Sunday, November 16, 2008

Turn Left, Turn Right

I finally finished watching "Corner With Love". Its strange that I actually got a little emotional at certain scenes and I could actually feel the emotions of Xin Lei and Qin Lang. It wasn't till the extent of crying, although I must admit that one scene almost made that effect. I must say that the show made me think about some things in this stage of my life right now. I think I'm prepared to make that type of commitment. To me, I think it's nice that someone will be like a guardian angel to another, whether he/she knows it or not. Perhaps one day that just might happen to me. Who knows what the heck the future holds?

Enough of that, let's talk about something else. This little challenge my dad set for me today. This is what he said during our journey back from my guitar lesson.

Dad: "Hey want to go swimming?"

Me: "No my muscle pain"

Dad: "That's too bad"

Me: "Why?"

Dad: "I was going to challenge you to see whether you can swim 40 laps of freestyle continuously"

Me: "I can la. Bet how much?"

Dad: "$10"

Well, although now I think $10 is a little less, I took the challenge anyway. So there I was, in the Queenstown swimming complex swimming my 40 laps. It was exhausting to the max. On my 20th lap my muscles were a little tired. From the 30th lap onwards I was swimming with pure willpower. I was thinking "I can't give up. I've already swam so much. Come on, you can taste the success already." It's a funny feeling once you reach that point where your mind is a blank, your eyes couldn't see anything because of the fog in your goggles. you hear absolutely nothing and your muscles are screaming. It's just the sound of the rhythm of your strokes and the words of encouragement in your mind. It took me about 40+ minutes to complete 40 laps, although it's really slow, but I'm glad that I managed to exceed my limit of the usual 10 laps and maximum of 20 laps.

I couldn't even stand straight after I got out of the water and my muscles were aching. At that point of time it felt as if my soul or concsiousness was out of my body and I'm just moving without any reason. However, there was this sense of ecstasy inside me. Never knew that this would be more fun that I had expected. It wasn't about the money anymore, although I'm $10 richer. Afterwards Dad treated me to Mega Mac. Wasn't really delicious considering it's a Big Mac with a couple more beef patty and lettuce.

I was thinking, with the money I can either buy the Stranglehold game, a book, a CD, a nice gift for mom or keeping the money. I feel like choosing the last option because I can't bear to spent the money I've earned from washing my parents' cars, saving up and swimming 40 laps. Perhaps I'll think of a better alternative. Right now I'm fighting to stay awake. But before I go I shall sign off with a really cute picture of myself that I dug out in my computer today.


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