Monday, April 28, 2008


You know what? While everyone's mugging their heads away, I have no bloody urge to study. Emath exam is on friday, and I have not touched any Emath at all. It's simply impossible now to even catch up. Full Literature exam on friday too, and I did not touch a single bit of full literature set text. Why? Why am I having this strong urge to NOT study? We were dismissed early today, reached home at about 1pm. Felt like studying but ended up watching movies on my television. I seriously have a disciplinary problem. Seriously. Why can't I just have the bleeding discipline to walk to my table and STUDY? Something tells me that I'm going to perish this mid-year. I am going to die a horrible death. It's hard taking the first step.... But still I will try to salvage my unsalvageable situation.

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