Thursday, October 25, 2007

Update and Aftermath of Class Party

Aftermath of class party: I kena FLU!!!! Walau eh... Shouldn't have stayed in the pool for so long. I'm going overseas on saturday leh... Die.... I feel like crap now. I have no energy left in my body, my throat hurts like hell, tried Panadol Cold Relief and Panadol Cold Remedy (The hot drink la) but it still doesn't work. Shoot. I hope I can recover soon. My Beijing exchange program is coming soon. It's damn cold at Beijing la, with temperatures ranging between 3-20 degrees celsius. Not good for my flu. If I don't recover tomorrow, I'm going to see a doctor.

Speaking of exchange program, I will be gone this saturday for a vacation, then I will be going to my exchange program no.1 in Beijing from the 4th november to the 15th november. Will be back on the 15th november. 16th november I will be collecting posting results... Praying that I can go triple science class. 17th november I get a break, so anyone who wants to ask me out, I'm free then. Then on the 18th, I will be going for my exchange program no. 2 to Hong Kong from 18th-30th november. This is one busy month. The good thing is that I can get more opportunities to go overseas. The bad thing is I miss almost the whole B'divs training. Arghhh... Low chance of going B'Divs next year. I want to get tracksuit! I just have to work harder lor.....

Anyway, check out this new song by Kelly Poon. It's addictive and I think she changed alot. Became more chio *whistles*. Haha. Anyway, enjoy!

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