Sunday, August 17, 2008

Blisters on My Feet

I said I would post pictures of a better nike than the previous one. So here I am. It's still not very good, but I think it's much better than the previous one I did.

Although my body is still not fully turned, At least the position of my legs are a little better. Check out the other one:

My left hand is in a really strange place. But I think this is a nice one too.

Practising Nike Freeze has left me with blisters on my leg. It hurts like hell everytime I do it. Arghh... Maybe I should stop for awhile and practise my footworks. Hopefully one day my Nike Freeze would be as good as Selva. I got this picture off Matthias's facebook. Here it is:

Anyway, OBS on monday. Should be fun considering I need a break after the stupid common tests. I have trouble packing. My bag is going to burst anytime, and I still have to make room for a pair of sandals, sports shoes, trash bags, and toiletries. This is the part where I dislike camping. The packing sucks. Furthermore, I still have to wake up dang early tomorrow and head to punggol jetty. PUNGGOL. I stay in Queenstown. That is so freaking far. Nevermind, when Life gives you lemons, you suck it. Haha. Looking forward to see all of you in OBS tomorrow!

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