Saturday, August 30, 2008

Video Post

I won't post about my crappy results, since there is nothing else I can say about it. All I will do is to study harder than before. It's my only way out. Lately I have been learning some dance moves and some guitar solos. I will share the videos with all of you who is reading my blog. Share the love y'all.

1st one is a tutorial to the sick and awesome kickup/rewind from Step Up 2. Sorry the video can't be embed. I'll give you the link. It's a really awesome move to include in dancing.

The second one is a guitar solo called "Innocent" by Joe Hisashi. It was the theme song for "Laputa- Castle In The Sky" directed by Hayao Miyazaki. Great theme song from an even better anime. I'm trying to learn this song. Not too difficult but still needs practice. Oh, a guitar update. I've just passed my Grade 3 ABRSM exam. Which means I'm certified Grade 3 now. Kinda obvious isn't it. It was really a happy moment for me. 2 more grades to a new guitar. Check out the beautiful solo here.

The third one is from one of my favourite dance crew, is the Korean crew called Gamblerz. Check out their dance and you will know why they kick ass.

Of course, the only contender I think can match Gamblerz is....


I hope I can dance like them... although that will never happen in a million years. Still, I enjoy watching their videos again and again. They're just so dang good that their dance looks just like what they say about their crew. "A Figment Of Your Imagination"

This is a deleted scene from Step Up 2:

From the "Monsters Of Hip-Hop" show in LA 2008:

Hope you enjoy the Videos! Ciaoz!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nothing Can Explain the Grief in My Heart

After 5 days of jungle and away from civillization, I'm glad to say that I have came back from OBS in one piece. Alright maybe not one piece but still alive. I guess that OBS is a place where I will bring back loads of fond memories despite living in harsh conditions with a devil wearing sneakers. Yes, the devil's name is called Bernard. Said he was a Lieutenant in the Army before. He is very strict, but he's a great guy who knows how to handle a bunch of low-morale people with little motivation.

I shall not do what I did the last time where I have to do an ultra long post. Instead, I would just briefly summarise the highlights of the camp. I'm sure most of you are tired of reading my posts which is long enough to stretch from the start to beyond the tagboard.

One thing I've learnt in OBS was to challenge myself. I realized that my limit is way beyond what I think it is. For example, we had to do a more than 8km Land Expedition which covers one end of Pulau Ubin to the other with bags weighing at least 15-20kg. We walked from 9am-5:40pm and were the last group to reach the campsite. I'll elaborate on that point later. My shoulders were aching, and both my backside and my inner thigh areas has serious abrasions. It hurts so much that I couldn't even walk like a normal person. I had to crab-walk for that night and I was covered with mosquito bites, sandfly bites, ant bites, and some other insect bites all over my leg and arms. Thank goodness that the campsite was near the beach and it was windy and comfortable at night.

Sea Expedition was next on our list. We had to kayak from our campsite to Chek Jawa, go around it to opposite Johor and finally back to our base camp. It was the most gruelling expedition ever. Kayaking in the sea was a very difficult thing as you are strained mentally when you think that you covered a great distance until you see another great stretch of water. We had to kayak through 2 storms. It was at that point of time that I started singing to take my mind of physical pain and to lift my morale. It actually worked and I felt so dang energized that I told Daniel who is the front man to stop rowing and I started rowing the two-man kayak by myself. Exciting stuff. We managed to reach the camp in just 5 hours and we saw a rainbow after the storm. It was really beautiful.

Besides that, we got a chance to stay up a hill near Camp 1, which is the nicest OBS base camp ever with the most high-class facilities. The Inverse Tower, which is the high elements activity. I must mention here that I have a fear of heights. So when I first cleared the rock wall my legs were shaking with fear because everyone looked so small there. I had to wait for my friend afterwards as we were supposed to go up together. I waited there for more than 10 minutes and gotten used to the altitude. Later I had to climb up the tyres up to the rope ladder. The ropes strained every inch of my muscles but my friend was still below. I told my belayer to let me down so that I can teach him how to climb up the tyres which was really shaky. Well, he couldn't complete the challenge and I went up alone. It was uber fun.

I want to thank Bernard our instructor for teaching us many things a being there as a friend and mentor for us. This post is titled with your favourite quote which you always say whenever you see us. Although we have endured hell from you for the first 3 days, you moulded us into a team that was stronger and more efficient than everyone else.

I also want to thank our team members which includes (Not in any order):

Yohanes Lim
Tim Tan
Zhi Hao
Yohanes Augustine
Dao Han
Zi Ran

Thanks for making this camp interesting and funny. It is because of us that Columbus is unique.

I came to OBS wanting to leave, and left OBS with something that will stay with me forever.

To Serve, To Strive and Not To Yield!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blisters on My Feet

I said I would post pictures of a better nike than the previous one. So here I am. It's still not very good, but I think it's much better than the previous one I did.

Although my body is still not fully turned, At least the position of my legs are a little better. Check out the other one:

My left hand is in a really strange place. But I think this is a nice one too.

Practising Nike Freeze has left me with blisters on my leg. It hurts like hell everytime I do it. Arghh... Maybe I should stop for awhile and practise my footworks. Hopefully one day my Nike Freeze would be as good as Selva. I got this picture off Matthias's facebook. Here it is:

Anyway, OBS on monday. Should be fun considering I need a break after the stupid common tests. I have trouble packing. My bag is going to burst anytime, and I still have to make room for a pair of sandals, sports shoes, trash bags, and toiletries. This is the part where I dislike camping. The packing sucks. Furthermore, I still have to wake up dang early tomorrow and head to punggol jetty. PUNGGOL. I stay in Queenstown. That is so freaking far. Nevermind, when Life gives you lemons, you suck it. Haha. Looking forward to see all of you in OBS tomorrow!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Just when I thought I would get some slack, I'm wrong. OBS Singapore next week. Five days of outdoor activity. I'm not sure I'm really excited about it. The enthusiasm about things have been disappearing recently. Not good... Anyway, I only got my AMath result today. 1/2 more mark to A1. It's a good improvement since Mid year when I only got 50 something. Furthermore, I studied that dang subject all by myself. No need for tuition, no need to go through the trouble of having one "trial lesson" after another. Honestly I'm sick and tired of it. Loads of practising really helped. Hope that other subjects can compensate for my EMath which is a confirm GG gone case. 10+ marks gone.

I'm learning some footworks for my breakdance now. I only know the 6-step and the 4-step, combined with some random stuff that I add in along the way. I hope my nike freeze is better than the last time, I have been trying and trying and trying, and viewing tutorial videos until I got sick of it. I hope to break with Selva and Matthias next time if I have the chance. Esplanade looks like a good place to practise. Arghh I need more muscle to do all those moves.... Training time!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Exam Fever

Mugging, Mugging, Mugging. It's driving me up the wall. The only thing I would be looking forward to is my B'day next Saturday. although mom and dad had already gave me my early B'day present, The MotoKrzr. Cool phone with a really small screen. Haha. Love it. At least it has bluetooth as compared to my 2.5 year old Nokia 6020. Before I leave to continue with my mugging I shall entertain you all with my attempt at Nike. Here it goes:

My face looks really screwed. Arghh I need some professional help for my Nike... It's driving me crazeh. The passion for learning has met with strong resistance.... Shoot. Wish me luck for the upcoming Common Tests next week. Ciao.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 100th Post

Happy 100th post blog. It's the first time my blog ever reached 100 posts. My previous one was about 50+ or 60+, but I deleted it because I felt confused and my blog was full of shit and vulgarities. Dark times, those were. And I never want to look back at it again. Not one single bit of it.

Anyway, life's been really busy right now. Exam is two weeks later, and thankfully my B'day falls on a saturday 16/08/08 instead of a wednesday where I usually have exams on that day. This gives me more time to celebrate it instead of mugging my butt off at home. I tried to de-stress on friday by playing soccer and touch rugby all afternoon on friday. Was quite tiring and relaxing even though I sucked at soccer. But it was a surprise though that I realised that I can do half a nike. Only half. Selva said it looked kinda like one. I have half a nike more to learn. Haha. Difficult stuff. It's hard to balance on one hand while your feet is in a "nike" shape. Gotta practise more handstands and two-handed nikes before going on a one-handed one. Meanwhile I'll just practise how to do swipes.

Alright... back to mugging. Update you all later.