Friday, April 4, 2008


This video caused quite a lot of controversy in the world and in SJI. It was first introduced to us by Brother Mike.... Take a look at this:

It shows us the scary side of Islam. and their main message is to "Stop Islam From Penetrating". Personally, I feel that Islam is actually a very peace-loving religion. The reason why it became so bad is because of the extremists who goes around spreading the fact that they are doing everything by the Will Of Allah. "If you see a misbeliever, cut him down/cut his throat". If God is the one who created us, wouldn't it just pain his heart to see people killing each other just because they think that they are non-believers of Allah? Now, I may be wrong in a sense but I'm going to link this to Christianity.

Do God punish us because we do not believe in Him? Yes. How? By denying our passage to Heaven even though people try and do good deeds for all their lives. I asked whether Ghandi will go to hell. The reply was "Yes, because he is a non-believer of God and Jesus". Why do people, despite trying so hard to fight for what they believe in, are sent to hell even when the thing they believe in turns out to be something that changes the world for the better?

My inference is that Christianity is also a religion where once extremists takes charge, things can go like the Muslims. We had the Crusades, they have the Jihad. Do some people believe in God just out of fear?

Just want to add that the video is actually very disturbing. So... please, if you feel offended, stop it immediately.

So I conclude this with the question above. No harm intended to people of any religions and I'm not trying to flame anyone. I'm not going atheist or Agnostic, I just have some doubts about my religion and I believe that if I do not have a reason to convince myself to put all of my faith in God, I have to find out that reason no matter what. Ciao


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