Friday, February 29, 2008

Advanced Warning?

Have you guys watched a movie called "The Siege" starring Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis? This movie talks about Terrorism in the US involving a certain group of terrorists. The film shows the reactions of the FBI, CIA and the Army when faced with a crisis like this. An important point in the plot is that Denzel Washington's partner actually taught the terrorists how to fire guns and make bombs just because she wanted to help them fend off foreign invaders. After that she just left them alone and did not bother about them. Hence they took revenge.

This film is made years before Terrorism became one of the most troublesome and life-threathening issues in the world. Is this a premonition? Is the film trying to tell the United States that something like this is going to happen if you do not take a particular action? Yes. However, did they heed the advanced warning? No. Let us take a look at the US now. They were the ones who trained Osama Bin Laden the necessary skills needed to fight against the Soviet Union, then left him alone. This probably made him one of the deadliest man in the world now. He is armed with US training and knowledge, and his group is not lead by him alone. Killing him does not mean ending terrorism because it has become an organization which spreads throughout the world. There was a warning given, they didn't follow it, hence we have today. Look, I do not know the full inside story behind how Osama became a perverted terrorist but this is what I feel. It's more difficult to tackle an organization than an individual.

Looking at the JI leader case, I think that from the moment he was arrested, he may have been planning his escape already. People outside the prison may have bribed wardens a long time ago to help with his escape. It's just a matter of when to escape now. And Nick, so what if he is stuck in Singapore? As long as he stays underground and no one catches him, he will have a chance to carry out assaults or bombings in strategic locations. As long as the man isn't caught, the country is always at risk of falling under the dirty hands of terrorism lead by a group of people who trusts too much in their religion and allow themselves to be brainwashed by power-hungry leaders into the thought where this "Jihad" or "Crusade" is a form of protecting the Muslims and also a sign from God. I think that there's more to what Mr Wong Kan Seng said during Parliament when the guy escaped. It's just that the public do not know the real story.

Listen, no religion is ever made to KILL people. Is there a word in the bible which says that we must all unite and kill whoever which opposes us? No. Yet the christians have done it in the Crusades and we also have religious leaders in the world who abuses their powers in the olden days by doing the same thing that Osama and his gang of terrorists are trying to do. Twist the word of God into their most powerful weapon.

I would like to ask "Is Religion destructive or constructive?" Does it benefit society or harm society? I know some of us will say "It depends on the way people look at it." I know that, but why is it that the Terrorists are able to take a particular verse or passage from the Koran and use it to recruit many loyal supporters who will eventually end up as suicide bombers or people who sabotage Singapore or the development of other countries in the world?

I do not know whether you feel the same way I do but I feel that if this guy remains at large for one day, all of us have the chance to face danger or a national crisis. I'll pray for the security officials who are responsible to catch him to work hard and may God grant them the ability to put the leader back in jail for good, I close this post with half-sleepy eyes. I will post something light and simple tomorrow as it drains my brainpower trying to write this. Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave comments! Happy Leap Year, by the way.

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