Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another Attempt At Writing Something Deep...

I got this inspiration from today's church service. Pastor Geoffrey asked us what does christmas mean to us. I'm surprised that my answer was "Presents, Holiday and computer time" . Is there more to christmas than just "Christmas Presents" and "Shopping"? This sets me thinking. Surely there are much more meaningful things which defines Christmas. The answer appeared to me after I came back from church today.

There was a prophecy made by the Prophet Isaiah in the Bible which says, "
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. " That child was later known as Jesus Christ.

From that moment on I realised that the true meaning of christmas is not presents you receive or the food you eat, it is the celebration of one of the most holy and important dates in history, the birthday of Christ. A picture of Christ's birth was forming in my head. I could imagine the scene in the manger where Christ lay, innocent and pure, with no knowledge that he will be the one which will bring salvation to mankind. There he lay, with Joseph and Mary around him, staring in awe at the baby boy who was manifested with the holy spirit, so diviine and innocent....

Meanwhile, three men arrived in the manger, men who were strangers to Joseph and Mary, men who may be strangers to this whole new place. But they are here, witnessing the birth of christ by a brilliant star which appeared directly above the place where Christ was born. They believed that something phenomenal will happen at the place where the star is shining upon. They too, saw the birth of Jesus. And as they see him lying in the manger, they too, watched in awe upon seeing the son of god, not as a greater form of being but just as a baby boy.... They feel blessed by God, like Mary and Joseph, to have witnessed this scene right here....

Shepherds who were guiding their sheep back home in order to rest for the day were surprised when they saw an Angel Of God who appeared to them, inviting them to witness the birth of christ, the sight of Baby Jesus lying in the manger... They too, arrived in the manger moments after the Three Wise Men. The shepherds, even though they were placed in the bottom level of the social hiearchy, they were invited warmly to witness the birth of Christ.

The people in the manger were joined by the Angels of God, who also came down to witness the birth of Jesus. A warm feeling spread throughout the manger, the people in the manger feels blessed, privileaged and most importantly, Loved by someone no other than God himself. They sang this song up to the Lord in rejoice! Words of praise filled the air.

The song that the people sang in unison touched the heavens, and the angels of God sang along with them, all dedicated to this little baby boy who was lying in Mary's arms. The people cried tears of joy, joy of knowing that their messiah has come, one that will save them, one that will teach them the word of God and most importantly, one who will love them and teach them how to love. The Prophecy has been fufilled, "Rejoice! For this moment is to be remembered and celebrated always throughout history and for eternity!" The people of Bethlehem raise their hands up to the Lord, and each felt the Holy Spirit bless them. "The Lord is with us", not in a form of a divine creature or being, but in a form of a baby. The stars shine exceptionally bright that night, music never seemed to stop in the manger. The Baby Jesus had never looked so peaceful....

That was what I was thinking when I watched the skit. This sudden, so-called "vision" actually touched my heart. All this while I was unaware of the true meaning of christmas, which involves doing something as simple as just lifting your hands onto the Lord, and offer your day to him, thanking him for that little baby boy who eventually died for us in order to bring us salvation. It's something more meaningful than just presents and Santa Claus, for on this day some two thousand years ago, the saviour of mankind was born, and the whole world, regardless of those who may be rich or poor, sang songs of praise to the Lord in unison, and touched the heavens with their joy.

So.... Take some time this christmas to speak to the Lord, let the Lord bless you and welcome you to his family. Christmas is a good time to accept the Lord into your life, and feel the joy which many people felt thousands of years ago. Who knows? Somewhere way up there.... Someone will be watching. And that someone will make the stars exceptionally bright that night, as if it resembles a candles on top of the birthday cake. People regardless rich or poor can be touched by the Lord and celebrate christmas, for it is a day truly worth rejoicing and also to give thanks. Love and be loved!

Well, that's what I wanted to say for christmas... It may not be really good again, but please please please tag or leave comments!

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Elki said...

How true --->People regardless rich or poor can be touched by the Lord and celebrate christmas, for it is a day truly worth rejoicing and also to give thanks.

Yes you are right...we are created by the God to love and also to be loved=]

Nice writing