Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm leaving for Bintan tomorrow. Actually I did not want to go on this trip as I wanted to stay and complete my holiday homework. Man I hate SJI teachers, especially those who think that they are damn good teachers but basically what they do is that they copy stuff from the textbook and tells us that it is "summarised" and we must "read the textbook ourselves". If that really is the case, why the hell do we need teachers for? When all they do every lesson is to teach us HOW to read textbooks? Even though my self-studying skills are pathethic, but I don't think I learn alot from you this term. Rest assured, I'll still ace the exam next term.

I'm willing to spend twice as much time, make sacrifices, but I will never, never depend on you to get good results. Some of you may say that I'm stubborn, but what I think is that if you do not gain anything from your teacher, no matter how focused you are in class, you're better off doing your own self studies. No doubt the teacher is smart, or at least that's what he thinks he is, being smart yourself and teaching others are two completely different issues. You may be a genius, but who gives a crap when you can't even teach your students well? I would like to know HOW MANY students in your other classes got A1 for that subject? Less than 1/3 perhaps. Yet you can still stand in front of us and give us a hell lot of homework with the reason being "You are one of my worst class. That's why I'm giving you all these homework". That is partially correct.

However, before you actually say this, please at least REFLECT why we do not score well this term. Is it because of our attitude? Or is it because of yours? Please at least think of the latter. Teachers who have taught us gave positive comments. If our learning attitude is the same throughout, then there is something seriously wrong with your methods of how to make students understand and grasp the correct method of studying.

I believe that part of our school fees goes into YOUR pocket every month. If what you tell us to do EVERY SINGLE LESSON is just SELF STUDY, why the heck does the school still employ you for? You did not even go through the most basic thing of at least explaining to us the key point. "This one ar, very important, you can read yourself. This one also, you can read yourself". You finish one freaking chapter in 10 minutes and half the time we have to "read ourselves". This is not a "Reading For Dummies" class. How do you expect us to improve this way? Is it not by 100% of our own effort and ZERO per cent of yours?

Is it that difficult to be a teacher?

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