Sunday, July 27, 2008

ZB Sports Day

Well, I just came back from Zabao SSC Sports Day. It was a freaking exhausting day, albeit a fun one. We had to play a total of:

3 matches of handball
3 matches of basketball
3 matches of street soccer
3 mathces of frisbee

That's a total of 12 matches in 10 hours. Trust me, the matches are all dang exhausting as majority of the other team members go all out, even if its a game of frisbee. It was physically exhausting, but I still managed to endure the 10-hour exercise with only an hour or so's break. No cramps or muscle aches yet, but rest assured all these will come when I wake up tomorrow. I will be walking to school while limping on one leg, clutching my thighs as if someone hit my *ahem*. However, it was all worth it as I tried my best. The results were quite satisfactory though:

I scored a goal in street soccer. I would just like to make it a point that I have not been seriously playting that sport for three years now. The fact that I can still do so impresses me. Haha. I also scored more than 5 goals in handball. Handball is actually a very difficult sport to play as it is very difficult to score. Your objective is to throw the ball between the goalposts. Since the ball is really small, you can't really throw with that much force. I managed to score more than 5 I think.

Even though we got last this year, it was still fun nevertheless as we all stuck together as a team. Thanks to Xuchang, Muquan and Hanjie for scoring majority of the goals in street soccer, Iris, Felicia, Jieling (not sure of spelling) for playing like all stars during the basketball match, and Tongyao, Yingying, Liyun, Lixue, Aonan for giving their best during every one of the matches. Majority of my shots would never had made it without all of you, thanks alot for the encouragement. Xulong Rockz!

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