Friday, November 23, 2007

Farewell Hong Kong

I will never never go to two exchange programs again. It's difficult to forget every exchange program you go because you leave regrets with you every single time. It took me days to get over my Beijing exchange program. It's difficult. Now I have to go through the same pain again to get over my Hong Kong exchange program. It's sad to part with all your friends in Hong Kong. These few days have passed by so quickly and very soon I will have to bid farewell to you guys again. So a big thank-you to:

Kebrina (Big Big thanks to you)
Johnny (Thanks for cracking me up. I'll really miss you dude, You Kao Lui)
Jasmine ( Chen Yong Xue)
Max (Thanks for buying lunch for me!)
Samuel (It's been cool knowing you)
Keith (Tse Lik-Hang tag on my tagboard)
Lloyd (I'll miss you dude)
Ernest (You should give me your IPOD touch)
Simon (Chiu yam-dong!)
Alice (Australian Exchange Student)
Patrick Cambridge (Australian Exchange Student)
Victoria (Australian exchange student)
Henna (Australian Exchange Student)
Karen (Speaks chinese with a taiwanese accent! I won't forget you la)
Lau Meng (Owe me a song on your violin, you diploma-grade)
Tai Zi
The girls and the other guys who were on the same group with me in Nansha, sorry if I had forgotten your name, but thank you anyway. We got first in Orienteering thanks to the Group Members of Group 7.

Thank you Nansha for leaving such a deep impression on me. I have learnt much about you through the study trip and I will miss looking at the stars at night and also to appreciate your beauty.

A BIG thanks to the hosting family. Thank you so much for your hospitality for me and thanks alot for taking care of me these 12 days. Thanks to Tse Tin-Hang, who brightens my day with his smile and also his "killing chicken". I wish you all the best in the future and I see great potential in your violin.

Leaving this place will be painful for me, but I will be able to get over it. I hope some of you will visit Singapore one day. If not, I may come to Hong Kong next year too. Bye SPCC, it's been cool visiting you. I hope we can meet again sometimes.


Lik-hang said...

Haha, nope =]
Have a safe ride back to Singapore and keep in touch ^^

Elki said...

The time being with you is great=] and it is my pleasure meeting you. You are the first singaporean i knew!!!
Your lovely smile and learning-chinese-times are gonna stay in my heart forever=] and i enjoyed having such a nice frd like you in our group.teehee xD
Keep in touch.