Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flying Off

I was really disappointed with the match today. I played really damn lousy, trying again and again but failing to tackle the man whom I was supposed to mark. Further more, with the season closing in every day, I really need to improve my tackling. However the match was good exposure, I gained alot from the game. Thanks Saints Old Boys.

Alright, moving on. It's only one day away till I fly off to Shanghai for my HSK trip. Well, all the trips that I participated was SJI exchange program which is really quite slack but this is going to be fun and yet tough in a sense that you have to learn really advanced chinese and I think there is lectures the whole day. This is a completely new experience to me. I'm going to enjoy and really take this opportunity to learn because this trip may never cross paths with me again. I hope I can upload some pictures when I'm there. If not I'll post pictures when I get back to Singapore.

Although tomorrow is my last day in Singapore before I fly off for 2 weeks or so, I am still pretty busy. I have packing to do tomorrow morning and ZB Camp Comm meeting in the afternoon. I'm really looking forward to planning such a big event like the training camp in March. It's going to be lots of work and lots of fun.

It's playtime.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Turn Left, Turn Right

I finally finished watching "Corner With Love". Its strange that I actually got a little emotional at certain scenes and I could actually feel the emotions of Xin Lei and Qin Lang. It wasn't till the extent of crying, although I must admit that one scene almost made that effect. I must say that the show made me think about some things in this stage of my life right now. I think I'm prepared to make that type of commitment. To me, I think it's nice that someone will be like a guardian angel to another, whether he/she knows it or not. Perhaps one day that just might happen to me. Who knows what the heck the future holds?

Enough of that, let's talk about something else. This little challenge my dad set for me today. This is what he said during our journey back from my guitar lesson.

Dad: "Hey want to go swimming?"

Me: "No my muscle pain"

Dad: "That's too bad"

Me: "Why?"

Dad: "I was going to challenge you to see whether you can swim 40 laps of freestyle continuously"

Me: "I can la. Bet how much?"

Dad: "$10"

Well, although now I think $10 is a little less, I took the challenge anyway. So there I was, in the Queenstown swimming complex swimming my 40 laps. It was exhausting to the max. On my 20th lap my muscles were a little tired. From the 30th lap onwards I was swimming with pure willpower. I was thinking "I can't give up. I've already swam so much. Come on, you can taste the success already." It's a funny feeling once you reach that point where your mind is a blank, your eyes couldn't see anything because of the fog in your goggles. you hear absolutely nothing and your muscles are screaming. It's just the sound of the rhythm of your strokes and the words of encouragement in your mind. It took me about 40+ minutes to complete 40 laps, although it's really slow, but I'm glad that I managed to exceed my limit of the usual 10 laps and maximum of 20 laps.

I couldn't even stand straight after I got out of the water and my muscles were aching. At that point of time it felt as if my soul or concsiousness was out of my body and I'm just moving without any reason. However, there was this sense of ecstasy inside me. Never knew that this would be more fun that I had expected. It wasn't about the money anymore, although I'm $10 richer. Afterwards Dad treated me to Mega Mac. Wasn't really delicious considering it's a Big Mac with a couple more beef patty and lettuce.

I was thinking, with the money I can either buy the Stranglehold game, a book, a CD, a nice gift for mom or keeping the money. I feel like choosing the last option because I can't bear to spent the money I've earned from washing my parents' cars, saving up and swimming 40 laps. Perhaps I'll think of a better alternative. Right now I'm fighting to stay awake. But before I go I shall sign off with a really cute picture of myself that I dug out in my computer today.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Holidays are self-study days. Until I graduate, this remains to be true. However, I just can't bloody concentrate ever since I saw "Corner With Love" starring Show Luo and Barbie Hsu. I guess I'm getting addicted to Taiwanese Dramas. It's just a damn funny and a romantic show at the same time. I don't really know why suddenly started liking this kind of romance/comedy dramas but I guess dramas like these reflect my "perfect world".

In my perfect world, everything becomes so simple and everyone around me shows erm... positive behaviour. Everyone's happy despite whatever they face. I guess this part is reflected in those kind of shows. Protagonist leading a simple life falls in love with a girl. Maybe that's why I enjoy "Corner With Love". I know I don't really sound myself in this post with all the "sunshine, happiness and romance" stuff, but perhaps each and every one of you who may be reading this have their own little piece of paradise, a place where they feel at ease and truly happy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What I've been doing for the past two days. I've decided that my room needs a serious clean-up. My cupboard stores a 3 year's worth of worksheets, textbooks, workbooks, novels, games, CDs and almost everything you can think of and a whole year's supply of unfiled Sec 3 worksheets. It's a miracle that I can survive this academic year. I need a change for the coming year, and there I was, throwing everything I had onto the floor. categorizing them and putting them back into the right place. It is definately tough work and it makes me damn frustrated to see my room like some garbage dump, but I'm satisfied with the results. Check it out:

Day 1 of Cleanup:

Note: those plastic bags lying in the corners are actually thrash. I have 3 full bags of them. My room looks like a mini-mini Mount Smoky.

Day 2 Cleanup (Morning):

I think it looks better. I have almost everything filed. Notice the third trash bag on the floor. Just when I thought it was over, I met my friend cupboard, who greeted me with a big smile that looks like this:

You may think "Hey it's not THAT BAD", but the bottom part is much much worse than this. The only thing keeping the things at the bottom from falling is well... the cupboard doors. Once you open, they all fall down. I was frustrated, I was angry, I was... speechless. This shit can't be that difficult. It's only a YEAR right?

So I bid farewell to my afternoon of rest and welcomed more hours of cleaning up with a loud curse. This went on for a few more hours. I finished work at about 3pm in the afternoon. Ladies and Gentlemen, the final result.



Nevermind the towel. It was there because I was pespiring like hell when I finished.

Now for my 3-year supply cupboard.



The empty space above is for Sec 4 stuff. Well, it always looks easy as if I just rearraged a few books and files but it's kinda sad that I didn't take a picture of piles of worksheet on the floor. Guess I was too frustrated to do that. Now my room looks better. Fresh start for the approaching New Year and the end of my parents 10-month nag to clean up my room. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Haha.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Haven't blogged in a long long time. Guess there wasn't any urge to rant or bitch or what-have-you in this site. Well, I'm not going to delete this blog like my previous ones but I'm going to search for inspirations for my blog posts. I actually have an insipiration for one, but I decided that the issue is too erm... controversial if I actually typed what I feel. However, it's definately not about school or anything related to it. I would just like to post some random things and some updates here.

Random 1:

Well, I was at Popular a few months back looking at some assessment books so that my comprehension would improve. I was browsing a Longman's when I felt someone tap on my back. Turning around, I saw this Aunty and her daughter, who is probably in Primary School in front of me.

" Boy ah, 你有没有用过这牌的 foolscap paper?" *holds up a foolscap pad in front of me*


“ 我只是想问一下用这牌的 foolscap paper 写 Compo 好吗?”

At this point of time, I didn't really know what to say. So I gave her the

-__-" face.

“ 真得有那么重要吗?用其它牌子的纸有什么不同吗?”

Aunty's daughter glares at me and says


For all those who are sec 3 now, does what type of foolscap paper you use determine the quality of essays you write? It's not as if an unknown brand of foolscap will definately give you crap essays. During your PSLE or O'Levels you wouldn't even know what freaking brand of paper they provide for you. I think some parents go way too far to ensure that their child obtains good results. I think this is just a tip of the iceberg. I'm sure there are even parents who discuss about what brand of correction tape or liquid paper, what brand of mechanical pencil or pencil lead, or even worse, what brand of STAPLES is better for exams. What is the world coming to nowadays? I bet those great authors could even write a bestseller on toilet paper if they want while some who did not put any effort in improving their essays couldn't even pass their Paper 1 even if they write on freaking Gold Foil or something.

It's not about what your write on, it's about your abilities in writing. Abilties and not material.

Random 2:

I'm really excited about my trip to Shanghai. There were more than 50 people who attended the briefing today. I even spotted my Primary school friend. The world is getting smaller. Fudan University... It's gonna be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to participate in a program like this. I will definately learn a many things, take many photos and buy many things! It's just two more weeks!

Random 3:

I sprained my finger during training and now it's swelling and it kinda hurts. It would definately affect my performance in further trainings so I hope that it would recover soon. I need to train to play next year and right now, there are definately loads of stuff that I need to catch up. Like my catching and tackling.

More random stuff:

I'm in love with Assasin's Creed, Call Of Duty: World At War, Prince of Persia 08 amd Devil May Cry 4. In a perfect world, I wanna buy ALL. In my case, I can buy... None. I'm hoping I can get Assasin's Creed from Yustynn later. It looks like a really cool and realistic game

I need to train my B-boy. It's been so long since I tried to break. I'm not giving it up, or else my blisters will not be worth it.

Time flies......