Monday, December 29, 2008

HSK BBQ Gathering

I've been waiting for this day ever since I came back. I couldn't even sleep well the previous night due to anticipation. Haha. I guess part of me still wishes to live in the Shanghai days. Many people turned up that day, I got to see all those who didn't turn up for the steamboat gathering. It's a pity that Zai Wei, Charles and the others can't make it.

Reached Tampines MRT at 4:10pm. This is what you get when you think that Tampines is just a 30 minute MRT ride away. I was really glad to see them again. The whole group radiates happiness, a feeling which gradually started to turn its back on me since Sec 3. I can't describe how happy I was to see them again. Played basketball with Boon Tiong, Cai Miao and Wei Qi (Hope I spelt her name correctly) while Junjie and the others played with some guys at the CC. Playing with Boon Tiong is just plain funny and I played the whole game with some of Julia's cookies stuck in my throat. Her cookies were delicious! Just not suitable to eat them before playing.

After playing was slacking and stoning. I played cards with Cai Miao, Thomas, Cheng Teng. I got owned. I just put one card down and lost. I also remember laughing at Thomas for his sick mind. Thomas was extra gay that day. The first thing he saw in a newspaper was "Sex and Cheerleaders". I don't know what was that about, but the fact that the first thing Thomas noticed was that, proves alot of things. Lolz. Wen Xin came over later wearing heels. That's gotta hurt considering she came over from Malaysia.

After we reached Sabrina's house it was just hours and hours of retarded things. The girls were sitting on some sort of "merry-go-round" thing in the playground and we just help push the thing . My feet still hurt after all that pushing. The guys got a ride on that too, with Thomas pushing and it resulted in Si Jun falling off the ride. Boon Tiong was covering people's face with charcoal and Thomas was... shaking his butt in the playground. It's a pity I didn't take a video of that. The food was delicious, but I was stuffed full quickly. Spent the rest of the night talking to Jing Rong, Alvin, Cai Miao and Sabrina while we tried to cook the remaining Sotong balls and Chicken Wing. It was around 10 plus already. Was planning to go home myself but Chang Long was nice to offer me a ride in his parents car. Saved me alot of time, but I still reached home at 11:30pm. By then my dad was asleep already.

Strange thing is, after I came back from the BBQ, I got the same familiar feeling like my last day in Shanghai. No I wasn't the first to leave but I just want to stay with them for a little while more, even if it's just sitting there silently. It's too bad that my school reopens on friday while the others start school one week later or in February. It's kinda sad that we're all going to be terribly busy after school reopens. I hope that I still can keep the memories inside my head even as I'm preparing for my O'Levels. They're all special to me, every single one of them.

These songs, are more than just music and lyrics to me. They're pieces of wonderful memories given to me by very special people.

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