Friday, October 19, 2007

ACE Camp-Part 3

Day 3:
Woke up to another day. Brushed my teeth for the first time. I felt really great. The activities for the day was Canoeing, Jungle Survival and Campfire. I prayed really hard for good weather as I did not want to miss campfire. Breakfast was sausage, rice, jam and bread. The jam and sausage tasted really good. The rice had too much chilli on it. Here's what happened.

Me: I want abit of chilli please
Canteen Caterer: Ok
(She scoops a whole big spoonful of chilli onto my plate)
Me: Thanks. -_-"

I didn't finish my rice because there were too much chilli on it. Got changed for canoeing.

The teacher in charge of the kayaking was the "Famous" Mr Alfred Nathan. He is one of my rugby coach. The activity kicks off with the famous "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!" It was kinda like my Sec 1 canoeing contact time. What was so special is the capsize drill. Mr Nathan told us to raft up ("park our canoes") to prepare ourselves for the capsize drill. Here's how it goes.

Step 1: Mr Nathan selects a kayak and tells them to row to a designated spot.
Step 2: CAPSIZE!
Step 3: The other rescue boats forms a "H" shape with the capsized kayak. The capsized kayak is the horizontal line of the "H" and the rescue kayaks are the vertical lines of the "H".
Step 4: The man at the back of the two rescue kayaks (We were in a two-men kayak) nearest to the capsized kayak then lifts the boat and drains the water. They then see-saw the capsized kayak back and forth to drain the kayak completely.
Step 5: The two men carrying the kayak then flips it right side up.
Step 6: The capsized people climbs back up into the kayak. Back man first, followed by front man.

Our first rescue attempt was a complete disaster. The front man, Adithya wanted to climb up first, the back man, Wei Jia, did not know what to do. This is what you get when you have two blur-kings in one kayak. Mr Nathan screamed at us. Woah... We learnt a lesson through this rescue attempt today.

But it isn't over. After the failed rescue attempt we went on a expedition around the Lake Semberong. Thank goodness it was freshwater. I still remember how uncomfortable it was when we kayaked in seawater last year during Canoeing contact time. Mahdi and Cedric's kayak had a hole, and water was seeping in. The kayak is made in such a way that if it has too much water inside, it sinks. Their situation was made worse when the ACE Leaders, Tim and George, banged into their kayak. Mahdi and Cedric's kayak capsized.

Now this rescue attempt was unplanned. My kayak and Eugene's kayak were the closest to the capsized one. I rushed there and quickly formed the "H" shape. The next step was to lift the kayak. The kayak weighs twice as much as the normal one as it was made of fiberglass. It weighs about 40-50kg (Assumption). I had difficulty lifting it on the first try, but I finally did it with some difficulty. It was seriously very heavy. Me and Eugene lifted it, see-sawed it and the rescue attempt was very successful. I felt so happy since it was completely unexpected.

The second activity was field cooking in the jungle. We walked through mud and horse dung to this jungle. We needed to cook everything in what was known as our "Bundle Of Joy". Our "Bundle Of Joy" consists of rice, kangkong (veggies), canned sardines and baked beans. We decided to heat the sardines and baked beans, since they were canned anyway. We cooked the rice with our mess tins and cooked soup with Kangkong, eggs, with a little chilli powder. The meal tasted delicious. I skipped lunch because I was so full. Had a change of clothes as we didn't change for the jungle cooking. Next up was jungle survivial!

We went back to the same place for our jungle survival. We were required to make shelter, make fire and find a way to obtain clean drinking water. I volunteered for making the fire as I thought it was not that difficult since I watch "Man VS Wild" often. It turns out harder than I thought. We tried using batteries, sparks and the sunlight. The most we got is smoke. The instructor had to start the fire for us. I tried to keep the flame alive by blowing the fire. Smoke got into my eyes and throat. It stings really bad and my voice changed. Despite that, we succeeded in keeping the flame alive. WOOHOO!

Campfire was the next event on our list. It was the most interesting campfire I had. Mr Chan our HOL said the most inspiring speech and prayer ever. Thinking back, ACE Camp is the last time I will ever see class 2o8 of 2007 together in the last official event the school has for the sec 2 cohort. Even though my class can be a pain sometimes, I will miss all the good times we shared. The performance for my class is an re-enactment of a popular TV ad. It is a parody of this ad.

I know, I know. It is abit sick but hey, that is the time when you can act really gay and have fun. Haha. Our performance is below.

(Talks in a super gay way)
All: Hi! I'm promoting ACE Camp
(Points downwards) All: This is my camp!
(Points to campsite) All: That is my campsite!
(Points to teachers) All: These are my teachers!
(Points to instructors)All: Those are my instructors!

(The scene changes to the time where we first met our instructors. This is about their trademarks)

Instructor: Guys, if you think this is a leisure camp, you are at the wrong channel!!! You better switch channel now. Understand?
Instructor: Understand?
All: (Shouts even louder) YES SIR!
Instructor: UNDERSTAND?
All: (Shouts even louder than before): YES SIR!
All: (Doing it purposely) YES SIR!
Instructor: HORNET!!!!

Now, abit of explanation. Hornet drill is a drill where you have to drop face down onto the floor with your hands covering the back of your neck. This is done to protect yourself from the hornet attacks. Now, back to the skit.

Instructor: All of you so slow, like GU NIANG! Like those two Char-Bohs behind.
(Wei Hao and Sooreth are standing beside Mahdi, who is acting as the instructor. They did a very girly laugh).
Instructor: I have three rules in the camp. You listen to me standing up, sitting down, or in push-up position. UNDERSTAND!
All: YES!

(The scene changes again to the Mocca advertisement)
(All of us show our biceps): Wanna see our matching muscles?
All: Wanna see more?
All: Come to ORA
(Then all of us do our ORA cheer, led by Sooreth)
All: ORA!
All: ORA!

Thus ends our skit. The campfire ended with the performance by our ACE instructors and the ACE Cheer in 3 different languages. Malay, Tamil, and Hokkien. It was really fun but I dropped my torchlight while doing the hornet drill. Till now it's still missing. Something tells me that I will be missing ACE Camp. Alot. Thus ends Day 3....

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