Thursday, January 21, 2010

Full Circle

Yes, today I went out with the Hong Kong Exchange group again to Sentosa. Haha this was the place where we first met 2 years ago. Now we've come full circle. Actually this is a meaningful outing as this would probably be the last time we'll ever get together again, because all of us are starting school in different institutions scattered across the island. We'll all be busy with our own stuff, so who knows when we'll get together like today again?

Anyway, I'll talk about today's activity before moving on to personal feelings and stuff. So... we met outside Food Republic at about 12pm, because Bryan Ong was late and Myles was fooling around with us. Took the monorail to the Beach Station thanks to Samantha's Islander tickets. We found a spot at Siloso Beach under the shade of coconut trees with no coconuts on them and began our picnic.

Now that I think about it, I'm really sorry for not bringing any food today. It's not that I'm lazy or something, but it's just that I'm really not good at making food. Even if I brought, it would just be bottled drinks and chips, which I believe its nothing special. And the food you guys brought were absolutely DELICIOUS. Lizzi's sandwich, Samantha's Sushi and fruits, Myles's chicken and Peter's Fried Bee Hoon. I haven't had a picnic for god knows how long, but the experience was really unique. Haha.

After food we played Monkey with the Netball Peter brought. It all seemed to go well until Peter did a volleyball smack on the ball with his fist. The ball went flying and hit a little girl on the head, which made her cry. We felt damn guilty.

All right.... Fast forwarding to the Luge ride. We almost wanted to cancel the Luge Ride because it was raining, but eventually the sky cleared and we can proceed with what we planned. The skyride was peaceful and romantic, if you are sitting beside with your girlfriend or something. Oh well, it feels nice too with Bryan Ong, Not that I'm gay but yeah you feel peaceful and happy sitting beside good friends too. The Luge Ride is short. A little too short for $11.

After the Luge we went to play some games at the beach. I swear "Freeze and Melt" is really the most fun game ever. Fun, and tiring. Afterwards I went for a shower. Showering after a day of activities is really the best thing ever. Too bad the girls didn't bring extra clothes. After that was dinner, and then home.

Haha now to the personal feelings section.

Actually I was really feeling abit sad when I left the train with Bryan Ong. Honestly you guys have really given me alot of wonderful memories throughout the 2 years. Looking back, I really feel that I've kinda neglected you guys during the HK trip with my little emotional episodes, but haha I hope it's still not too late for me to tell you all that you are really one of the best groups of people I've met. Emotional stuff come and go, but you guys have been with me throughout two years. I really appreciate that and I shall write all of your names here:


You are all awesome people. I wish all of you success in the future, and I hope that our friendship will never fade. Haha sounds like some textbook thing right?

Well before we all set out for different paths, I just hope that the HK people who have a chance to view this blog can take time to listen to this song by Kousuke Atari

Success and GodSpeed my Friends!

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