Friday, October 19, 2007

ACE Camp-Part 4

Today is the last day of ACE Camp! I was one of the earliest to wake up. I woke up at 6:30. 1 hour later than my usual time. Same thing, breakfast, assembly, and the last activity for the day was orienteering.

Orienteering was a really light activity which requires you to find your checkpoints using a compass and a map. The first team to arrive gets to water-bomb the rest. The checkpoints are quite a challenge, considering the fact that the stamps for each checkpoint is hidden very nicely. You need to be very observant in order to find your the stamps. What really fustrated me was the road block by the ACE leaders. The road block is a situation like this.

Road block: I was playing with my toy robots that day, and when my mother called for me, I left in a hurry and forgot where I placed them. I can only remember the bearing and the distance of the toy robots from the house. The toy robots are placed in a position of 248 degrees and 23-25m away from the house. Can you locate the position of the toy robots?

That challenge took us more than 30mins. It was really difficult to find the correct spot. But we did it in the end. However, we were ranked no.4 and got bombarded by the 1st overall team. It was lucky that I'm wearing a dri-fit shirt and also the fact that I only got hit on my sleeve. Hence concludes the last activity.

We went back to our tents to pack, secured our tents and placed our bags at the top of the hill while we waited for the bus. Lunch was "Ramly's burgers". Who would have thought that a burger from a local night-market would have tasted so good? Force ORA was the second force to board the bus. We waved to the canteen operators and our instructors, singing the songs we sung at the campfire. I will definately miss ACE Kluang as it changed me from a boy to a man. Something tells me that I will be going back next year as ACE Leader.

We reached SJI at about 4pm. It feels kinda weird sitting in the canteen peacefully without chasing flies away from the table. ACE Camp has been memorable. Thank you Kluang.


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