Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hello Everyone

Hey guys.. I guess it was a really time since I updated this blog. TA1 is just around the corner and I'm currently in my "Intensive Revision" mode. I'm pretty worried about my three sciences and Math. I still haven't got that level of confidence yet. That's why I say... Chinese New Year is not for playing anymore... Sigh... It's for mugging. I really miss the times in primary school where everything is so carefree and fun....

And do you believe that I just started playing WarCraft III yesterday? Haha. I'm damn lag at computer games. The game it's DAMN FUN. I know I said this like... 3 or 4 years late, but it's still damn fun. Gives me something to play over the chinese new year. The hard part is, it's addicting. I'm afraid that I'll get addicted to that game. DOTA and WarCraft is damn fun la.... But my TA is coming. Cannot let that affect my results.

I really don't know what to say now..... So I'll end my blog post here with a promise that I'll post a good one later.

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