Monday, March 10, 2008

Back from Camp! (Part 2)

The games were followed by the preparation for our performance at night. Thanks alot to Hanjie for writing such a wonderful script. We were thinking about loads of funny stuff to add in for our play. It was super lame and I was laughing really hard during rehearsals. Can get six-pack abs if I laugh like this everyday man... Haha. I took on the role of Aquaman, literally. Some superhero who is super gay and has the ability to control water. I realised that acting like a sissy is really difficult with all the exaggerated actions and everything. After two rounds of rehearsal, I was exhausted and fell asleep by the roadside.

The performance was funny, but I think that all of us did a fantastic job. At least I tried my best to make the audience laugh by playing my part as a sissy. The Wan Hui was super high man... The songs are still ringing in my head even after camp. This was definately one of the highlights of the camp. Went to bathe after the whole thing ended. The water was super shiok but super cold. Entered Lalaland after reading the profile of Yang Zi, who is a Singapore table-tennis athelethe who won the Men's Double Gold Medal two years ago. Listening to my IPod when sleeping enables me to wake up at intervals, and it also blocks the snoring sounds from 主任. He snored like a dinosaur. I woke up at 6am, wanting to prepare for the mock-interview of Yang Zi, but realised that everyone else was sleeping like a log and the lights were off. I went back to sleep and woke up at 6:45 am. Breakfast, then the interview started.

Before this I used to regret joining Titong because I want to interview mainstream stars like Jolin Tsai through 爆米花. However, I learnt alot of things through the interview with Yang Zi and the things which he said were really inspirational. Although he may look a little shy, Yang Zi is actually a sportsman with a really positive attitude towards things, and this is something that I should pick up and learn. Wanted to get his autograph but his hand was injured. Got the autograph of Nicole and Tabitha Tay instead, the twins who won medals for Singapore last year in gymnastics. The two of them were really cute la.. And they are super flexible. Take a look at this:

We have to write an essay immediately after my interview and it was killing my brain cells. Arghhh... I tried my best but I think I need to work on the structure and organization of my essay. It is still very messy. I need to study the winning entries which will be published this thursday. Must support us! Buy one copy of Zaobao on thursday! Lolz.

Next was games again. SURVIVOR! Really creative and original. However, I got knocked out in the Tangrams round. I am a bad bad tengrams man. Haha....

The final part of the camp was the singing of "Wo Men De Ge". Emotions ran high during that time. The 10th Exco members cried. This shows that they are really bonded and have been through thick and thin together. This camp really forges new bonds of friendship and strengthens old ones. I hope that I can become part of the 11th Exco. No, not because I want to cry, but I want to build friendship bonds which will last a lifetime, not only with my group members, but also with the rest of the Titong members if it's possible. But hey, how is one person able to 一步登天?

I had a great time in this camp and I hope that Xulong group will become better and better and regardless of guys or girls, we all be good friends and become more bonded as time goes by. GO TITONG! YOU'RE CHAMPIONS FOR LIFE!

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