Friday, May 2, 2008

Exams Are On The Way!

I know it's a cheesy and lame title, but I just ran out of ideas for entry titles. I'm currently in an intense meditating a.k.a mugging session for my chemistry. My stoiCHIOmetry is enough to kill me. I only get 30 minutes of internet session now. So.... I'm not going to talk about my exams, except to say that I only hope for the best for EMath and Literature. Now for a song...

This song is titled "Slow Me Down" by Emmy Rossum. Never heard of her? She starred as Christine in the film adaptation of "The Phantom Of The Opera" and was one of the main cast in "Posideon". Nevertheless, this is not like the usual pop or rock song that you may hear in the radio, but what's so special about this song is that it does not just repeat the chorus for many many times. Although her voice may be digitally enhanced, this song still gives it's listeners a unique feeling. It did for me, I'm not sure about you. I think this song has healing purposes.

In this post, I would also like to call out to people to read this blog. It's getting a wee bit lonely here.... And loneliness stinks. So... if it's possible, maybe you can recommend this to your friends! Yep I'm advertising my own blog. Hahaz

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