Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy 100th Post

Happy 100th post blog. It's the first time my blog ever reached 100 posts. My previous one was about 50+ or 60+, but I deleted it because I felt confused and my blog was full of shit and vulgarities. Dark times, those were. And I never want to look back at it again. Not one single bit of it.

Anyway, life's been really busy right now. Exam is two weeks later, and thankfully my B'day falls on a saturday 16/08/08 instead of a wednesday where I usually have exams on that day. This gives me more time to celebrate it instead of mugging my butt off at home. I tried to de-stress on friday by playing soccer and touch rugby all afternoon on friday. Was quite tiring and relaxing even though I sucked at soccer. But it was a surprise though that I realised that I can do half a nike. Only half. Selva said it looked kinda like one. I have half a nike more to learn. Haha. Difficult stuff. It's hard to balance on one hand while your feet is in a "nike" shape. Gotta practise more handstands and two-handed nikes before going on a one-handed one. Meanwhile I'll just practise how to do swipes.

Alright... back to mugging. Update you all later.

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