Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hello people! Currently blogging in Bintan now, amidst all the sandflies and mosquitoes that may be inside the hotel lobby, I must say that I'm having lots of fun there. Angsana Spa and Resorts is really relaxing. Even though they do not have a whole range of recreational facilities, the soothing ambience there is really relaxing. Oh, and did I mention that there is a one-hour time difference? This means that I'm currently one-hour behind Singapore time, which allows me to do even more things in one day. I bet you're all feeling jealous.

Despite that, I always get this feeling that Angsana Resorts are for COUPLES only. I mean, there isn't many people inside, compared to Nirwana Resorts, and most of them usually come in pairs. One King and One Queen. Sometimes I feel "left out". Let me try to illustrate my point.

Look, young adolescents like me, or even you, would have had thoughts of starting a BGF sometime in your life. However, the many tasks you have to complete everyday gives you absolutely no time to take any action for you "plan". As time goes by, you slowly forget that thought. However, when you are alone in a resort with a romantic ambience, (seriously, read on to find out) your mind will start to think and wander around, and eventually you will come into contact with this particular topic. For example, I want to say that in Singapore, you hardly see any stars as most of them would be blocked by the buildings.

However, in Bintan, you can even spot constellations tonight. I spotted Ursa Major despite the fact that I have ZERO knowledge on Constellations. It's just joining the dots and coming to a shape which resembles a bear. There are so many stars in the sky that it doesn't appear real to you. It looks like a gigantic ceiling. I'm not really good at describing things with words but hey, I've done the best I can and I hope you would get this picture.

It was at that particular point that I started thinking about the whole BGF thing. I know it's ridiculous, but I just couldn't help it. For some couples, tonight looks like the perfect proposal environment. For me, I'm just too young to really bother about these issues, so all I could do is admire the beautiful scenery God has to offer to me.

I won't be back in Singapore till Sunday. And Michael, if you are reading this, help me tell Chindi that I can't go for training as I'm overseas and I don't have roaming services in my phone anymore. Appreciate the effort. So I end this post, ending my first day in Bintan with sandfly bites all over me just for sitting in the lobby for fifteen minutes. Ciao!

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