Saturday, December 26, 2009

Price of Revolution

I just watched BodyGuards And Assassins yesterday with my family. It was the best movie I've seen so far this year, besides Angels and Demons. It's not just a normal Bodyguards vs Assassins or Good vs Evil flick, but it holds much deeper underlying meanings. It showed me an inkling of what a Revolution truly is. Revolution is not just about distributing flyers and staging demonstrations in order to fight for your rights and for what you believe in. Revolutions are much more violent than I ever imagined.

The protagonists, although they lead totally different lives, all come together to protect one man because of different reasons.This is the price of change, requiring the loss of innocent lives, lives that were not meant to be sacrificed but eventually did for one man's vision. To overthrow the Qing Dynasty to pave the way for a democratic China. By the people, for the people. No one will ever have the advantage over others, and everyone will have equal opportunities. That is perhaps what Dr. Sun had in mind. I'm not one who understands his theories well, but he is truly a great man in history. His revolution paved the way for modern China and ended centuries of aristocratic and authoritarian rule. Without him, I guess I'll still be living in a traditional chinese courtyard and be a young master of my family. Haha.

I guess Dr.Sun's cause is truly one that is worth dying for. I could feel the atmosphere and the passion of the supporters, and also feel the pain when the Bodyguards fell one by one to give Dr.Sun enough time (1 hour) to conclude his meeting and start the revolution.

Who cares about the Kung-Fu scenes? I believe that they are not the focus of the film. The main focus is about the unsung heroes who died for Dr, Sun's cause, who gave their lives to pave the way for a better tomorrow. It's cruel, but sometimes that is the only way.

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