Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What I've been doing for the past two days. I've decided that my room needs a serious clean-up. My cupboard stores a 3 year's worth of worksheets, textbooks, workbooks, novels, games, CDs and almost everything you can think of and a whole year's supply of unfiled Sec 3 worksheets. It's a miracle that I can survive this academic year. I need a change for the coming year, and there I was, throwing everything I had onto the floor. categorizing them and putting them back into the right place. It is definately tough work and it makes me damn frustrated to see my room like some garbage dump, but I'm satisfied with the results. Check it out:

Day 1 of Cleanup:

Note: those plastic bags lying in the corners are actually thrash. I have 3 full bags of them. My room looks like a mini-mini Mount Smoky.

Day 2 Cleanup (Morning):

I think it looks better. I have almost everything filed. Notice the third trash bag on the floor. Just when I thought it was over, I met my friend cupboard, who greeted me with a big smile that looks like this:

You may think "Hey it's not THAT BAD", but the bottom part is much much worse than this. The only thing keeping the things at the bottom from falling is well... the cupboard doors. Once you open, they all fall down. I was frustrated, I was angry, I was... speechless. This shit can't be that difficult. It's only a YEAR right?

So I bid farewell to my afternoon of rest and welcomed more hours of cleaning up with a loud curse. This went on for a few more hours. I finished work at about 3pm in the afternoon. Ladies and Gentlemen, the final result.



Nevermind the towel. It was there because I was pespiring like hell when I finished.

Now for my 3-year supply cupboard.



The empty space above is for Sec 4 stuff. Well, it always looks easy as if I just rearraged a few books and files but it's kinda sad that I didn't take a picture of piles of worksheet on the floor. Guess I was too frustrated to do that. Now my room looks better. Fresh start for the approaching New Year and the end of my parents 10-month nag to clean up my room. Hope you all enjoy the pictures. Haha.

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