Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Probably read about this loads of times

My O'Level results can be interpreted in many different ways:

1. This is the first time I've ever gotten a single digit since 4 years. 9 Points. That's an improvement I guess. I should be happy. Real happy.

2. I finally got an A1 in English after all the stupid B's and C's for the past 3 years. I should feel happy.

3. My HMT is an A2 instead of the B4 or even C5 or C6. I should feel happy.

4. I managed to get my act together after MYEs. I should be happy that I'm not getting double digit.

5. My Languages and Combined Humanities saved my ass. Literally. If not for those I'll be dead. I should be jumping for joy.

Notice the words "should be". Anyone reading this would know that I'm not. 9 points. I'm not trying to mock those who got 10 and above but to me, 9 points is enough to make me regret for a long time, because there are certain subjects which disappointed me to the core.

1. My Literature. I still don't understand why I got a B3. I expected an A1, I felt so damn good about the paper and now, freaking B3. If I had gotten an A1 I would have been able to go VJ and NJ already.

Is this some kind of sign from God to get me stuck somewhere in the middle? So close but yet so far.... Now I have to make decisions in a very narrow range. Hopefully I can get into the school I want, which is probably TJC where I'll try to apply for the CLEP program. I guess I'm better at Languages than Sciences and Math, drill drill drill only get A2. I won't want to suffer in Science stream, so probably have to go arts.

I have set my mind on CLEP course in TJC. I hope I'm eligible for it. I hope A2 for HMT, A1 for Chinese and A1 for English is enough. Haha Julia if you're reading this could you give me some info on CLEP or any Humanities program in TJ if you know any? Sorry to trouble you.

I'm thinking ACJC, VJC, NJC too. Will try for NJC and VJC arts. I went to CJC open house today. Although the facilities has seen better days, it feels kinda heartwarming. I'm considering that too. But anyway, TJC is still my first choice. I really hope I can go there. Only till then will I be fully relieved. Even though the distance is far, but I'll suck it up. It's just 2 years. I'm gonna stick it through no matter what if I go there.

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