Friday, July 4, 2008

LLTC Finale

That day was a really short day. It started with our run again, but this time it was held in school due to a lightning alert. We were supposed to run five rounds around the school and do 20 push-ups, situps and star jumps after each round. Sadly, most of my group members didn't have the motivation to do so after a night's work and the lack of sleep. I tried to motivate myself and them but in the end I only succeeded in one item. After that was a long series of lecture from Kenny and Brother Michael. I shall not elaborate more on that, except that all of us were yearning to go home and some of us were a little emo as we all don't wanna leave the camp.

I want to mention in particular the closing ceremony. The atmosphere was really solemn and reflective as we read our Personal Mission Statements and the final affirmation by Brother Michael as he pinned the LLTC badge for us in person. I felt really honoured to do that as Bro Mike is one of the best teachers I have ever met and I really respect him. It was then I became a graduate of LLTC. However, this, is just the starting of the journey, a journey which will probably last till the day I die. I want to make sure that when I cross the finish line, I will be proud to say that my journey is one that is filled with dreams and hopes. I hope that I can look back at my life again and compare it with my mission statement and say "I've left a legacy of my own in the world, and it's not about how much zeroes I have in my back account".

The camp ended with Banglarobics and the screams of SJI International people saying "MONDAY NO SCHOOL" and SJI People saying " MONDAY PON SCHOOL!" I had half a mind to pon school myself, as I needed time to catch up on my sleep. So thank you all for those who have survived the extra-long post about my LLTC and I really hope that you enjoyed it. Ciao! I'll end the post off with some songs which I heard during the camp.

Pete Murray: Opportunity

Jordin Sparks: This Is My Now

Jars Of Clay: Waiting For The World To Fall

Lighthouse Family: Free (Turn Up Your Speakers For This One)

Corrinne May: Angel In Disguise (The song is repeated once here)

And finally, some Banglarobics from the movie Kaal Ho Naa Ho. may I present....

MAHIVE! It means "O, My Love" in Tamil. I've been trying to learn this dance though and do some kind of choreography with my friends. I bet the energy of the dance will touch everyone's hearts. Ciao!

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