Monday, February 18, 2008

An Uncommon Common Test

Wanted to write something about Total Defence at first because of something which made an impact on me last friday, but I needed to get this off my head first. The Total Defence Post will be postponed to later. I want to talk about the Common Tests first.

Yep. It's that time of the year again. Common Test Period. A time where everyone will be rushing in order to memorize their elements in their periodic table, how to differentiate Tropical Rainforests and Mangrove forests, studying why Singapore has such good leader, blah blah blah. The experience is different from last year, where everything seems like a breeze and honeymoon to me. Those were the times where the students in sec 208 had so much fun. Sec 3 is a whole new experience and a wake-up call, which makes me come to this conclusion.

Sec 1 and Sec 2= Honeymoon
Sec 3 and Sec 4= Marriage

Haha. No offense to married people here. Common tests in Sec 3 feels like final-year exams to me. To add to my revision and my workload, it just happens that my season is during the common test week. This means that my revision time is cut short by trainings and matches. Hence I have to work late every night and de-stress on my computer. I was thinking, "If I feel this way in Sec 3, Who knows what will it be like when I reach Sec 4?" I discussed this issue with my friend today and we came up with something really crappy.

If Sec 3 Common Test feels like Final-Year Exam,
FYE will feel like O-Levels
O-levels will feel like A-Levels
A-Levels will feel like University Entrance Exam
University Entrance Exam will feel like Working
Working will feel like dying
When you die, you can't feel anything anymore.

Sigh... This is a test for me. Not just academically but also in character and time-management. My common test result will show how well I manage my time and study, and so far I don't really think that I may make it to top 5 or top 10 this term. My Social Studies hangs in the balance as I think that I did not do very well for the paper... Need to practise more SBQs. If not I will really suffer for the Elect Humanities papers. The first day of the long 4-day battle is over, and there are casualties on my side. Here's hoping that I can do well for the important papers ahead. Espacially my Full Humanities, A Math, E Math and Physics. Wish me luck.

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