Monday, July 7, 2008


How many times in life, or how often, do you come face to face with a crossroad in life? A crossroad which forces you to make difficult choices, for you to disappoint some people whom trusted you the most again and again, in order to pull you through personal challenges? How many times are you asked to/ forced to give up on the team just to fufill your personal achievements? ABRSM Guitar Grade 3 is important, as there won't be a second time. O Level Mother Tongue Oral is important, as there won't be a second time. Match on Wednesday is also important, as I cannot imagine the level of trust between me and the team now since I missed almost every training. If I missed that too, I can't imagine what's going to happen.

At this point of time I guess we all have to choose. It's a very difficult choice to make for me, although some of you may see the answer straight away. Coincidence? Not really, since it happened more than once. Stressed? Completely. God I just want to make it through this week. Try to make me add colours to my own life and paint my canvas of gray with colours brighter than anyone else's. Give me strength for my O Level Mother Tongue Oral, and also for the match tomorrow. I must admit that I've lost loads of my rugby skills and confidence, but I'm going to get it back. Bit by bit. It's a tough road, but I just need Your help in this journey. Amen.

I'll make it through this week. I'm sure I will.

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