Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Back!

I came back from Beijing yesterday, had no time and energy to blog, so hence this post today. Streaming results.... Got into 335. Quite a good class in my opinion. The exchange program had been really fun and I learnt lots of stuff. A big thank-you to Mr Heng, Mr Alan Johnson, 于水老师,all the teachers who accompanied us to the tourist hotspots, Jerald, Thomas, Aloysious, Max, Rubin, TY, Caleb, Wen Jian, Roy, Si Jun, our beijing hosts. Special thanks to 初二。五班 , espacially 小雪,谢谢你的礼物。我相信它们一定会为我带来好运的。我会好好珍惜的。 Thanks to 吴逸达 for his 葫芦。I will miss Beijing No 8 Middle School and something tells me that I will be going back and visit them next time.

You may ask "Why do I thank a girl named 小雪 so much?" It's a secret... So I will only say this to the people I trust alot. Bye!

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