Monday, April 28, 2008


You know what? While everyone's mugging their heads away, I have no bloody urge to study. Emath exam is on friday, and I have not touched any Emath at all. It's simply impossible now to even catch up. Full Literature exam on friday too, and I did not touch a single bit of full literature set text. Why? Why am I having this strong urge to NOT study? We were dismissed early today, reached home at about 1pm. Felt like studying but ended up watching movies on my television. I seriously have a disciplinary problem. Seriously. Why can't I just have the bleeding discipline to walk to my table and STUDY? Something tells me that I'm going to perish this mid-year. I am going to die a horrible death. It's hard taking the first step.... But still I will try to salvage my unsalvageable situation.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


There's a couple of experiments that I want to try out. Maybe I should do that after the exams.

Experiment Number 1:

I'm sure all of you here knows how Ah Bengs or our local gangsters dress like. Shirt with weird designs, skinny jeans, slippers/Converse Brand sneakers and a cap. Most of them are can be spotted from their way of walking, the swaying-arms type walk. I believe that I'm stereotyping them from coming to conclusions without actually knowing one myself, but so do most people. Which is why, I'm trying to prove that us human beings are very prejudiced creatures and we tend to judge things easily by appearances. That's why I'm going to persuade my parents to buy me some "Ah Beng" clothes. I'm going to walk around dressing like an Ah Beng, just to see the type of reaction from people. What they actually do not know is that I'm from SJI! I'm expecting a few stares. Some of you may think I'm a freak but hey, this is just an idea. I have no action plan yet.

Experiment Number 2:

I've been noticing the strange type of schoolbags that we students carry nowadays. Apart from the Crumplers and Zincs, I noticed a few bags with the shape of a teddybear or Jack Skellington in my school. Maybe, if I got a gunny sack and designed it to be a super cool bag, I may actually create a new wave of fashion. According to the book "The Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell, you don't need a large number of people to start a trend. I must say here that I'm not trying to poke or make fun of teenagers and their fashion statement or tastes, this is just a curious thought which entered my mind during dinner with my mom. No action plan developed yet.

Now, apart from all my crazy ideas, exams are coming up next friday and here I am, blogging away. I see blogging as a way of expressing my thoughts without writing. I guess it's obvious enough because my hands are usually so tired after a day of endless writing. Have been mugging Elective Humanities. Have not touched my Literature yet, as I leave the memorizing work to monday and tuesday. I hope I can do well, or at least maintain my current scores, which is not too bad but could be better. Competition is tough in class. But I'll try to do my best.

Anyway, I watched the Forbidden Kingdom yesterday. I felt that the movie was a mash-up of the "Journey To The West", "The Bride With White Hair" and some other budget Kung-Fu stars of the 1900's. However, I particularly love the background and the scenery of the show. Completely breathtaking. I felt like I was really in heaven. Wish there was some place like that in the world. I must say that Jet Li and Jackie Chan did a really great job collaborating in the film, as the duo really made me laugh. *Spoiler* Jet Li urinated on Jackie's face. Haha. Fell in love with Liu Yifei as well. I didn't imagine that her english will be so good despite knowing her only from chinese dramas all the time. Beautiful... and so young. Looks like she has a bright future ahead of her.

However, I didn't particularly like the movie because it was in english. I mean, the whole movie is set in a chinese-looking land but yet, they speak english! Lemme give you an example in the movie. When the protagonist and Jackie first meet, here's how their conversation went.

Jackie: 你手里的棍子从哪儿来的?
Protagonist: I don't understand what you're talking about?
Jackie: 到底从哪里得来的?
Protagonist: I really don't understand what you're saying!

The transition was really weird. I'm not sure I really liked that part. I will give my full review on the show later. Signing off now to study and my entry is getting very long. Ciao!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cardiac Revival

It's high time I start updating my blog. So much things have been happening lately, especially with all the events in school. Teachers are trying to cramp or make use of all the time available to make sure that they finish the topics for mid-year before the end of next week. For the past week I have been attending Geography Extra Lesson, Chinese O level Oral Prelims, struggling with Logarithms, mind-mapping my way through Biology, killing my brain cells in Physics and pinching myself during Chemistry lesson. Something tells me that I am so dead for my mid-year exams, which is like... 10% of your overall performance. Here I am, trying desperately to salvage my studies, overloading my brain with information. Sometimes I wonder whether one day I would have a mental breakdown and blank out totally during my exams. It's time for a short break Jerry.

I got that one day to relax last friday after training and went for the Fantasia VII concert organised by the CHIJ Toa Payoh Concert Band. The concert was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I shouted "Encore" at the top of my lungs over and over again in the CJC Performing Arts Centre. I really loved the Percussions performance and the song called Domus, and the whole medly of Teresa Teng's Songs. The person who sang her songs has a really sweet voice and I can see that they have a really passionate conductor, a.k.a Playmaker or Lenard! Amos was shouting "Let's Go Lenard Let's Go!" during the show. It was really retarded and funny. Overall, I think the IJ band has done a good job organising the show. Short and Sweet with some of the best songs played by the IJ band. Well, it makes me sure that if tickets are out for Fantasia VIII, I would definately be watching.

After the concert I went out to dinner with Lizzi, Hillary, her friends, and the SJI guys from HK Xchange Program '07 and Daniel Seow. It was a crazy time with them. The guys were singing SJI songs loudly in CJC, sung Pirates of The Carribean themes, sang to the music of the IJ band, and I actually sang one of those chinese songs that was being played, it was "何日君再来" I think. There was also a really funny incident that happened on the bus to Central. Lemme try to re-enact the scene for you.

When we were on board the bus, I was standing at the upper deck with the guys. Apparently I was a little too tall for the bus ceiling and I could feel my hair brushing on the ceiling. Along the way people needed to get off so I had to move from the back to the front of the bus. Upon reaching our destination, Hillary said this to me.

Hillary: Jerry you're dead, you make Cheryl cry.
Me: Huh? Who's Cheryl? What did I do?
(Sees a girl doing the wipe-tear action)
Me: What happened?
(Hillary keeps quiet)

I was feeling super guilty la, since making people cry was not my forte. Finally, Hillary told me the truth when we were walking down the underpass to Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

Me: Tell me leh...

Hillary (Laughing when she said this): You know, on the bus right, you walked back and forth, then my friend say you sweep the ceiling twice!

Me: -_-"

The whole thing was super funny. Now that was creative compared to jokes about my surname which I have heard a billion times since Primary School. Honestly, it was the first time I laughed so hard since the whole "Mid-Year Frenzy" started. Ate dinner at KFC, went home super late feeling super high. I can say that sometimes I'm a loner. Thinking back, it's the first time or second time this year that I actually went out with my friends for more that 3 hours. It's not that I hate being with friends, but my stupid schedule just prevents me from going out with them.

Through yesterday I learnt that my life is completely unbalanced. I need more outings with friends! Maybe not in SJI of course, since everyone's mugging for mid-year now. Sometimes I need more leisure time. If not I'll go bonkers. Thanks alot to the IJ gals and SJI guys. Haha

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Friday, April 4, 2008


This video caused quite a lot of controversy in the world and in SJI. It was first introduced to us by Brother Mike.... Take a look at this:

It shows us the scary side of Islam. and their main message is to "Stop Islam From Penetrating". Personally, I feel that Islam is actually a very peace-loving religion. The reason why it became so bad is because of the extremists who goes around spreading the fact that they are doing everything by the Will Of Allah. "If you see a misbeliever, cut him down/cut his throat". If God is the one who created us, wouldn't it just pain his heart to see people killing each other just because they think that they are non-believers of Allah? Now, I may be wrong in a sense but I'm going to link this to Christianity.

Do God punish us because we do not believe in Him? Yes. How? By denying our passage to Heaven even though people try and do good deeds for all their lives. I asked whether Ghandi will go to hell. The reply was "Yes, because he is a non-believer of God and Jesus". Why do people, despite trying so hard to fight for what they believe in, are sent to hell even when the thing they believe in turns out to be something that changes the world for the better?

My inference is that Christianity is also a religion where once extremists takes charge, things can go like the Muslims. We had the Crusades, they have the Jihad. Do some people believe in God just out of fear?

Just want to add that the video is actually very disturbing. So... please, if you feel offended, stop it immediately.

So I conclude this with the question above. No harm intended to people of any religions and I'm not trying to flame anyone. I'm not going atheist or Agnostic, I just have some doubts about my religion and I believe that if I do not have a reason to convince myself to put all of my faith in God, I have to find out that reason no matter what. Ciao