Friday, July 11, 2008

Stuff That's Been Happening

I'm glad that this week is over. It marks the end of my Mother Tongue O'Levels exam and my ABRSM Grade 3 Guitar Exam too. It's been stressful this week with the physics MYAA and Math Project. Andreas couldn't finish the final part of the project so I had to complete the rest. And there were loads to do, because most of my group member's research were not too user-friendly. I had to tell them to re-submit and I had to summarise everything and complete the project in 90 minutes. I managed to do it, although I'm not too optimistic about the marks as I did it in a rush. Anyway, one major thing cleared off my list.

Second thing was the O'Levels Mother Tongue Oral Examinations. It's a strictly no-play, 100% serious attitude and focus as I only get one chance. One single chance. My heart was beating really fast before the exam, as I thought that I was really unprepared for it. I was the last guy to take the exam, but fortunately and by God's Grace, I did not have really long pauses like the practises I had with Mr Lee and I sounded quite confident. Although I will never know the results of my O'Level Oral Marks, I hope for the best. Another thing off my list.

Thirdly, there was my ABRSM Guitar Exam. London-based music exam which is really important to me as firstly, I paid alot for the exams and furthermore, I won't get a second chance again I think. However, I was freaking nervous and my fingers felt numb. That's why I made some mistakes in the playing part and the scales part. I made some mistakes on the Aural Part too. Oh shoot.... I seriously hope that I can pass my exam. Then I'm one step closer to a new guitar, and I can move on to higher grades. I seriously love my Maestro E-1 and guitar. All I can do is hope for the best for the results.

Well, that was quite a hectic week isn't it? It's not over yet. I still got loads to catch up on my studies. "Light and Heat" topic on Physics, "Ionic And Covalent Bonding" for chemistry, "Trigonometry and Revision of Angle Properties of Circles" for Math as I really stink in Geometry. I feel frustrated by just staring at the circles. Every week is busy for me. Even the next week's busy as well. No wonder Mr Chin said that this is a busy term. How right he was. And I have to host students from Suzhou, China for 4 days as part of my exchange program. They're coming this sunday. Thank goodness that it's 4 days only.

However, life do has its pleasant surprise for me. Firstly, we got a new English teacher whose name I shall not mention since I know that SJI teachers actually DO check blogs related to school and I don't want them to accidentally "bump" into this one. All I can say that I love english now. Insiders should know what I mean. Secondly, this really fierce teacher actually said something good about me in her form class. You know, her voice is really cold, and it sends shivers up my spine. You know, I'm ok with people yelling and shouting at us, but her voice reminds me of a cold-blooded creature. So that was quite encouraging.

In order to relax and enjoy myself, I'm going to replace PC games with exercise and music. Furthermore, I've found a even better source of exercise and entertainment. I'm trying to learn how to Breakdance. I realised that it's a very good form of exercise and you learn really cool stuff as well. I'm going to become a B-Boy in training soon. I learn all my stuff from the internet, but I have to do some personal training as well to execute some of their moves. Hopefully I can be able to do a Nike and Freezes in 2-3 months. Look out for that! Haha.

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