Friday, August 15, 2008


Just when I thought I would get some slack, I'm wrong. OBS Singapore next week. Five days of outdoor activity. I'm not sure I'm really excited about it. The enthusiasm about things have been disappearing recently. Not good... Anyway, I only got my AMath result today. 1/2 more mark to A1. It's a good improvement since Mid year when I only got 50 something. Furthermore, I studied that dang subject all by myself. No need for tuition, no need to go through the trouble of having one "trial lesson" after another. Honestly I'm sick and tired of it. Loads of practising really helped. Hope that other subjects can compensate for my EMath which is a confirm GG gone case. 10+ marks gone.

I'm learning some footworks for my breakdance now. I only know the 6-step and the 4-step, combined with some random stuff that I add in along the way. I hope my nike freeze is better than the last time, I have been trying and trying and trying, and viewing tutorial videos until I got sick of it. I hope to break with Selva and Matthias next time if I have the chance. Esplanade looks like a good place to practise. Arghh I need more muscle to do all those moves.... Training time!

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