Friday, December 12, 2008


Amidst my emo-ing and post-shanghai depression, I've been struck by a wave of inspirations. Mike always wanted to see me write poems. I'm not sure whether what I've written in my previous post was a poem or not, but it's still something that struck me one night. It happened tonight too, I was talking to my parents about doughnuts, and suddenly something I said brought about another wave of inspiration to write something. It still needs abit of editing before I can post it up.

These few days I've been working on my chinese project and watching Miyazaki's films at the same time. I watched "Grave Of The Fireflies" the other day and it really made me so sad, to the point where I thought of just holding that someone in my arms and never let go. Weird feeling for a movie like that, but I'm in love with Miyazaki. I'm currently watching "Howl's Moving Castle", and I'll move on to "Spirited Away". What a way to spend my holidays. Haha

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