Monday, March 31, 2008

Something Which Some Of Us Are Waiting For

Yeap, the update. I can say that things are not going really well in my life right now, with me screwing up alot of things because a lack of experience and all that stuff. I'm working on an essay about the SJI Rugby Team for Zaobao School Sports, and it's really killing me. I know it's not supposed to. I've never ever done this before, and it's difficult. I was wondering sometimes that why couldn't I just throw away everything and give it all up?

Because I can't afford to. I have to take the pain and pressure, and find the pleasure in it.

And remember my post about the "Sacrifice" thing? I discussed it with my Pastor and honestly I'm not really sure whether I can accept what she told me. Thesis on "Sacrifice" coming up.

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