Sunday, January 17, 2010

I hate FLU.

I officially hate the flu. I mean, I never liked it in the first place, but I never hated it that much either before. It's horrible to still feel completely exhausted even after 9 hours of sleep. And the fact that your nose is clogged like a drain filled with rubbish only rubs salt to the wound. It totally spoils my activities for the day. Actually I wanted to go to the gym for a workout, but because of this dumb flu, I can't. So I have to stay home and live the life of a pig. And... today I actually wanted to try to choreo some simple moves for the upcoming pre-camp briefing skit, but because of this flu, the inertia to actually practise them becomes even greater. I'm so gonna die for the rehearsal on Sunday.

Well, speaking of the ZB SSC skit, here are some moves I was looking up on the internet to be used as an entrance for the characters:

1. Butterfly Kick
2. Butterfly Twist
3. Cartwheel
4. Flagpole (No need to hold it for very long)

So... I'm still thinking of that. I'm gonna learn it first and hopefully teach it successfully to them. If not I'll just download the video and show them la. Anyway, back to Youtube. Ciao

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