Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beserk Mode

These few days I've been doing my holiday homework and training. I have just completed the report on the "Famous Battles Of The Three Kingdoms". 11 pages with images and hell lots of text. It's strange that I actually enjoy that. Perhaps it takes my mind off certain things. Now I'm moving on to Differentiation worksheet and my Commonwealth Essay. Now I realise my holiday homework is really very little. Not too tough. Looks like I can celebrate Christmas at ease now.

Today is the last training of the year. The Old Boys prepared something special for us. It's one of the most extreme form of Physical Training that I have encountered
since I joined Rugby. It's something like this:

For all those who are SJI students know that between the Raffles Town Club bus stop and Tanglin CC bus stop are two overhead bridges. Our starting point is at Tanglin CC bus stop. We must sprint across the overhead bridge to the RTC bus stop, sprint across to the next bridge opposite Tanglin CC and finally back to the Tanglin CC bus stop. It sounds easy but going up and down the bridge again really stretches your thigh muscles to the limit. We have to complete 6 rounds of that. Tiring, but it feels good after the whole thing is done. At least I pushed myself and I managed to have a consistent timing.

After that was this long water break and this weird physical session which involves piggy-backing your team mates for 100m. It was damn funny and damn fun at the same time. After which there was a match. Sounds serious but it was one of the most fun matches I ever played. There were loads of laughter because of TY's trick and the crude humour of the SJI old boys. I'm really glad they trained with us. I managed to tackle Kiat! Haha. It was an awesome training. I had fun. That's the whole point of it all , I guess.

Random stuff:

I really hope I can go out for dinner with the HSK people. I really miss them loads after the trip. I'll persuade my parents and chiong my homework, whatever it takes to allow me to go.

My muscles hurt like crap after the physical training on monday. It's going to be worse when I wake up tomorrow.

I just had Mega-McSpicy for dinner just now. Hopefully nothing will happen to me when I "sign contract" tomorrow. Haha.

End of Random stuff. Ciao!

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