Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Labour Amouris

Labour Amouris rocks! I must admit that the SJI guitar ensemble kicks ass after two years. The songs there were beautiful. I love every single bit of it. It was a shame that majority of the sec 3s didn't go. Only me, Paolo and Paolo's friend attended. Jason was the host with some chio bu on stage. Lucky dude... Haha. Anyway I screamed encore until my voice turned sore. The SJI Alumni duo was particularly excellent. This was the song they played. and they played almost exactly like the video, except with classical guitars.

This song is called "Start" by the Japanese Duo called Depapepe. Excellent song. Loved it every single bit. Oh yeah, I also loved the performance by the SJI Senior Ensemble, especially the "El Cumbanchero". And I saw my guitar teacher conducting the IJTP Guitar Ensemble band! Mr Shi the Playmaker! Hahaa!

This will be the last time I will be watching Labour Amouris as it is only held once every two years. However, this concert is one of the most memorable ones I've watched. SJI, CJC and IJTP Guitar Ensemble left a deep impression on me. You all rock!

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