit of editing before I can post it up.

These few days I've been working on my chinese project and watching Miyazaki's films at the same time. I watched "Grave Of The Fireflies" the other day and it really made me so sad, to the point where I thought of just holding that someone in my arms and never let go. Weird feeling for a movie like that, but I'm in love with Miyazaki. I'm currently watching "Howl's Moving Castle", and I'll move on to "Spirited Away". What a way to spend my holidays. Haha

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008




选自几米, 《你们我们他们〉