Saturday, March 15, 2008


I'm back and supercharged from Bintan! This had certainly been a meaningful trip for me as I did loads of reflection there amidst all the fun and activities. I must say that the hotel service is superb and the staff there are courteous and polite. Some even remember me from the past! Haha. I did loads of stuff there, like Jetsking. Actually, the fact is that you have to be at least 16 years old to ride a jetski alone. I think I look 16. So I had the privilege to ride an amazing Yamaha Waverunner. It was a fantasting experience as you get to ride the waves at high speed, and the view was breathtaking.

After the Jetski experience, my parents believed that I was not afraid of the water and therefore, I'm not a sissy -_-". Wow, thanks mom and dad. I feel... so... happy knowing that I'm not a sissy anymore. Haha. I came back to Singapore with a nasty sunburn on both my arms and upper back. This means that I can't make any actions like punching or even raising my hand. My upper body looks like a cooked lobster. The feeling is horrible. However, thanks to my rugby cca, I wasn't one of the worst in my family. My dad looks like a real cooked "Well-done" lobster. His whole upper body is RED. That is gotta hurt...

I'm not going to give you guys a day-to-day account of my Bintan trip, as I had already done so before. Furthermore, I'm typing this in pain right now. My skin is burning literally. To sum it up, this trip has been unique and exciting for me, as I conquered my fears of Jetsking and also became supercharged and ready to face the new school term. Oh, I got my Jetski-phobia from an incident where I must take my jetski through stormy weather. The waves were huge and it was really difficult to control that vehicle. Although I made it out in one piece, I developed my Jetski-phobia. Haha.

Will post more later. In the meantime, I have to pack up for school. Ciao!

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