Thursday, March 6, 2008


The room has two tables and chairs. Sitting on on side of the table is "The Teacher". The other side, me and my parents. The sky is greying and the sound of thunder can be heard from afar. The room is empty except for that few pieces of furniture in the middle of the room. We greet the teacher and she passed my parents my report book. As they flipped open the page titled "TA1 2008", their faces begin to darken. I was too embarassed to look at them. It was at this time the teacher began to speak. "Yu Jie is a polite and responsible person. HOWEVER...." That particular word felt like someone had shot me from point-blank range. I could not listen to what she said anymore. I make a break for it.....

Of course that wasn't true. I dread going to parent-teacher meets because every year from the year I joined SJI, the teacher would write the same things like "Yu Jie is a polite pupil, however, he needs to put his studies above everything else in order to get good results". Even if I did that, the teacher would say "He definately has room for improvement". Even when I thought I tried my best, the teacher would give me this comment. It's really frustrating when you try your best to change yourself to become better and the teacher always give you the same comment. That's why I feared that this year in 2008, the teacher would say the same thing. I was kind of reluctant to meet the teacher, especially Ms Tracy Goh, as I felt that she didn't understand me. However, today's PTM Session proved me wrong.

There are lots of differences between Sec 2 and Sec 3, one of which is the teachers. SJI has many good teacher, unfortunately most of them do not teach the lower secondary students. I was shocked by the comments made by her. She said that I'm a "Natural Leader" but I tend to be very "Strong Minded". This means that I tend to do things my way instead of listening to the others. I don't know about that part but I think that she has been observing other students very closely without them knowing it. She does understand me, perhaps clearer and better than all my sec 2 teachers. I was really surprised.

Through this PTM I have learnt that I should change the method I study, from quantity to quality. She suggested that I start thinking about the facts the teacher thought me. Do not assume that the teacher is always right. Challenge the facts. Convince yourself that this is right. It's about thinking, not memorising. Now all I need to do is carry those instructions out. Easier said than done, but I would like to give it a shot. What she said today didn't just help me academically, but it also helps me in my character development and future.

I need to spend some time reflecting on this term and note down what I should do to improve and be better next term. Look forward to another long post (If you like reading them). Ciao!

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