Wednesday, February 27, 2008

National Crisis?

That was just in the news yesterday. The leader of the Jemaah Islamiah, Mas Selamat escaped from Whitely Road detention centre yesterday at 4:05pm. They said that he escaped when "he went to the toilet" and until now, he is still on the loose. No doubt that this is breaking news in Singapore, but pay really close to "Whitely Road Detention Centre". That place is very near my school. This is something which involves National Security and most certainly our lives.

My question, which is almost the same question going through everyone's head when we saw the news, "How did one man, escape from a high-security facility?" Did he do it with some help? How did he escape? What worries me is that the place he escaped from is so near school. The security personnels were standing on the pavements inspecting every car this morning, which really worries me and made me think "Will we be next?" I just couldn't concentrate on my studies today, I'm not sure about my other classmates. In my mind I was thinking "If I could just catch him... If we could just catch him, then we could all kill him and end this once and for all." I'm a typical 14-going-on-15 hot-blooded youth. I know my thoughts are silly as the guy is a terrorist group leader but it just can't be helped. This reminds me about the post about Total Defence which is long overdue..... So I would like to take this chance to share with you some of my reflections when someone gave us a talk about Terrorism.

Imagine you're a student and you have to take the train home everyday. You just finished a day of P.T training and what you want to do now is just lie down on your bed and sleep the night away. You slowly walk to the train, take a seat and suddenly someone rushed into the train as the doors are closing. He appears to be in a hurry. "What's his problem man? You can always catch the next train." A tired you is wondering why the man is in such a hurry. You close your eyes and try to sleep, but the noise of the train in the underground tunnel and the conversations of commuters are keeping you awake. You look around and spots the same man who rushed into the train. Beads of pespiration rolled down his face despite being in an air-conditioned train. He has a nervous look on his face and in his hands it appears to be holding something. Your instincts tell you that something is wrong with the man.

You recall something your teacher taught you in school and also from repeated viewings of MRT bombing precaution videos that is being played at the platform. However, you are not sure whether this man is really the person which you had in mind. Suddenly, you hear the man raise both his hands up and shouts something in a foreign language. Your worst fears have come true. People around you tried to run but they could not go anywhere in the moving train. You see the man pushing a button on that thing he's holding.


A loud sound echoed through the train, followed by light which blinds you before you lose consciousness fall to the ground. The last thing you feel is that your body is being dipped in lava.

This is one of the schemes the JI has for Singapore. Others include bombing the pipelines and also crashing a hijacked plane into Changi Airport.

None succeeded.

However, if you think about it, what if this really happened to us? What would be the reactions of Singaporeans nationwide? Would they catch the first plane out of Singapore, vowing to leave this god forsaken place forever? Or would they stay and protect what they have? The question is, how many people will do that? Espacially in times like this when a terrorist leader has escaped and is still at large in Singapore. What if all the things mentioned above really happened (Touch Wood)?

All of us celebrate "Total Defence Day", but sadly most of us, myself included, do not even understand the components of Total Defence completely, like what does it do, what is its purpose etc. If we do not practise what we preach, then we become an easy target for the JI, whose minds are twisted by the words of their leaders, who has the ability to transform the Koran into their most powerful weapon.

My post is not over yet, as there will be a part 2 coming soon. Right now I'm really sleepy and I have A Maths Remedial later.

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