Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hello Dudes and Dudettes who are reading this blog (which I think won't be many anyway,I'm not some star blogger). Tomorrow will be the last day of school. Just as I thought sec 3 life is slow... First thing I know I was strangers with almost everyone in the class but now, 3 months has passed and loads of stuff happened. I can't say that my class is really bonded, because there are individuals who only cares about themselves and really do not give a crap about others. Anyway, let's move on to something else.

As you read this, my exams are long over. Results? One word. Wasted. I made loads of careless mistakes. I can't even show that to my parents. They will kill me. I definately have room for improvement. I just wanted to say that this exam was a wake-up call for me. It doesn't mean you get top 10 in sec 2 means you will get top 10 in sec 3, Well, my class is all full of people who can study way way better than I do. I really must catch up with them for the sake of my future "O" levels and also for the free biscuits you get from Mrs Tan (I know I'm a glutton). Lolz. I will catch up with the top 10 next term. It won't be easy, but I'll fight for it.

Today we had PT for Rugby training. What can I say? Shagged. Got lactic attack after the second round of our usual 10x400m sprint. It's mentally tiring and stressful. However, it was satisfying as I really pushed myself to the limits. Especially the last round. It was a great challenge for me both physically and mentally. It was probably the only time I pushed myself so hard before. Despite the fatigue and the lactic acid in my muscles, I felt refreshed after this PT session. I realised that I'm really unfit after a whole month without any real form of exercise. I need to train hard in order to keep myself physically fit. My goal for this year is:

1. Get Gold for my NAPHA (All A's)
2. Do at least 3 pull-ups.

Even with my 2.4km timing, I can only get like Silver. Because of my shuttle run. I admit that I am a lousy sprinter. I can only run faster in middle-distance races. A little faster. I plan to train myself 3 times a week even after my season. I really hope that I can achieve my goals. Then I can move on to set my target on getting my 6-pack abs. Haha.

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