Thursday, October 18, 2007

ACE Camp- Part 1

Be prepared for a very long post. That's right, I'm back from ACE Camp. Here's what happened each day, each and every small detail of it.

Day 1: I reached school feeling excited about ACE Camp because the pictures of ACE Camp in the Josephian Annual looked so cool. I feel so excited to camp in the famous "Haiwan Institute". I was damn excited when we boarded the bus. I seriously couldn't sleep through the journey because I was feeling excited and also because of the fact that that stupid Xin Zhan keep on shouting lame stuff and pretending to be our tour guide. Here's an example.

(We are approaching the Second Link)
(I'm sleeping soundly)

That Xin Zhan talks as if he has just seen civillization for the first time. Abit retarded leh...

Anyway.... We turned into Haiwan Institute. F.Y.I, "Haiwan" means "Animal". That place is an outdoor animal enclosure. You see cows, horses, poops everywhere, and the place is a 45 min- 1 hour drive away from civillization. Woah....

After some debriefing, we pitched our tents in about 30 mins. It was freaking hot at that time. Then the infamous "ACE Instructors" assembled us. Will be talking about their trademark later. The suay thing is that we have to sit on the floor which contains a rotting leaf ecosystem. It took me about 5-10mins to get used to the insects and stuff. Then it started to rain. Heavily. We had to wait in the instructor's hostel with our shoes off for a few hours till lunch. Tension was rising in the Camp 1 cohort as 10 tents fell to the heavy rain and wind.

Lunchtime was another thing I want to talk about. There's one rule. "Eat fast. Before it gets eaten". Why? The number of flies in our dining place is equivalent to the population in Singapore (Exaggerated but it means: Loads of flies). If you leave your food lying around for even one second, flies would be swarming over it. Although the people who cooked and served the food were very nice people, the food was horrible. But since that was the only thing we have to eat, it still tasted delicious. What we had for lunch and dinner was plain rice, some veggies and some meat. No hamburgers, Yoshinoya or Macdonalds.

Since it rained in Day 1, we missed Rafting, which is one of the very fun but dirty activity. It's a shame the rain ruined everything. Our tent was wet, I did not waterproof my sleeping bag with a trash bag (My other bag containing my clothes is waterproof by itself), my sleeping bag was dripping water. The good thing is that our tent did not collapse, so our situation was quite good compared to one other tent, where one guy's batteries and stuff were floating in the water. For 30 mins we were packing and making sure that we waterproofed our stuff. Then there was a surprise check by the instructors for food, lighter, scissors, knives and prohibited items. Nothing interesting happened except that Nicholas's scissors were confiscated.

The good thing about Kluang Malaysia is that there are lots of stars at night. You can actually see the constellations in the sky. It was very beautiful at night. It makes you forget all your complaints you had in the day and you feel that it's worth it. Furthermore, the rain makes it so cooling for us to sleep. Hence it ends Day 1 with minor complaints.

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